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dr rau's suggestions for e sensitive

Biological medicine, by dr Rau, Paracelsus_ book of more than 500 pages.

I'm just making a summary from the part he speaks of E-sensitivity.

Not only e-smog affects our health, but geopathological places too.

Once the problem is corrected, cell membranes must be stabilized.

By trace elements, essential aminoacids, and phospholipids = high value fats and proteins.

Essential elements are: silica, manganese, zinc and magnesium.

The plants that help a lot are:

mentha longifolia ( long leaved mint), rosemary, equisetum (scouring rush).

Essential aminoacids are much superior if they come from PLANTS (veggies and cereals).

Homeopathy can be very effective:

most common remedies with e-sensitivity are Silica, Natrum muriaticum, Calcarea fluorata are common constitional remedies.

Very important: to take away disturbing focii (teeth, contaminants, heavy metals).

Galvanic currents in the mouth (from metals in the mouth) is very bad for e-sensitive people.

Whatever treatment you do, if galvanic currents are present OR / and heavy metals in the body are present, there will never be total cure for e-sensitivity according to our experience.

Susceptibility to e-smog illness:

constitution: kidney-yin-weakness, asthenic people
children and old people
women more than men

diminished ability to detoxify
diminished oxidative protection

trace element deficiency
magnetic charge of cells are low

teeth, amalgam, heavy metals
other electromagnetic or galvanic contamination