Undefined diseases start at cellular level (EHS too)

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Undefined diseases start at cellular level (EHS too)


Here is a VERY GOOD interview with Dr Rau (their English is not too good, but with the captions, you'll understand).

The 1st 5 -10 min is basically what you need to watch: Dr Rau has been treating chronic illnesses, undefined illnesses, for the last 30 years.

he said what he learned in Medical School helped him very little: he had to learn what to do with his live patients, with whom chemical drugs rarely helped.

He gives a picture of WHY chronic diseases in the last 30 years are SO DIFFERENT from what doctors used to learn in medical school. Cells are sick, the mitochondria can't make energy, cells cannot eat / detox, they are sick.

When cells are sick, organs get sick, then whole body systems get sick.
That is why THE WHOLE BODY can be affected.

that's why patients come with so many DIFFERENT symptoms: you can't list symptoms as pre-requisite for defining what disease a patient has. This is long out of fashion.

That's why MDs cannot diagnose patients. They do not fit the book.

You gotta fix the cells to heal.


Diet is one item, EXTREMELY important (he also recommends no eggs, no milk products, low alergenic foods, no nuts, no gluten for many people).

Another item is your teeth!!!! Your jawbone, dead root canals, wisdom teeth with infection, old surgery spots from wisdom teeth with chronic infections: these teeth are connected to meridians, to your organs in Chinese medicine: when they are affected, so are the organs / meridians.

Even cancer can come. It often appears when patient has certain teeth with infections.

Your mouth is INTIMATELY connected to your health.

Do not use titanium. He doesn't recommend it.

It's a very good interview to understand why so many people are ill with undefined diseases.

EHS is surely one of them.

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Re: Undefined diseases start at cellular level (EHS too)

One of the better naturopath's i went to said about the same about me.
The only thing i don't like are their solutions.
i disagree with their saying it needs years to heal.
I think there must be much quicker ways to heal a body.
I think many of them just don't know enough yet
and don't have nor provide the right tools to heal people fast.

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Re: Undefined diseases start at cellular level (EHS too)

This post was updated on .
If you find the secret to quickly heal, don't forget us, Merializer!!!

Just come share here. We will be all ears, I promise!

I haven't found easier and faster methods, but had to go through the WHOLE program:

- correcting the diet (quite strictly) (non allergenic, clean, alkaline etc);

- avoiding toxic exposure as much as I could - change in home utensils, cosmetic products, cleaning products, EMR reduction, organic food, etc

- doing minimal amount of regular exercises when I had enough energy to do so,

- detox daily with different things (it's daily work),

- eliminating heavy metals /chelation on and off

- doing extensive dental work,

- working with trauma (from disease, basically)

- killing chronic infections (this had been in the center of my life in the last 15 years, when I discovered I was plagued with chronic infections of all sorts)

- treating with biological medicine (homeopathy, meridian treatments, light treatments... )

I found no short cut!!

I think the reason is simply: excess of toxins, that are poisonous to the body / cells simply bring the body / cells closer to death, to decomposition - that's why pathogens rise to finish the job (decompose our bodies for a new re-start), metabolism starts to shut down (time to go, guys), body can't detox (detox pathways are overwhelmed), so the cells simply start to die earlier than they should.

Cells that are still working to keep us alive do not do the job of taking nutrition in, tossing the garbage out, producing energy and keeping our immune and endocrine systems at 100% power, if you see what I mean.

These alive cells work already with little energy, low life battery.

Consequence: all our body systems work almost in stand-by mode, for lack of health simply.

Add some microwave radiation, magnetic fields that are unhealthy, well, the body starts to go even at lower
functionality, and then go really on stand by, and collapse occurs.

that's my simplistic way of seeing things.

How to bring us back to life in this stand-by mode condition with a fast trick, when you are plagued by chronic infections from head to toe and extremely toxic?

I wish I knew it!
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Re: Undefined diseases start at cellular level (EHS too)

If i would find the holy grail to heal fast i would tell, of coarse.
But i'm very limited in money so i can't try much. It takes forever.
It would be hard beating you though :)
The problem is the aggressive counter action of this world.
In an ideal world they could probably heal people very fast.
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Re: Undefined diseases start at cellular level (EHS too)

Yep, definitively, Merializer!!
In an ideal world, SINGLE BULLET TREATMENTS would still work!

I'm sure homeopathy would work on its own.
Acupuncture or Chinese medicine alone would do miracles.

or simply adding a few healing herbs would do the whole trick to get us back on our feet!

Even meditation alone would.

In the past, they all used to work separately.

Dr Klinghardt uses to say: today, not even needles work in acupuncture: we need to put electricity in needles for them to work.

He said classic homeopathy used to work so well before: today, it rarely cures anyone.

It's an unfortunate world.

The reason is simply toxins: be them chemical, heavy metals, radiation, pollution, viral toxins (they are masters in poisoning the body with neuro toxins), and in the last 20 years nano-particles spread by tons in cosmetics, drugs, food, and even some type of mental field toxins poison us I believe (sort of bad vibes, a kind of dark energy that I sometimes feel in developed countries!!).

It's like we, simple human, have to swim against the current all alone, willing to reach the other shore, thousands of kilometers away... Quite hard.

People are reacting now.
I hope some changes will come out of that.
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Re: Undefined diseases start at cellular level (EHS too)

In reply to this post by Jinna
Thank you Jinna for posting this video. This doctor is amazing. He speaks about everything I have always suspected as the causes for also my own illness. The only other person that I have heard speaking like him is Dr. Klinghardt, but I would say Dr. Rau is perhaps even a step beyond Klinghardt in some areas.

I would go to his clinic immediately, but it looks like it is not for your normal mortals. You have to make a 10.000 CHF (9000 EUR) deposit, just for the first week. Maybe we can all win at the lottery one day, and get treatment like this.

At least it helps to know that there exist doctors now, that actually understand what is going on.

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Re: Undefined diseases start at cellular level (EHS too)

This post was updated on .
Some advice to everyone:
Here in Belgium, not all, but very often even alternative therapists do not seem super helpful
(dare i say lazy) and definitely careless about you. You need to push them.
How often i notice they do not seem to encourage extensive lab testing enough  (i think it's very important, especially if you are chronically ill), after which i sometimes did it myself and then they
are surprised i find something bad. If you wanna heal you better be prepared to fight for it. Nobody else will.
If you are sick, isn't there something wrong with your body ? If you don't find it with certain tests, do other tests, don't do the same tests over and over and expect a different result, and don't forget to share what you found, so that the pattern becomes obvious in EHS people. I share my tests so you can see what is wrong with me, everybody should do this, just cover your name on your test results. Also,  it think it's bad to say to them you are low on money, i think they then don't test well enough. You need a lot of money unfortunately.
Also, if your blood work shows something that is a bit of, try to find out why. Regular doctors here always seem to attach little importance to everything, probably until it becomes so bad that you have cancer. They seem to wait until something bad happens.

Why would anyone threat you for for example parasites if they don't even know you have them, because it's not tested.

Also, if you wanna spend your money on a new TV or car or on traveling, you won't feel better with it, you won't feel better in Japan if you feel miserable at home. And you might feel guilty about spending all that money on luxury.
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Re: Undefined diseases start at cellular level (EHS too)

In reply to this post by casper
Oh, I haven't seen this post, Casper...
Wow, 9000 euro seems a bit too much, really.

But it's Swiss price... Plus you got to pay for a hotel or any place to stay, right?
I live not too far and have a bedroom, if anyone adventures to go there.
But 9000 a week might seem a bit off limits for most.

Nice to see you liked dr Rau.
He's got some books in English, that you can buy.
He shares his secret diet (nothing secret, but it helps to eat a low inflammatory diet) and the products he uses (Sanum).

Dr K and him follow more or less similar lines of treatment, dr K is more into energy testing and psycho treatments, I think.
Dr Rau more on how to find support fast for his patients with parallel therapies (PEMF, saunas etc).

I find saunas are helping me (not for EHS, but for my chronic infections in winter).
I'll try to do regular saunas to see, specially in winter, when my immune system is low.

I know his Sanum therapy too, because I studied well his books and read quite many papers about Sanum.
Dr K also uses some Sanum products, not the way dr Rau does though. It's also helpful.

his books are very helpful I find. If you're in Europe, you'll have access to many of these products, I think.
I always enjoyed reading his books, then you get the hang on how he's thinking (the logic) and you can apply things for your life.