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[esens] The Rythms of Life - Metabolic Balancing - another tool

Glenn Coleman
Hello everyone,

I have been experimenting with a new methodology of monitoring my PH to
watch for abnormalities which may cause side effects with my ES. So far the
system has been very useful in helping me to realize when I should be eating
what types of foods to best support my bodies natural rythyms, and to get
clues on whether my diet is impacting my ES when I feel bad.

The system is by Jan Johnson, and can be seen at RandomRat.com

She has a workbook ($24.95) she sells together with a special PH paper (that
goes higher/lower than normal PH paper). The workbook is very extensive in
explaining all the theories behind PH balancing, and has charts so one can
monitor their daily progress. All PH testing is done on urine, as many
times a day as possible.

I was quite amazed at how much our body depends on regulating PH to keep all
our systems going properly. An abnormal change in PH can dramatically
impact the health of many parts of our body.

I think this will become part of my health monitoring system forever, giving
me warnings of when things are beginning to go sideways. Jan mentions that
when we get stressed out, our PH becomes acidic, which then causes our
organs to operate at a less than optimal PH. Then it progresses to create
other new problems.

My sleep habits have improved now that I eat the right snacks at night that
don't interfere with sleep. ie. I used to eat a peace of fruit as a snack
in the evening. It turns out most fruit is acidic, which takes away from
our alkalinity that our body needs to go to sleep at night. Now I just eat
some raw almonds for evening snack which are alkaline, and I can get to
sleep easily at night. Now I get to sleep more easily, and have a more
sound sleep since my body has the right alkalinity to thoroughly cleanse
itself, and my body doesn't have to struggle to lower my alkalinity.

I'm sure there is allot more to be discovered as it relates to PH and ES,
and am very much looking forward to it.