Zero EMF Infrared Sauna Treatments

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Zero EMF Infrared Sauna Treatments

Hi everyone,

I was wondering has anyone tried doing sauna treatments on a consistent (daily) basis and seen results. I know the clinic in Dallas recommends this for detoxing. I have read that its very good. I have never tried infrared saunas before just the dry heat ones. It was hard to find a health spa with a sauna that was zero or very low EMF as the typical infrared saunas give off very high emfs but I found one right near me and they charge $30 for 30 minutes or $120 for unlimited use for a whole month.

Is 30 minutes a long time in this type of sauna? A typical sauna I can only last about 10 minutes. I am curious on how much I would detox and if it would be healthy to do it 5 days a week for a whole month.

Best to ask you guys if you have any experience since my last experiment with fasting didn’t go so well.  I am STILL recovering a month later :/