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Drasko Cvijovic
Dear Beau and David,
I really appreciate seeing that this list got new members like you who seriously think about the matter!

I would like to comment the mentioning of "longitudinal waves" (or alternative measures) by both of you.
I have the standpoint to seriously consider any apparently weird theories, as I am not satisfied by the "official" ones. But it is often very difficult to separate facts from fiction in such approaches.
Regarding longitudinal waves, I have seen no proof of their existence, and as far as I know, they can not be measured, if they exist at all. But I am highly interested to hear any rational facts about such entities, so I would appreciate any further info.

Regarding the classic measurement, David, for practical purposes there is no need for 5 instruments, as we need just to estimate the strength. Charles would have good recommendations about that....


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