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Where to go now

No ideawhere to guy with emf
Sensitivity and Cfs/fibro.Mother
Says she will send me to Ethiopia
On the 15th of July.She also says
Christian money is her money so
I am being monitored daily and prayed on.Her and my brother tag team come into my room and yell praying.I am going along with it in
hopes of getting to Ethiopia.

My doctor told me yesterday that
He believes my fatigue is from
Emf and not so much by the viruses though he gave me a script for valcocyclovir for past herpes after I requested it.

Thought about saving my 900usd and staying in a homeless shelter instead of the new apartment.I am talking spiritual abuse in hopes of getting to lower
Emf Ethiopia.

I can also gamble on
an organic farm volunteering in exchange for food with FIbro I’m willing to fail even if my body isn’t ready.I was hoping to get to Ethiopia to get away from 5g within the next couple weeks to exit babylon early.

My mother says if i can sell the furniture in the living room and raise the money then I can use it
To pay for a ticket.They have 50,000 Usd in 401k and don’t want to take some out after I said i will take career Of myself and be independent if they buy me the ticket to go to Ethiopia.

Not sure who to trust anymore
I could ask a friend to drive me to
Green Bank but that 900 will be gone fast

My landlord also says I can stay at this house till June 31st if I can help him out outside.Maybe no WiFi but still at the same place
near the airport.Perhaps better then apartment but eventually going to have to find a lower frequency place.Its orange level
Outside on acousticomm 2.I don’t have a meter since my mother took it from me.

Thank you guys and gals
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Re: Where to go now

Ethiopia will be full of emfs too, and people preying on your cash.
And how to survive there longterm ? You may have a hard time.
The best is to move into the countryside, a farm sounds great.
Manual work is healthy, ground under your feet and fresh air too.
And spend as little time as possible near computers.
There will be rural areas where 5G won't be a problem.
Towns are slowly turning into micro-ovens already.
Orange levels on an acousticom2 will become red in urban places.
The last 10 years the emf-levels in the streets doubled every year.
Braindead consumers that believe to be smart are demanding this.
5G seems a technology asked for by lunatics who wish to be fried.
You do not need to be one of them and can move on.
What others do is their business and responsibility.

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Re: Where to go now

Interesting you mention this

earthworm.Yes I have been told

Life in Ethiopia is very hard.There

is a person who told me that

sometimes being homeless in a

low emf environment is better

than somewhere where there is a

lot.Dr Kruse suggested Ethiopia

Because it is 7degrees in latitude

and close to the equator where

there is sun year round and

opportunity to improve

mitochondrial motors due to its

geographic location.I think they

Use the 3g and 4g and was told

By a Verizon rep that Us and

Europe will have 5g first followed

by Mexico.Yes it will be hard to

survive there they do have

organic farms and an eco village

there on work away.info

Perhaps look for some work while

My 900usd is running down and

ask family in us to send me 100 a

month.Being able to use the sun

is one reason I thought of

Ethiopia since its 12 months of

sunshine.Seems to offset some of

the effects of the 3g and 4g

signals knowing one can step

outside anytime when feeling

affected.It usually stays around

the 70s year round.If Ethiopian

Airlines doesn’t have WiFi to

me this seems like a sign that

there won’t be 5g anytime soon
over there.

Here In the us one worries about

stepping into a future 5g grocery

store or hospital in the

countryside.If you

are saying that 5g won’t reach the

US countryside that’s one thing.

Do you really foresee that


I could be mistaken but I am

skeptical that companies like

Verizon won’t be be able to reach

these country areas in the US

Since Trump has said he wants 5g

And I have yet to see a politician

who is running Democrat or Republican

talking about scaling back on radiation.

This probably applies in most of the world

but the us like China want to be a world

leader in 5g.

If there is a way to dodge the

above scenarios in the US

I would be open to that

Thank You Earthworm

I appreciate it
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Re: Where to go now

Marc Martin
> If you are saying that 5g won’t reach the US countryside that’s one thing.
> Do you really foresee that happening?

T-Mobile is going to have rural 5G operating at a fairly low frequency, 600 Mhz.  They are currently using that frequency for 4G LTE.  However, most of the 5G fear seems to be based on the much higher 20+ Ghz frequencies.

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Re: Where to go now

In reply to this post by dteshome85@gmail.com

The poorer a country generally the less emfs and indeed, the later 5G.
But there will be plenty of smart-phone junkies in Ethiopia too of course, and thus emfs in the air.
If you have options there plus a bit of financial support, you could check it out.
At least it would be a new experience.
I worry more about satelites than about 5G at this point, but perhaps that is unjustified.
We'll have to see how things play out.
There will probably be 5G everywhere, but not those newer high frequencies.
In the middle of nowhere not much will change, except that the wireless traffic will increase a bit.
Also farmers may get all sorts of smart devices into their home, while landlines likely disappear.
Nevertheless, it could be manageable, especially if one jumps out of the www in time.
Humans lived a million years without it, the internet is just a temporary event and not a healthy one.
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Re: Where to go now

In reply to this post by Marc Martin
600 MHz. is only at the device level. In the US, current 4G-LTE carrier point to point and point to multipoint network frequencies peak at 86 GHz. and will initially be the same for 5G. 5G will increase to 300 GHz. in 2020 and 600 GHz. in 2021.

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Re: Where to go now

Thanks for the replies fellas

Fogtop thanks for your input
as well

One friend of mine suggested volunteering at a Wwoof organic
farm they have one in the USA
as well as Ethiopia in the countryside.I can’t afford a ticket
To Ethiopia and have to jump through hoops with my
Parents to get there following
rules of scheduled prayers,no forest

My friend suggested I tell
The farm I have chronic fatigue
syndrome but improving.

There is concern that the body
May not be able to tolerate 5
Hrs of daily labor in the current state and that a couple months
of rest away from emf would be
needed before starting volunteering.I could be mistaken
i could try but it would be a risk

In Ethiopia since the temp is always usually in the 70s it
May be better there.I found
A 12 Hr flight without WiFi
and I’m told to wait till July 15
to go to Ethiopia be healed from
what’s bothering me and
Come back to the us and resume
a normal life tolerating 5g

When someone doesn’t believe you in this situation what would you do?

It has been a struggle with the radiation here near the airport
and family offering help only on the condition that I heal myself praying and resisting evil to heal myself from ehs and Cfs.

Since although my doc said it could be the emf causing the fatigue and nobody seems to
believe me I am not sure where
I can go with under 900usd and no vehicle

The car is fixed but I can only drive itif I repent of my Sins,stay
our of parks and nature and heal through the Holy Spirit so I can
go back to being a normal person
who can tolerate the WiFi.

I accept that I can’t change others and looking to see if I should take a bus or ask a friend to drive me to GreenBank to meet with Jennifer Wood an emf activist

Her offer is 380/month and said she would think about building a shed on her property which has WiFi from neighbors but not in her house.This is probably better than the airport.I could sleep in a tent while a shed may be built and don’t know if this would be wise or allowed in my situation

I am thinking of woofing and telling the farmers I’m recovering from chronic fatigue syndrome

I also have pushed for Ethiopia
and concerned about spiritual abuse there

Feeling a bit lost

Thank you guys and gals

180/month  or free for labor in National Park
On Jennifer’s one acre land which is away
From neighbors In her 2nd property.
It is a shed and no way to call for help if
I need it

As someone who is concerned about isolation in benzo med withdrawal with no teleophine lines or cell phone access and an Ethiopian who may encounter someone who doesn’t like my skin color and may want to enslave me
since there are no neighbors around

They are trying to accommodate me with fiber optics and their are
25 WiFi signals at the apartments

Some forest area where I could sleep in a tent but they would probably pull my strings with the religous stuff and potentially blackmail me
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Re: Where to go now

whatever people say that Ethiopia will be the same is not true, in my experience.

There is a huge difference between more developed lands and less developed lands.

EMRs are all over, but in less developed lands, you can still find more spots with less EMRs.

when I go to Brazil, I feel a clear difference with europe, I have no single doubt.

I never met anyone who says he's EMR sensitive there, while here, I know quite a few personally.

There, they think I'm total nuts.

My anxiety due to EMRs do go down considerably even in big cities like Sao Paulo.
Probably the heat helps too (to give a boost to the immune system).

in smaller towns, it went down to zero, practically. (there in Brazil, not here in Europe!!).

Sorry you're still struggling.

And your doc who says you have no chronic infection is not very knowledgeable either, in my opinion.

that is the main mistake why treating EHS won't work: it's an immune disease as well, just see how many people react to foods here in this forum.

they are sensitive not only to EMRs but to foods!!! there is a basic problem of the immune system.

Inflammation is at the base of why EHS people are super sensitive: inflammation of nerves due to high amount of toxins + low grade infections.

treating with antivirals won't take you far, unfortunately, because same as antibiotics, antivirals only deal with ACUTE phase of infections, not with chronic.

but it takes YEARS of experience treating chronic infections for anyone to learn what works and what doesn't (doctors and patients).

I guess only after years of experience, IF YOU try to treat chronic infections, is that you'll realize how complex this is...

99.9% of doctors know NOTHING about chronic infections, so forget about them.

And about heavy metal toxicity, and how to get rid of it...

Drugs are out of question, as they were not created to treat chronic low growing infections...

anyway, it hurts my heart to see you're still in such a desperate situation.

Grounding for me was the emergency treatment I used, in times of despair....

Do you feel cold most of the time?

How's your body temperature (normal or below the normal range)?

if below, like mine (it has been 35.0 or 35.5 C for more than a decade in my case), try this: putting hot bottles (rubber ones) on the liver, spleen, spine, gut and behind the liver.

Hyperthermia is used here to enhance the immune system.

I'm doing that every day for the last 10 days or so, with a very CALMING effect, it helps me to fall asleep.

Hyperthermia is used as a treatment to lower inflammation, quite efficiently. And as anti cancer.

what I mean is that you could try this hyperthermia treatments and earthing as basic treatments (free of cost) as both will enhance your immune system and calm the nerves (anxiety). Earthing needs to be done at least for 60 minutes, but for those with extreme EHS like you, you probably need 120 minutes to feel anything, I suppose.

Hot bottles, you need at least 30 minutes.

You can also try very hot baths.

In Japan, I used to go to pools that got 44-46C!

they are used with that there. It took  me time to get used to such high temperatures, but I felt good after.

Now I'm doing sauna 1x week and using my own hot bottles home before bed.

I use 2 bottles with about 700ml water to 1 Liter in each.

If you sweat, better, but usually, EHS sufferers can't sweat easily.


Because pathogens took control of your glands such as thyroid and push the body to lower its temperature, so that they can thrive (as fevers kill them).

Maybe I'm wrong and you have mostly high temperature or normal body temperature, but if you followed my path of disease, I started having low body temperature long ago (30 years ago), and in no way my body could make normal fevers for a long time...
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Re: Where to go now

Thank you for the reply fellas

Curious if anyone knows the RF levels on a plane without WiFi for
12 hrs is good?

Yes jinna sunlight does seem to have a good impact on emf I notice when I’m outside and it’s not too hot it can help some

More air pollution in Ethiopia and
sanitozation issues.But it stays relatively warm year round.I think
the Chinese may control telecomm there and I’m sure many Ethiopians who are in poverty and don’t worry about emf want to come to America and better their lives.Even the homeless that asked questions to here in the us
about emf seem to be more concerned about food and shelter.I have had moments of guilt as well as moments of i didn’t chose to be emf sensitive.

Thank you guys and gals

There is also a guy who I thought
Of seeing in Rockvale,Colorado
He is a retired electric engineer
Dr Gary Johnson is the guy I spoke with and said I can
Stay there for two months after I
mentioned Ethiopia.

If anyone is interested to find a place for themselves they can call him.His number is on the site Seems like a nice guy.


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Re: Where to go now

In reply to this post by RJensen
The trick is to keep a healthy distance from these carrier points.
This won't work where people crowd together.
If you consider how steadily and fast emf-levels in urban areas have increased in the past many years, it appears pretty likely that, with or without 5G, things are about to get worse in the near future and that it is high time to move out from such places if you still hang around there and worry about health-effects.
Although stuff that people bring into their homes and use a lot, like computers ( even wired ), may often be still worse than emfs from outside even within cities.
Certainly in countries where the majority people spend more time in the sun and together than behind electronic screens, because of poverty, culture etc., in general emf-exposure is bound to be much less in the streets as well.
I took a closer look at the planned large scale roll-out of internet via satellites.
It seems that the beams will only be aimed precisely at ground stations, which are to pass on the traffic to regular telecom networks.
Actually this should have been obvious since the relatively small solar panels on these satellites do not generate enough power to cause much havoc everywhere on the planet.

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Re: Where to go now

Thanks for the advice fellas

on a positive note my mother returned the acousticomm 2
meter so I am grateful for that
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Re: Where to go now

you tell her that Anthony William is a man of God, inspired by an angel, and he also believes firmly that emfs are, to translate him freely, the works of demons.
and that for god begging ( praying ) is not required or even appreciated, but to avoid evil has always been his command, already long before christianity was ever heard of.
and that the priests that brainwashed her are a bunch of snakes that are bound to burn in hell to repent their abhorring arrogance, manipulation and hypocrisy.
whatever, i'm just kidding.
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Re: Where to go now

In reply to this post by Jinna
Jinna how do you manage to create hyperthermia with hot bottles?

I'd like to try it as I've read a lot of positive feedback on it, but I don't have a bathtub nor a sauna. Hot bottles sound like a great idea, but how to make it happen in practice?

Btw. the few times I've been in a sauna for really extended periods to try an increase my temperature, it felt great, so I am already sort of sold on this idea. Just need a practical repeatable way to make it happen at home.

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Re: Where to go now

In reply to this post by Jinna
Jinna thanks for your input

I think the chronic low grade

infection is true.I am finding that

even when levels on my meter

are not that high less than 0.30

v/m I still feel the chronic fatigue

My labs show that there is no

acute infection but it seems like

There is a left over effect.I think

One day I had a small cold sore

inside my mouth and rash on my

face that my mother asked did

someone scratch you.Months later

i don’t really get these rashes but

Labs showed last infection igm

high with ebv and varicella.

The ebv went down on its own

also have hsv1,cytalomegalovirus

Cockysaxkie B.

The body temp usually varies

from 97-98.5

In the winter went I walked in

the 40 degree cold for

thermogenesis temps went up to

98.5-99.I seem to be craving

that weather sometimes.Its feels

good being outside in a hoody

when it’s a little cool vs the hot

temp we have now in Atlanta

I think even sitting in the woods

For a few hrs I still cannot brisk

walk without crashing.Yeaterday I

Was helping my parents move

furniture and was bedridden later.

Yes something with the low grade

infection and mitochondria.I am

33 and have noticed some grey

hair spots.Seems like with the

acousticomm 2 the levels don’t

get red unless you get with a few

feet of the WiFi or if the iPhone is

running close to you for 6 v/m.

Thank You Jinna

I do appreciate it
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Re: Where to go now

Casper, I'm doing experiments only, but pretty surprised.

I'm about 2 weeks non stop on that, and still doing.

You can also try hot foot and hand baths (add some dead sea salts or epsom salts for even more result, as you absorb some minerals and you DO FEEL grounded with salts...). I've been an adept of foot baths for decades (in winter),a nd that alone was what kept me going...

I could not even wear shoes otherwise (full of skin rashes on feet). With the decades, skin rashes came to my fingers... Awful stuff, fully infected. The infection comes from within, and hot baths were THE ONLY thing that kept me able to socialize (like wear shoes and walk around without much pain), I mean, in winter.

Hot foot baths (you boil 1-2 liters water, put them in thermos bottle and keep adding to keep the bath as hot as your skin can stand). After about 30-40 minutes, even I started to sweat (mildly). Not always, but often, which means that that simple foot bath raised my whole body temperature to create a small fever-like effect.

This is already MORE than hyperthermia done in hospitals, as their temperature is lower than my hot baths.

A second thing to do is get 2 rubber bottles, to put hot water inside.
There are types of rubber bottles (some thinner, some thick). I like both, because they work a bit different, each of them.

Whatever you got, pour boiling water inside (this is just my own advice, please read in the net to be sure and don't blame me!!). I'm using hot bottles for at least 2 decades, every winter daily, and my whole family does (daughter started at birth, and she's 15 now). WE never got burned with hot bottles.

My recent experiment is to do hyperthermia on ORGANS, before I only used that for heat in winter days...

While the bottles are extremely hot, the skin may pinch, become red, feels like hurt even, but as I told you, we never got burned... We simply move them around.

I used just on feet and buttocks, but since reading Anthony William, I know where are the trouble-maker spots in my body: these are LIVER, spleen, gut, ovary (or any sexual organ as they have hormones), adrenals, thyroid... and then any joint/ part of your body with chronic inflammation (mine are shoulder, hands and feet, sinuses, probably back of my neck - spine).

So these organs and problematic parts are the target for my hot bottles.

Cover them with a thin cotton T-shirt or whatever you got, not to have direct contact with rubber on skin.

You place the very hot bottles on organs / trouble spots and let them heat.

If too hot, you have to keep shifting, but always keep coming back to the organ you want to heat.

My liver had not felt so good in DECADES. I think my diet is playing some part on it, but I truly believe that these hot bottles are the ones that are helping me THE MOST.

Liver is the largest organ (after skin), so you got to use on top, lateral and on back (right ribcage).

On the back, you'll get also the kidneys, if you place it in the middle.

If you use 2, you'll get much more done in a smaller time lapse, if you use 1, you'll get just some organs done, before you fall asleep (I do that before bedtime....).

Let me know what you think, if you do that!!

In Paracelsus clinic in Switzerland, they do that hyperthermia with expensive devices, both whole body or local hyperthermia. But the temperature is not too hot.

For all their very sick patients, they recommend 2 DIFFERENT hyperthermia treatments in one day. Every day, while they are being treated at the clinic.

Like whole body, local, FIR sauna, sauna, hot baths etc...

I think that if I have to do it at home, i'll get better and hotter treatments. In Japan, people go inside hot pools with 46 C or even more. It literally feels like burning your skin. but it doesn't. That is how they do for thousands of years there...

But please read, as you can have some heart symptoms (same as with sauna), and take your own risks.

I'm really not afraid of heat, as I told you, as I'm doing these hot baths or hot bottles for about 2 decades in a regular base...

Come tell us about your experience!!! I'm curious!

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Re: Where to go now

In reply to this post by dteshome85@gmail.com
Dtes... As you mention all these viruses, cytomegalovirus, HHV6, EBV, zoster, herpes simplex, varicella etc...

Do you know that they NEVER leave your body, right?

They never do, even a normal dummy doctor will tell you that.

they stay inside the body, they will tell you, without causing symptoms, but may come back after an event.

Well, they don't know what is causing all the inflammation in people.

No one I know is free of inflammation. Somewhere.

Do you get the picture?

They say these viruses do not cause symptoms, even though they are IN your body (their conventional medicine knows about that).

They also know that inflammation is present in 100% of any chronic disease (cancer, thyroid disorders, gut disorders, lung disorders, nerve disorders, skin disorders etc), but they DON'T KNOW how.

I make my 1+1=2 and say: it COULD be from chronic low grade infections!

I think the theory of the body attacking itself seems MUCH LESS probable than the thinking that this inflammation (like nerve inflammation that we all with EHS have) come from critters bugging our nerves to take control of all our metabolic centers!

Lowering body temperature, messing with our hormones, so that we can't reproduce well, we can't sleep well, etc

I truly feel this theory is a life saver, for humanity.

That we have to fight off pathogens and toxins (they go hand in hand) to get away from illness.


I bought the brand new celery book and devoured it in one afternoon.

If I were you all, I would start SIMPLY with celery juice, first thing in the morning.

Try to reach 3 cups a day, nothing added to it. Simply celery juice, on empty stomach. Then wait 15-30 minutes to eat your breakfast.

I suspect that many EHS symptoms will go down only with that simple measure...

Just my 2 cents!
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Re: Where to go now

Thank you jinna

I have a basic blender that needs
adder water to juice vegetables.
Is it still effective if you add water
to the salary ?

Appreciate it jinna
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Re: Where to go now

Dtes, you're welcome.

I only got my slow juicer now (last week). Before I was doing my celery juice in a blender too.

I added just the MINIMUM of water necessary to blend.

Anthony says that every drop of water you add will LESSEN the effect of the celery, but I was drinking mine with bits of water and still had good results.

In his book, he said that it's possible to blend without water (but I wonder if this is true)....

Another option is to buy a cheap MANUAL juicer like this one:

Manual juicer for 20 dollars

I didn't buy it because it may have BPA, I think...
But a friend of mine did, and he said it worked pretty well.

At least it has no EMF!!

The thing is to take it on empty stomach early morning and then eat only after 15-30 minutes.
He said you can start with 1 cup (or less) then increase. The best therapeutic effect comes when you get 4 cups (I never did that). I take maximum 1 1/2 cup, but my body is extremely small compared to most people, so it's like a child's dose....

I'm planning to increase dosage, slowly, now that I have a slow juicer.

If you wish better results, start with 2 cups lemon water (from one lemon), wait 20 min (min) then take the celery juice, then wait 15-30 min to eat.

The lemon water helps to clean the liver, so that the celery juice can act even a bit better.

If you eat too much fat / animal protein, it'll take a bit longer to feel the effect, because the fats accumulate in the small intestine, and the celery will come to clean the fats first (before it reaches the bacteria hiding behind the fats).

The fats form a mucus, an intestinal mucus, that I think in technical language is called biofilms. Anthony does not mention the word biofilm, but I think it was what he meant.

He said bacteria hide behind mucus (that is the theory of biofilms, that protect bacteria).

Biofilms are in your mouth (dental plaque), in your nose (mucus), sinuses, throat, gut, lungs etc...
When you let a vase with flowers for a couple of days, there will be a mucus inside the water: = biofilm.

Good and bad bacteria form biofilms, but the bad bacteria protect themselves behind them, so that our immune system do not get to them. Celery will slowly dissolve the mucus, and if you don't keep eating loads of fats and animal proteins, celery will reach behind these films faster to kill the bacteria.

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Re: Where to go now

This post was updated on .
In reply to this post by Jinna
Jinna, Re: Hot bucket foot bath adventures

Excellent suggestions Jinna. Yesterday I did my first test. I have a very low body temperature (35.1 C measured from armpit), so I want to try and see if I can do something about this.

I took a 10 liter bucket and filled it with hot water and half a cup of Epsom salt. After 30 minutes of shuffling pots with hot water back and forth to try and keep everything warm, nothing was happening, and I already thought Jinna must be pulling my leg :)

I filled the bucket again with so hot water it was almost painful. At the 40 minute mark I suddenly got a strange uncomfortable sensation in my whole body, and I realized I had begun to sweat!

I have CFS, so sweating for me is not something that I can make happen easily. It was a strange feeling to sweat again, but very interesting.

I measured my armpit again and the temperature was now 35.7 C. So it only took a 0.6 C rise to start sweating. Ok..good to know. I had to end the experiment here, as I realized I will soon be pouring sweat all over my floor.

Have to make some arrangements where I can make this happen without making a pool under me. Put some towels under or similar. I want to try and see if I could get up to 38 C at least.

Anyway, it seems to work, but takes a bit of time, and you have to pour new warm water into the bucket every 10-15 mins. I will try this again later, when I figure out some better logistics arrangements. I think I will do the whole thing in the shower, which solves a lot of practical problems. More reports later..probably.

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Re: Where to go now

In reply to this post by Jinna
Ever since moving into the

apartments a few days ago I

have been feeling like a poisoned

Malaise feeling.I am maybe 10

mins further than the airport

but closer the the landing path

Of the planes every 30-60

Secs.The Hispanic workers outside

the apartment complex are

laughing and joking while working

on the grass.There may be

something to as why I am feeling

the malaise,nausea and less

sense of well-being.I am

wondering if it is due to the RF

levels going from .10 at the old

house near the airport to .30 v/m

at the apartment or particles from

jet overhead.I noticed when I

stayed in a hotel in Louisville

Kentucky I didn’t measure the

levels but I heard no planes

landing near the airport compared

to Atlanta and felt ok sleeping

in the hotel.Wondering if it’s both

the RF and jet particles causing


Also I made a profile on

workaway.info and I have been

struggling with my profile since

I have little hands on work

experience.If anyone is interested

I can give you my username and

password since I cannot find cable

internet to send out messages

to hosts.

My communication has

been through cell phones and

airplane mode since I don’t have

much savings and seem to

be more ehs sensitive being

in the apartment I would

appreciate it.

I do appreciate everyone help

On here

Thank you ladies and gentlemen