Short video 10 ways to improve your ES

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Short video 10 ways to improve your ES

I just found this short video, and I do share some of the opinions of him...

But I'm writing the 10 items he suggests. Not my opinion, but his.


1- get away from ES as much as possible during the day

2- clean your bedroom (sleeping place is essential)

3- improve your diet (no rubbish junk food, good protein, give nutrients for your body to regenerate)

4- everyone with electrical sensitivity lacks iodine (kelp). Really helps overcoming EMF sensitivity.
Kelp food or kelp supplements.

5- use a projector (LED projector). You shine your computer screen on a wall, and you don't get those EMF from screen anymore. You're just looking at light projected on wall.

6- heavy metal detox. Copper and mercury.
Nutrition Balancing Program. Aluminium too.

7- get out in the sun. It's good for you. Good generally. Good frequencies.

8- ground yourself. Bare feet on the ground for a while.
stray frequencies in the house can get through you before it reaches the grounding points in the house.
It's not that easy to make yourself grounded IN the house. Much easier outside, in nature.

9- A biggie: rest!
rearrange your life style to get calm, relaxed and get a GOOD NIGHT sleep.
even when you heal, still REST!

10 - When he can't sleep in the night, he grounds himself in the shower.
Then he rubs his body with salt (to take off some stray frequencies? ) and then jump directly under his CANAPE (probably a silver screen canape) and then be able to sleep.


Jinna's comment: the salt issue is interesting.

My feet baths with Dead Sea Salt (rich in magnesium) are very relaxing.

I've been doing that for more than a decade, and they do make me feel calm, relaxed.

I also know that electrolyte intake is important for lowering ES sensitivity.

I use then Himalayan salt diluted in water. Instead of water, I only add some good rock salt and make my electrolytes then.

I make teas or my smoothies with it. Coconut water is also good for electrolytes.

When he mentions kelp, well, kelp is full of sea salt too.

He SWEARS by kelp supplements or kelp intake. He says, when he does not take kelp, his sensitivity comes back.

I wonder if it is only iodine that he lacks... but also the electrolyte part (salt in kelp).

One way to know if you're going on the right direction (in my opinion):

- what relaxes profoundly, from inside out, is what lowers EMF sensitivity

- I do think good oils, Omega 3, veggie oils, rubbed oils on the body lowers my EMF sensitivity as they help me relax

- binders of toxins (such as chlorella, bear garlic, MSM organic sulfur,....) also relaxes me, and they all bind to heavy metals.

- tapping my body on acupuncture meridians OR breathing yoga exercises also lowers my sensitivity.
I think the reason is simply because my body starts to work better, then being disturbed by whatever factors....

It feels like a grounding effect.

- truly, when I eat nourishing foods, they make me less anxious and also lowers sensitivity.

- when I relax, my circulation starts working well, I get warmer.
EMF always makes me feel cold. Or part of my body gets cold, while other parts are warm.

Anyway, I hope you like the video.
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Re: Short video 10 ways to improve your ES

Salt Water Cure
Good video; I just tried #10 The salt shower scrub and it helped.

I also brushed my teeth using salt (with tooth paste) and that really helped!

Here's my full sorry:
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Re: Short video 10 ways to improve your ES

I read your thread, thank you for the info.

Glad several types of salt intake helped you.

For me, salt is just one thing to do, among others (like the guy from the above  video suggests).

I think there is no one-treatment-fit-all, unfortunately. We all have a set of particular problems that require specific and different treatments.

I always ate good salts (himalayan or other rock salts) for more than a decade, and avoided table salt as much as I could. I was never fan of ready made dishes, so I've been cooking for the last 3 decades, mostly.

I'm fan of baking soda, for several uses too.

I decided to add more salt, following the Salt and C idea (salt curing bad chronic infectious conditions) years ago and got such a bad reaction that I had to stop.

I think I do take about 1/2 teaspoon of salt a day in food, regularly, but adding more 1/2 tea spoon was way too much: I got the strongest tinnitus of my life, it took me months to get rid of it, plus I never had high blood pressure and I got that too after a while.

so I was forced to stop.

One thing I think is right: probably around 99% of chronic medical problems started due to different problems, that ended up creating the chronic condition by ACCUMULATION.

I think heavy metals (in my case) cannot be ignored, as they damage nerves, the immune system, cells, my gut lining, teeth roots etc. Salt alone will not solve that problem.  A proper steered heavy metal detox must be done, for years, possibly life long as we have continuous exposure.

Electrolytes are essential to life, as well as vitamins, minerals, aminoacids...

for nerves to work, they need electrolytes, but they also need to be free of heavy metals (that have an opposite charge and are attracted to nerve cells).

Salt alone never could clean my nerves as high voltage devices (with Tesla coils) did. Intense cleaning in a matter of minutes of treatment. Salt never could do that, I don't know why...

It's not only one missing item, in my case, even though I continue to love my magnesium foot baths and taking my good salts, and now I'm increasing intake of celery + cucumber (for good electrolytes).
(many veggies feel salty when you eat, celery is one) Celery for me is much superior to salt intake.

I'm more a natural type of person, my body is too fragile to keep taking only supplements.

I have no doubt that for me, celery, cucumber, many fruits, lemons, limes, green leaves (fresh), coconut juice is much more beneficial for me, because they are much more complete in providing other minerals, antioxidants, very easily bio available salts.

I'm a bit like this lady here:

 I feel like my eyes can see better minutes after intake of certain juices or smoothies (fresh, of course).

It's  like a full battery recharge, a sensation of relaxation and recharging.

Never salt intake gave me this deep feeling which these live electrolytes give me.
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Re: Short video 10 ways to improve your ES

Salt Water Cure
This post was updated on .
Thanks Jinna

Yes I agree everyone needs their own solution to their complaint. ES is more complex than I think anyone knows. I think I was lucky in finding such a simple solution. Some have very difficult stories to tell. However, I have now developed a secondary related issue which I have only just realised yesterday.  

I discovered that eating Quality Street too much can knock out the effect of the salt and bring on the ES as well. I'm guessing any chocolate sweet and or sugar may do the same, so I am cutting back on all these just in case. My latest bought of ES was over December (and again just 2 days ago) and coincided with my eating my way through 3 tubs of QS! :) I have never had a problem before with Chocolate but now I do. This is actually a good thing in a way as I have never had a reason to give up Chocolate which I know is not healthy.

I have never been a particularly healthy eater really but as time goes on (I'm 45 now) I am getting there slowly by degrees. I gave up smoking at 25 (after about 7 years). I gave up drink at 40. Now it seems like chocolate is going. :)

I have never been a big fruit eater but am slowly increasing that by way of smoothies, which do help the ES a little I have noticed but compared to the salt (and now chocolate) it is like only about 1% in power compared to the salt. Salt really knocks the ES out of me.

All the best Rob
and thanks for reading my story.

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Re: Short video 10 ways to improve your ES

Sorry about the chocolate....

In fact, pure cocoa is not to be blamed as bad.

But one can get allergy to cocoa... like with anything (except water, I suppose).
then you gotta avoid it, unfortunately.

Here in Switzerland and Germany, I can find 100% pure chocolate, meaning, no mixtures with sugar, cocoa butter etc.

But it tastes... WOW! Nothing I particularly crave.... Very bitter.

I think the bad things in 'norma'l chocolate bars are:

- pesticides, fungicides etc in non-organic chocolate

- excessive processed sugar (if you read 35% cocoa content, it means the rest is practically sugar).

- milk content (may cause inflammation, mostly GMO fed cows, with GMO modified proteins)

- additives

- white chocolate (is almost pure sugar and fat, cocoa content is zero).

When I crave chocolate, I eat them!! But I try to buy organic, more than 70% black chocolate.

And I eat only a bit a day, one bar will take me a week or more to finish.

Or I take cocoa nibs and make stronger decoctions (tea), add some stevia leaves in the end, and that tastes very good!

Or I take this delicious decoction tee here:

but in Xmas, it was hard to resist to the 'normal' choco stuff!!!

As for salt, I'm also increasing taking 'live' salts, that come with other nutrients, as it is inside natural fruits and veggies.

I've increased the intake of these 'live' salt-rich-foods in the last months, daily, in greater amounts (as I've been trying to eat less 'pure starches' such as rice, pasta, bread etc, except for potatoes, but not in high amounts either).

Look at this list concerning Sodium rich natural foods

Potassium rich foods

Just make one experiment:
Eat or do juicing with a bunch of celery. At once.
Either eat 4 stalks at least at once, or juice it, drinking immediately after.

If you do it on empty stomach, it's best.

It's divine!! It does taste salty!

The difference again, between taking pure salt and taking salts inside plants is big, in my opinion.

Same as taking supplements of vitamins and minerals in comparison to eating them in their natural form, as much uncooked as possible. It's a huge difference, specially long term.

Specially in absorption, in avoiding bad reactions, the best for me (that over react to many things), is taking things in plants, as they were 'meant' to be consumed.
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Re: Short video 10 ways to improve your ES

Salt Water Cure
This post was updated on .
Thanks Jinna

I will try the celery juice asap. Perhaps it was you or someone else who also said this too. Yes the Quality Street is rubbish I know (It's on sale in Tescos for £1.25 per 750 gram tub - the big ones!) but I have never had any problems before now. Anyway I am feeling better and managed to get my first reasonable nights sleep last night in many weeks, although I still needed a mild sleeping tablet to help me. Also last night I noticed pain deep within the centre of my brain right at the base, it was kind of concerning. At night I (like most people) am more sensitive to pain but I am getting better now.

Thanks for all the info!
All the best