Take Back Your Power 2017 Documentary Free All Week!

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Take Back Your Power 2017 Documentary Free All Week!

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The multi-award winning full-length documentary, Take Back Your Power, has been updated for 2017. Producer Josh del Sol, in conjunction with Dr. Joseph Mercola, has made it available for viewing free all this week (through 8/11) at Mercola's website.

          If you've not seen this "smart" meter exposé before, I highly recommend it.


          Once at the above linked article, some people have gotten confused because it looks sort of like you have to buy it. Not so. The video is actually embedded in the article. Just click on the red & white start arrow at the lower left corner of the screen to start watching.

          By the way, the opening scene is not a recreation by actors. It is actual footage from the Maine Supreme Court.

Watch for free here: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2017/08/05/smart-meter-dangers.aspx