Why should an EHS sufferer take a closer look at foods?

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Why should an EHS sufferer take a closer look at foods?

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The problem with some foods is that we don't see a DIRECT connection to our health always.

So we keep feeding like others do, without giving much consideration, as though what we put inside our mouths had little to do with how we feel now.

There are foods that cause immediate reaction - like for some any milk feels like hard to digest or causing pain, bloating - and other things you don't see the reaction immediately.

Like gluten: most people with eczema or skin rash will have a delayed response after gluten consumption, so they never really connect the dots.

Or joint inflammation after cheese / yogurt is not felt immediately.

Or more mucous in the body (sinuses, vagina, stools) after milk products (even if you only take yogurt).

Look at added sugar consumption and children behavior: anxiety increases, these children look like taking some fun adult drugs to feel high, their brains go racing, some get aggressive, some extremely 'happy', some other so excited you can't stop them...

 But many parents don't even see that direct relation. Maybe because they don't consider these changes of behavior as damaging for their kids' health.

And even if you take off these products for a few days, it doesn't mean the problem will suddenly disappear either, so many people go on consuming them.

An ADHD kid won't go much better from a day to another, eczema won't disappear immediately, inflammation elsewhere (joints, throat, sinuses, sexual organs, etc ) neither.

Dr Klinghardt always said that when you see inflammation you gotta suspect pathogens.

He said that on and on again: there is no AUTO IMMUNE disease, where the body attacks itself.

Brain inflammation will probably mean PATHOGENS invading your brain, causing leasions. MS , Parkinson, Alzheimer are all ALSO infectious brain diseases, he says on and on.

Even autism, ADHD, children behavioural diseases all have an important pathogenic component that a child needs to treat in order to heal.

Anthony William said: inflammation only comes with 2 causes: pathogens OR physical injury.
He also repeats non stop: there is no AUTO IMMUNE disease. The body never attacks itself for no reason, for a genetic mistake.

No. The body is attacking pathogens or trying to heal an injury. That are the ONLY 2 causes of inflammation, he said.

In my opinion, inflammation comes ONLY from 4 causes: pathogen, injury, allergy or radiation.

I wonder why Anthony left allergy off...

Allergy is one of the major causes of inflammation, but the body reacts to allergens 'thinking' it's a pathogen. Same mechanism, as far as I know.

The body tries to 'kill' the allergen using inflammation or cytokine 'storm' mechanism / mast cell activation etc  (redness, higher temperatures, fevers, sending lymphocytes, mast cells or other immune cells to kill the invader, etc).

Allergy can be triggered by anything, like fruits , veggies, grains, milk, even meats but also heavy metals, toxins etc.

Even radiation can trigger an allergic-like  reaction.
I believe so, because it seems to increase mast cells, exactly like an allergy.


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Re: Why should an EHS sufferer take a closer look at foods?

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If any part of your body has inflammation, think about these 4 causes.
Don't believe your body's genes are broken, your metabolism is broken and therefore you have redness, itching, rash, eczema, mucous in stools, nose, mouth, etc.

No. Think about one of the 4 causes above and try to nail them, one by one!
You will heal if you find the causes.

Never concentrate on genetics, that is a DEAD END trap.

Only think EPIGENETICS, you can change your gene EXPRESSION, when the ENVIRONMENT changes.

So people with joint pain, throat or sinus problems, gut problems (inflammation), skin rash, bursitis, tendinitis, sensitive nerves,  (nerve inflammation) must take time and find what are the causes for those symptoms.

EHS sufferers all have inflamed nerves be them in your CNS (central nerve system, meaning brain and spine) or in any nerve (specially the gut nerves, because the gut innervation is almost as large as the brain innervation!!!).


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Re: Why should an EHS sufferer take a closer look at foods?

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The question is: what is inflaming the nerves?

One cause, yes, radiation.

But radiation does not cause the same mast cell response from everyone.

So in my opinion, there is always MORE than 1 cause for the nerve inflammation than simply radiation.

As we know many people with EHS profit from heavy metal chelation, one cause of nerve inflammation could be heavy metals.

If you have done any chelation therapy that worked well for you, you will know that you get pains and inflammation during a chelation.

It can happen in any part of your body, but certainly nerves, joints, teeth, organs, spine will feel extra sensitive during the cleansing process.

Chelation is not an intervention you do once or twice, and then you're totally clean of heavy metals for life.

 No chelation works equally 100% for everyone and cleansing heavy metals is a very long process to be thought in terms of years, not in months.

But this is another long theme to be treated some other time.

After having tried several 'protocols' and treatments long term, to clean these heavy metals, I realized that the nerves and joints (in my case) are the favorite places for heavy metals (it became almost a common place to take a chelator and feel symptoms like pinching nerves here and there, or extreme joint pain, even BONE pain).

I did profit from chelation and binders during all these years and they meant a lot for me, health-wise.

The question is: can heavy metals ALONE cause such debilitating symptoms I had - or many people have?
Like fibromyalgia, CFS, MS, lupus-like reactions, hormone imbalance, sensitivities, allergies, no more short term memory, extreme brain fog, extreme anxiety, insomnia, heart beat problems, high liver enzymes, non stop infections etc...

If you have been long reading about health issues as I have, you'll immediately think PATHOGENS because heavy metals only become a real burden when it helps pathogens to develop.

I had gone somehow the other way around: I was suffering from infections after infections and was wondering: what is causing these infections that are destroying my teeth (they simply died from the root, like a dead tree), my skin (toes and hands looking very close to gangrenous, black, open skin with pus), my gut was bad, my liver in constant pain, UTIs, all my joints in pain,... then I got EHS as a gift, could not control bladder well, stopped menstruating, etc etc....

I kept reading that infections come hand in hand with toxic heavy metals, so that's why I started doing chelation, took off amalgams etc.

Integrative doctors cannot deny today of a close relation between heavy metals (and probably other industrial toxins) and the development of infections, usually chronic infections but also acute ones.

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Re: Why should an EHS sufferer take a closer look at foods?

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So my conclusion: if you have inflamed nerves, think not only of radiation as a cause, but think at least about heavy metals AND pathogens as causes.

there must be a reason why most EHS sufferers profit from cleansing heavy metals.
You'll read about that on and on.

My hint is: if you have heavy metals causing you symptoms, don't forget pathogens.
They have to be there, almost 100% of certainty.

Anthony speaks of viruses causing most debilitating diseases. They can ONLY survive and thrive due to industrial toxins (pesticides, heavy metals, DDT, plastics, etc).

He says that 95% of cancers have a pathogenic cause.
5% I think was caused by radiation, the rest the main cause is pathogenic!

Dr Klinghardt was one of the pioneers linking heavy metals to chronic illnesses about 30 years ago.

He said it was 'easy' to connect the dots: when he got a very sick patient, he asked him to show his mouth: full of amalgams.

He said it almost never failed: the most debilitating ill patients he got had the mouth full of amalgams.

Today, we don't even need amalgams: pesticides use heavy metals, vaccines too, fish and food is contaminated, no single non-organic fruit juice sold in the US is free of heavy metals (some considered extremely toxic by normal standards that can poison a child after 1/2 glass), and the bad news: heavy metals cross the placenta and are heavily concentrated in breast milk.

You get a cocktail before birth and during the first days of life.

Once the body goes on 'attack' mode - every single EHS sufferer has his/her immune system in attack mode as radiation feels like a threat and raise number of mast cells - it will be alert against food triggers (or any trigger).

Toxins of all sorts will easily create reactions, and foods that are considered as commonly triggering inflammation too.

So NEVER forget food allergens.

Don't think there is only one type of allergy: the one that creates rash, fever etc.

There are as many types of allergic reactions, from extremely weak to super intense (anaphylactic shock type).

Each allergic reaction can be very subtle AND DELAYED, in terms of weeks even.

It's EXACTLY the same with different types of radiation. It depends on intensity, on the type of radiation, symptoms vary WIDELY depending also on time of exposure.

Think different food allergies as different reactions against different types of radiation.

It's never the same, in quality, intensity, and severity!

Some foods only cause tiredness, or more brain fog. These are also allergy symptoms!

When I first fell ill with lyme about 15 years ago, simply cutting the most common food allergens 100% off my diet was the difference between being bed bound about 20-22 hours a day + vomiting by contact with any sunlight...

... and being able to stand up a couple of hours a day, see sunlight again, and be able to again take a shower again and do few tasks a day.

Diet control was for me essential for survival (I don't think I would have survived if I haven't changed what I was eating), and since then I 'understood' the DIRECT IMPACT of each single bite of food I put in my body to my well-being.

I don't wish anyone to go through what I went to learn that lesson. That's why I write this post!
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Re: Why should an EHS sufferer take a closer look at foods?

I don't know if it's my new diet of avoiding California sourced food, but my ES is improving more than ever before in the past weeks.  After watching a few youtube videos sayings California organic food should not even be called organic I stopped buying it. I used to eat tons of California food constantly.. now I only buy Canada or Mexico and try to avoid US altogether.
I have been able to do many things that before would cause problems... I wish I knew exactly if it was the food change, but it's very interesting anyway. I also had to stop eating broccoli altogether almost because all of it is from California..
Also it is interesting that all California food is very big, Broccoli, Cauliflower etc.. huge.. organic.. but all Mexico organic food is 70% or even 60% the size of California food. I wonder what they do in CA that makes them so big, or perhaps Mexicans don't use a lot of fertilizer.

Only other thing I did was put an "Ozone" generator in an area where there is a musty smell in the basement,.. I don't think that little thing with 4AA batteries could be causing such big improvement though.. smell is a bit better.  I doubt it makes ozone also, I think it's a negative ion generator.. but I'm not sure the process of creating either one. All I see is sparks inside of it in the dark, similar to my negative ion generator.

it's one of these:

And third thing is, spring is here and with much more sun, I am getting a lot more and better sun exposed water,.. which tastes great, so that could be helping a lot as well.
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Re: Why should an EHS sufferer take a closer look at foods?

Great news, Sailplane!!

I don't know anything about California organic food, but just go on with what is working.

As for broccoli, an alternative are broccoli sprouts, super easy to do.

They also have some magic qualities!!




I did them once, but just thought they were like any other sprouts until I keep finding more and more amazing information on them. I think someone said that about 1/2 cup per day is like a cure all (or almost).

Cost is ridiculously low, just find broccoli seeds and I only grew them on a paper. It takes a few days, you can eat them and they do not taste bad (to my taste).

As for the ozone generator: when I was small (about 30-40 years ago) there was a ozone fad in Brazil, where I grew. Everyone was buying ozone generators for water and for the bedroom. They did not cost a lot, and ran on low power.

My mother put one such ozone generator inside the closet, that had mold. We had some books inside, fully molded, I could barely open them without sneezing. Well, the little device stayed inside that closet for years. When I finally opened the books again, they had no smell anymore!!!

Whatever they did, they killed the smell of the old books, so something was happening. The fad passed, no one uses those devices anymore...

Who knows your ozone generator is not killing mold? Mold is known to cause serious problems, fatigue, brain fog, etc. Crossing my fingers for you!!!