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Stones and electrosmog article


It's in German, so I only did a google translation here:

Healing stones in electrosmog
Peter Paul

Although the danger of electrosmog is still controversial, it can be assumed that it at least pollutes the body and psyche.

Although healing stones can not, as is often claimed, "shield" or even "swallow" radiation, according to the certified communications technician and author Barbara Newerla, they can very well alleviate and compensate for today's almost unavoidable burdens.

While visible pollution has been reduced to a minimum in recent years, the invisible pollution by electromagnetic fields, radio and microwaves has become ever greater.

 Today, it is no longer just the electrical appliances, cables and supply lines, radio and television surrounding us with more and more fields - now also come to much stronger and wider sources of radiation such as mobile masts, radar stations, cordless phones, wireless access points and maps for Mobile access to the Internet, wireless connections between various electrical devices via Bluetooth technology, as well as mobile phone calls that have become indispensable to most people's everyday lives.

Is that all really as safe as it is claimed again and again?

"Unfortunately, there are no long-term studies so far," emphasizes Barbara Newerla, "who would prove that a continuous burden over many years is completely harmless.

On the contrary, researchers repeatedly find signs that the body is massively damaged despite the low intensities in the long run. In addition, many people in the field find out for themselves that sooner or later they will get complaints that are clearly related to the radiation.

For example, if a new mobile station has been set up in the area or a modern cordless telephone has been purchased. "

Newerla's own experience in the field of building biology and the reports of many sufferers, critical physicians and naturopathic therapists speak for them a clear language: "Electrosmog is among other pressures of our modern life is an essential factor that puts the body under massive stress and thus many diseases favors or triggers, or prevents the healing process. "

Not without reason, the list of symptoms that the "electrosensitive" describe often sounds like typical stress symptoms: headaches, insomnia, digestive problems, cardiovascular problems, high or low blood pressure and even allergies are on the program.

 And on a mental level, nervousness, irritability and even depressive moods can also be due to the burden of electrosmog.

 "Of course all of these symptoms can have very different causes," emphasizes Newerla, "but often there is an electrosmog load behind it today. Severe diseases, such as cancer or autoimmune diseases then usually develop only after a long time or by multiple exposure to other harmful environmental factors and mental stress. "

Because the immune system is also affected by the constant electromagnetic stimuli and the resulting stress.

Newerla explains: "During a stress reaction, the immune system is put on the back burner. If the stress, for example due to the permanent influence of electrosmog, persists for a long time, it has fatal consequences for the immune system.

Chronic stress causes a decrease in the number of white blood cells and certain messenger substances are no longer produced. So you get infected easier, get ill more often, and infections heal slowly or not at all and become chronic. "

As a countermeasure, the expert recommends first of all the reduction of electrosmog, because often we ourselves can decisively help to improve our environment in this regard.

"This concerns especially all devices today," said Newerla, "who work with modern radio technology: cordless telephones, cell phones, Bluetooth and WLAN as well as electrical devices and all electrical installations in the bedroom."

In addition to these useful measures, she also recommends the use of healing stones, emphasizes but again and again the central importance of prevention and radiation reduction: "So that stones can really bring lasting help, it is essential to reduce the radiation exposure as much as possible, because stones can neither swallow nor burn or shield radiation as is often claimed!"

According to Barbara Newerla, the effect of the healing stones on electrosmog is based primarily on their subtle effect and takes place in two different ways: First, to make the remaining unavoidable strains of modern life better tolerated and to strengthen the body and soul.

On the other hand, to mitigate or heal the effects of previous stress. Their effect is based on points in the organism, which are usually affected by an electrosmog load particularly badly affected.

However, the expert also warns against the improper use of so-called "classic Eletrosmogstones" such as rock crystal or rose quartz: "When the use of rock crystal to protect against screen radiation came up," recalls Newerla, "it was believed he would bundle the radiation and derive , Larger or smaller crystal tips were attached to the screens so that the tip pointed away from the viewer.

In fact, rock crystal peaks can conduct energy from the base towards the tip. Especially with energetic treatments one makes use of this property to bundle energy and make use of it again via the tip.

 Light is also bundled and directed in the crystal.

Unfortunately, this is not true for other radiations to the extent that is, electrical and electromagnetic radiation emitted by screens or other equipment can not be dissipated by the rock crystal in the desired manner. Unfavorably placed, rock crystal can even compound the problem. "

But how do you properly apply the rock crystal?

"If you want to favorably influence the indoor climate," replies Newerla, "you can place a rock crystal on a positive zone in the room so that it radiates its qualities. But you can also wear it as a flatterer, necklace or pendant.

Since an electrosmog load costs the body above all a lot of extra power, the properties of the rock crystal can have a very positive effect here.

As a neutral energy donor, it has a strengthening effect on the body and mind, making it less susceptible to negative external influences. He improves perception and makes clear and conscious.

For example, it helps to identify environmental issues better and has the ability to eliminate them faster before they can do more damage. "

The same applies to the black tourmaline, which is also known as Schörl and around which rank in the matter of protection against electrosmog numerous legends.

Newerla says: "It is often recommended that you should put the Schörl between yourself and the radiation source, for example the screen. However, as he does not physically shield radiation, just like all other stones, we recommend wearing it on the body, where it can develop its positive energetic effect better.

Having exhausted all biologically possible measures, the black tourmaline can help to make the remaining balance of radiation more compatible by dissolving blockages in the flow of energy. "

And she adds:" All tourmalines basically stimulate the flow of energy in the body, but especially the black tourmaline. He also improves the connection and communication between the different functional levels in the organism and all areas of being. "

According to Newerla, one of the main problems of electrosmog exposure is that it disturbs the communication processes in the body: "For such a complex system to function as the human body, the activities of cells, organs and organ systems must constantly exchange information in order to communicate with one another coordinate.

Radiation represents a sensitive interference pulse and optimal information exchange is prevented.

This leads to dysregulations, energetic blockages and finally to illness. Black Tourmaline can help restore the flow of energy and healthy information exchange, or prevent major derailments from the outset. "

According to Newerla, similarly good effects can also be achieved with smoky quartz, rose quartz and tektites - a glassy material that is produced by large meteorite impacts.

Newerla recommends agate, aventurine, heliotrope, serpentine and turquoise as "protective stones" that promote the ability to differentiate on the physical, mental and spiritual level and thus strengthen the immune system.

For the harmonization of its own system and to compensate for already occurring disturbances, it recommends, among other things, jade, green and red tourmaline and amazonite, and especially for strengthening the damaged nervous system the ametrine, the amber and the sun stone.

Often the expert is asked how to use the stones correctly.

She explains, "There are many ways to apply stones. For our purposes we recommend to wear the appropriate stone with skin contact on the body for some time. For example, glued on as tumbled or crystal, as pendant or chain. The duration of the application is individually very different and also depends on the type of stone. Some stones work relatively fast, others need to be worn longer to feel the effect. "

Here, too, trying is about studying - and, as Barbara Newerla repeatedly emphasizes, prevention over healing. So take care of yourself and do something about the invisible pollution and sources of interference in your immediate area before they make you sick.
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Re: Stones and electrosmog article

I'm posting about stones because they are easy to use, cheap, and natural.

I'm not sure how much they help, but orgonites are made of a mix of stones and metals, and many people think they may help with Esensitivity (including myself).

They need though to be cleaned and recharged (in my opinion / experience), back to nature, earth, sun, rain etc, from times to times.

I've been to a Klinghardt seminar again (not with him, but to learn his method), and a nurse told me that in every room with Xrays, MRIs etc, barite is used (Baryt in German).

She said it's a cheap stone found in many places around me (in Germany / switzerland) and in many other places, very inexpensive.

Look what I found!!!

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Re: Stones and electrosmog article


this is in German again, but I translated just the little part on Electrosmog here:

"In the pharmaceutical industry,
tons of minerals as raw materials
were used.

Also widely used are
mineral ointments and Schüssler salts.

Clinoptilolite (zeolites) were used at the nuclear
bombing of Hiroshima and
Nagasaki, the disaster of Cher-
nobyl and also last in Fukushima
used - the volcano mineral
absorbs radionuclides.

Also barite absorbs rays.

It is mined in the Black Forest and other places
and used at nuclear power plants as
Radiation protection of buildings.

Barite also serves as a contrast product (agent) and
should, according to the homeopathy founder
Samuel Hahnemann, encourage the development
of retarded children.

As in homeopathy, in Ayurveda and in traditional
Chinese medicine numerous minerals are
used as remedies. Massages with warm stones
are known in all asian,
Pacific and American traditions
transmitted since time immemorial."

Exactly that was mentioned by the nurse: barite is used as a contrast agent for Xrays.
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Re: Stones and electrosmog article


Looking for more information on barite and shielding Esmog, I found a German patent (above).

If I understood it well, they are trying to mix different materials (textiles, polyesters, wood, metals, stones etc) that are all providing EMR protection materials that can be used in the bedroom (and the bed itself) and other living spaces.

They "sought a shielding effectiveness against electromagnetic waves in the frequency range of 200 MHz to 10 GHz, with vertical and horizontal polarization in which the radiation power is up to 99.999% shielded."

Ingredients they use that provide such shielding effect:

- metals such as aluminium, gold film...
(The more layers, the more protection)

- their theory is that mixing is much better than single 'ingredients'.

- many polyethylene, polyvinyls, latex, rubber, cork, wood, plastics, minerals, textiles...
All that were the base (carrier) for other protective substances.

- chalk (calcium carbonate), silicates, quartz sand or barite.

- glass fibers, natural fibers (cotton, cellulse, jute or hemp)
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Re: Stones and electrosmog article


Another patent using stones to protect the house environment against ES pollution.

" Precious or semi-precious stones or minerals used: silicon-quartz, barite, calcite, fluorite, hematite, carbon, malachite, pyrite, rhyolite, Rubin, claystone, tourmaline, this list is not exhaustive.

Any combinations are possible, ie, the precious or semi-precious stones or minerals may be used varietal wine, or as a mixture of at least two of said strains.

The particles are used in a fineness of preferably 0.7 to 150 microns, wherein the proportion of semi-precious stones, precious stones and minerals to the total mass of mineral color preferably in a range from 0.8 to 2."

" For casings of electric or current-carrying device or cable or for coatings of these particles are used preferably upstream of the following precious or semi-precious stones or minerals. :

Silicon-quartz, barite, calcite, carbon, pyrite, rhyolite, Rubin, claystone, tourmaline.

The proportion of semi-precious stones, precious stones and minerals to the total mass of the housing, the envelope or sheath is preferably 25.0 to 65.0 wt%"
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Re: Stones and electrosmog article


Oh, if this is getting boring for you, skip, but for me, this is very interesting for me!!

It gives me ideas...

Another patent for shielding paintings against EMR.

"The aim of this invention, is to provide electromagnetic shielding by means of a paint composition which prevents electromagnetic radiation transition, and which can completely isolate the inner and outer surface of the application surface if full grounding is carried out.

Another aim of this invention is to provide electromagnetic radiation protection without damaging human health, as said - composition does not- contain heavy metals.

The paint provided in order to reach the aim of this invention comprises particles containing carbon, quartz particles, and conductive filler materials containing carbon, barite, talc, kaoline, pure acrylic, water and admixtures."


" The paint subject to the invention comprises by volume, between 0-5% of particles containing carbon, 0-10% of quartz particles, 0-20% conductive filler materials comprising carbon, 0-10% barite, 0-5% talc, 0-5% kaoline, 0-30% pure acrylic, 0-10% water, 0-5% admixtures.

The production of the paint subject to the present invention preferably is carried out inside a 100ml container, wherein the container comprises between 0-5ml of particles containing carbon, 0-10 ml of quartz particles, 0-20 ml conductive filler materials comprising carbon, 0-10 ml barite, 0-5 ml talc, 0-5 ml kaoline, 0-30 ml pure acrylic, 0-10 ml water, 0-5 ml admixtures and wherein said materials are mixed under suitable conditions.

The conductive filler agents containing carbon, present inside the paint, have an organic structure, and the carbon atoms have been bound to each other at a two dimensional plane such that they form flat and wide plates that are stacked on top of each other. Due to good electrical conductivity, they can be used in manufacturing electrodes, brushed engines, batteries, and electronic tools.

The quartz particles present inside the paint, are the most deterioration resistant miners. Quartz is used when producing materials that should not be affected from sudden temperature changes. Kaoline, talc, barite found inside the paint, is used as fillers in the paint, tire and plastic industry.

Pure acrylic found inside the paint, provides good coverage, it is resistant to harsh weather conditions, it is easy to apply, washables, it has high wet friction resistance, and dirt proof. It provides micro permeability which prevents carbonation. It is resistant to humidity and water. It protects colours without fading. It is also resistant against moulding, fungus and moss.

The water inside the paint, ensures that the agents inside the paint are mixed with each other and also ensures that the paint is viscous. The composition is formed after the materials mentioned above are mixed at the ratios mentioned above."

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Re: Stones and electrosmog article


A non-scientific article about how some people use stones to help with esmog.

I know they somehow help me a bit (due to use of orgonites)...

I usually only placed black tourmalines on computers etc but never felt huge difference.

So I decided to combine as in the website: a rather big black tourmaline with a big quartz crystal on top.

As they do not stand on their own, I decided to place them inside a glass jar, and inside it, to help supporting the 2 stones (tourmaline + quartz crystal), I added more stones I keep collecting.

The stability was still not good, so I added Vibesup crushed stones (pieces of mats, they are a bit like orgonites) and am placing the whole thing under the table in the computer room.

I feel some earthing / grounding feeling, but it is maybe my imagination. Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, I ordered some barite stones, as some people here in switzerland are swearing they help if placed at window sills, or at the source causing ES.

As they are very inexpensive, I won't lose a lot of money if the experience fails!

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Re: Stones and electrosmog article

Nice. I ordered some black tourmaline a few days ago and I will do some tests with the Trifield and report back here. I think it can actually reduce the fields slightly.
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Re: Stones and electrosmog article

Let us know how it tests.

I bought bigger chunks with black tourmaline long ago. They felt good, but soon, they felt nothing...

I anyway decided to clean them again (put them outside, take sun, rain etc).

I'm now using it under a quartz crystal (a big quartz crystal).

I read that quartz works well to spread the energies of whatever other stones you use (so I'm testing that behind my back, as I get kidney pains if I stay too long at the computer).

A very skillful health practitioner (TCM) in South Korea told me the kidney meridian gets affected almost immediately when in contact with e-smog. That somehow fit to my experience with my kidneys...

So, I ordered 6 kg of barite (rose barite) and 1 kg of schungite recently.

The barite feels fantastic. It is a grounding stone, in the sense that it makes you feel grounded (at least, I do). A feminine energy, that is 'round' but strong (as it pulls me down, relaxes...).

I tested the whole set of 5 kg in my house, body, etc. I do some energy testing (like muscle tests) then, I let my intuition run the experiment.

I divided the whole set of 5kg in 4 sets and put them inside glass jars.

I placed the glass jars in certain spots of the house (the ones that are dirtier with e-smog): 2 in the upper bedroom, 1 in the upper toilet, and 1 in this computer room.

I must say I'm VERY impressed.

I also kept 2 smaller barite stones that I put in my pocket (trousers).

So I'm sleeping in the e-smog bedroom ever since. So far, I haven't fall ill.

The quality of sleep is not 100%, but it is clearly better than without the stones.

To reinforce the effect, I took about 500 grams of schungite and put in metal boxes: I use one metal box under my bed, and the other at my daughter's bedroom (at the window sill).

I must say whatever is making the effect (the barite on the window sill + side of my bed or the schungite under the bed), it is allowing me to sleep reasonably well.

After a few days sleeping there with this configuration (I got about 2 kg of barite in my bedroom + 500 grams of schungite), I can say the stones feel like doing something!!!
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Re: Stones and electrosmog article

I was at the Klinghardt Institute last week for 4 days.

After one day there, I usually feel very ill due to e-smog.

I decided then to put 2 barite stones in my pockets before I traveled there then, and 2 schungite stones too (separate, in separate pockets).

On top, I carried about 500 grams of barite inside my bag, that I kept beside my body during the lectures.

Last time I went there without stones, but my body got blocked with the e-smog, and it was very hard to get myself tested (students do that to learn the testing methods).

I needed the Coufal device to get better (it's an eletronic device made in Switzerland to 'protect against e smog').

This time, I had no problem. The building does not feel healthy, but I could be tested during 4 days, my regulation was open, functioning, and I did not have the feeling of getting ill.

I attribute that to the barite + schungite in my pocket!!
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Re: Stones and electrosmog article

Marc Martin
Very interesting!  I just did an online search for barite, and see all sorts of rocks that look entirely different from each other.   So I'm wondering what yours look like, or do they have a more specific name than just "barite"?  Or do you have a link to where you purchased them from?


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Re: Stones and electrosmog article

Yes, I see your point.

Here is the one I bought:

It looks much like these photos here:

I think it does not matter much which type....

I'm thinking to order another type, more pink color from Germany (because I heard the German ones have good healing properties, but I can't be sure unless I buy and test them):

If you can't get the links I can send you in a PM..
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Re: Stones and electrosmog article

Hey Marc, I found these stones from the Black Forest that look nice.

I contacted the seller, let's see if he wants to sell me.
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Re: Stones and electrosmog article

I just bought 5 kg of these barite from Germany. Let's see when they come.
I'll let you know.

Another anecdote at the Klinghardt Institute: we test each other for both geopathic stress and EMR stress the whole time. The test is done by lying down with eyes shut in darkness.

We can see if the person gets stressed just by doing this simple test (the logic goes like this: if the person is EMR sensitive, he or she will not produce enough melatonin when lights are off).

Many of us get stress signals doing this simple test, on and on again.

Well, one of my 'patients' got stressed by this EMR test. His muscle tone changed clearly.
 Then I added the barite stones on his tummy, as he was lying.

The barite stones canceled his EMR problem (through energetic tests, we can see the muscle tone comes back to normal)!

For me, it just confirmed what I feel with the barite. I need to test more people to see if the EMR stress signals get cancelled with barite!
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Re: Stones and electrosmog article

My new barite box arrived... More 5 kg, this time the stones were light pink (some purple, but only a few).

The difference is that they came in BIGGER chunks.

The feeling is MUCH stronger with bigger stones, even they feel too strong if placed close to the bed.

I had to move it outside the bedroom, one floor under...

So I'm slowly trying to find the spots home to place the stones.

It's very different from schungit. Very.

Very different from black tourmaline, amethyst, rose quartz...

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Re: Stones and electrosmog article

I have now about 10 kg of barite, some are pinky, few are purple, most are white, in different sizes.

The small white barite I have feel less strong than the pinky ones.

The bigger the stones, the stronger the effect.

I placed them on window sills, on the floor (when I feel some geopathic influence there), on the computer, near the screen, on the bed frame (head and feet)...

the house feels  more 'grounded' and I'm happy I bought them (they were not expensive at all).

I still keep two barite and two schungite in my pockets when I'm around in the polluted city, and I have one bigger one in my backpack.

I stopped using my E-smog quantum pendants that I had used for the last 2 years, every single day. Without these pendants, I felt like I could not cope, but now, I'm free of them!!

If I use too many barites near my bed, they feel too strong.

It took me some time to tune the amount of barite around the bed, on the bed frame, at the window sill, and I still combine 500gr of schungite (that has very different properties and can't be used together with the barite - as far as my experiments go) that I placed under the bed.

Another thing that I added (number 3, besides barite and schungite) is mistletoe vials on the bed frame.

Believe it or not, mistletoe is a plant that is parasitic, and it is a remedy used here against cancer. Cancer is also parasitic.

I was thinking why is that mistletoe feels like helping me sleep better? Could it be because Esmog is also felt like parasitic by my body?

Whatever this is: the combination of these 3 things make me sleep MUCH better than without them.

Now only time will tell if this will hold well.

But from all 3, I think the barite is the strongest and most useful. Highly recommended! But don't buy too big stones, and not too close to your body or they feel the opposite (like making the esmog worse).

In this computer room, the difference is clear. I have one above the modem too.
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Re: Stones and electrosmog article


I have been experimenting with many stones over the last most. All of them just seem to make me feel worse with the exception of shungite which doesn't seem to do anything at all.

It seems like that first article you linked hit the nail on the head... Crystals aren't going to ever block emfs, but they will help ground your body and enable it to more properly deal with them. Although I haven't found the stone that works best for me, I believe it is very similar to homeopathy.

That being said, this whole Barite thing is really interesting! The link that you posted about where you purchased your Barite doesn't work for me, I assume you are in Germany??

Do you see any Barites crystals on amazon or ebay that look similar to yours?

Also, I would reccomend that you pick up the homeopathic Baryta Carbonica 30c from whatever natural healthstore in your area for like $8. If the stones are helping you so much then maybe the homeopathic essence of it could do a whole lot more for you

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Re: Stones and electrosmog article

Yes, I live near Germany (in Switzerland).

I'm still using the barite, coupled with mistletoe... So far, it is giving some effect, I think, as at least, I can sleep in a bedroom I could not sleep at all.

I bought about 15 kg of barite so far, and sort of feel safer with them than without.

i'm thinking to see if I find an orgonite using barite (it may be an interesting 'device', in my feeling...).

If not, I guess I'll have to produce them on my own...

Thank you for the tip on Baryta Carb 30 C. I'm almost certain I shall have B. Carb somewhere home.

As for quartz crystals, they also make me feel much worse (only now, I learned to put schungite and barite under a big crystal, and it is true that it feels good now). It's like it 'transmits' the frequency of the stones that are under it.

But in pure form, quartz crystals make me feel awful. I never liked them until I discovered I could use them this way (as an antenna to transmit the frequencies from other stones).

I have it behind my back, as I write this post. And I got a barite under the screen, another on the rooter (that is built inside a Faraday cage, but that is not 100% efficient), and another next to the CPU of the computer. This way, the computer feels like 'tamed', I barely know I'm electrosensitive....

One other medicine is that is helping is the mistletoe in homeopathic dilution, that I put around my bed (6 vials). It sounds crazy that it may work, but it is doing something too. The dilution is low (3X until 6X, that I mixed on my own). The homeopathic name is Viscum album.

it was also recommended to me in a Klinghardt course. I did not take it seriously first, but they keep recommending that, that's why I tried.

Well, something is working, I guess it's a sort of mix of frequencies (barite + homeopathic mistletoe).
I can sleep almost the whole night, and I wake up feeling fine (not 100% though).

I only feel 100% when I sleep in electrosmog free place, ground floor....

I traveled in Italy these Xmas holidays, and had lots of trouble in hotels (until I reached my final destination).
Only the house I stayed longer was no problem at all (no G4 zone, no wifi, nothing).
In the hotels, full of wifi, the barite stones I brought were not enough.

They do help me here at home, but I turn off all wifi. I think my problem home is more like cell phone towers and probably the electric circuit in the walls. I used to turn off the circuit breaker of the bedroom, but I can sleep well even without turning it off now that the barite are in place.

I suspect that barite are not strong enough to counteract wifi, but strong enough to help me with cell tower...
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Re: Stones and electrosmog article

I guess the reason Viscum album (mistletoe) is helping, is this one:

      Incoherent talk and spectral illusions, inclined to be violent.

      Stupor, succeeded by almost entire insensibility, lying motionless, with her eyes closed, as if in a sound sleep, but easily roused by a loud noise, and then would answer any question, but when she relapsed into her former condition there was a slight disposition to stertorous breathing .

      Feels as if going to do something dreadful while the tremblings are on .
      Keeps waking in night thinking the most horrible things imaginable.
      If awake seemed to be dreaming, if asleep she was dreaming.

      Felt in bad temper when pain in chest was on.
      Great depression.


      Wakes thinking of horrible things, gets to sleep again soon by changing thoughts.
      Sleep dreamful, worrying dreams of affairs of day

      Intense throbbing headache.
      Sharp pain in head and face, leaving them sore.
      Numb feeling in head.
      Tightening sensation of the brain once or twice.
      Sharp shooting in left occipital bone.
      Twinges of pain in left supraorbital region and right thigh.

 I mean, symptoms of EHS match part of the list of symptoms that get cured with Viscum album homeopathic.
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Re: Stones and electrosmog article

Barita Carbonica in homeopathy:

      Somnolency in the daytime.
      Drowsiness night and day.
      Nocturnal sleep, agitated, with frequent waking and anxious dreams.
      At night, ebullition of the blood, strong pulsations of the heart, and sensation in the heart as if it were excoriated, with great anxiety, and inability to lie on the left side.
      Sleep with many unquiet dreams.

Strong disposition to chilliness
Flushes of heat, more at night, with great restlessness

Great uneasiness and over-excitability of all the senses.
 Intellectual, nervous and physical weakness.
Tinkling and roaring in the ears.
      Repugnance to strangers or to society, (the sight of them worse symptoms or causes a recurrence).
      Mistrust, want of self-confidence, the child does not want to play.
      Anxious inquietude about domestic affairs.
      Scrupulous, irresolute, suspicious temper, with mistrust of one's self.
      Sudden fits of passion from trifling causes
      Incessant activity.
      Great weakness of memory.
      Deficient memory (children cannot remember and learn).

Aching pains in the head, principally in the forehead, over the eyes, and the root of the nose, or with tension in the occiput, towards the nape of the neck.
      Pricking, lancinating pains in the head, especially provoked by the heat of a stove.
      Pressure in brain under vertex, towards occiput, on waking, with stiffness of neck.
      Digging in the head, with a sensation of looseness of the brain.
      Painful sensibility in the scalp.
      The scalp is very sensitive to the touch, especially on the side on which he lies, with the sensation of suggillation, worse from scratching.