Reactions from family,friends and colleagues?

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Reactions from family,friends and colleagues?

Arctic Coast
I am curious as to how your surroundings have reacted towards your ES?

Have they adopted a different view towards wireless tech?
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Re: Reactions from family,friends and colleagues?
Most people that I have encountered appear to be skeptical towards emf.
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Re: Reactions from family,friends and colleagues?

Same here. They laugh, ignore, etc.

They'll only listen when they see it printed in newspapers that they read, magazines, TV programs they watch etc.

If not, they won't believe you, even if you show scientific articles and publications.

Same as with chemtrails and geo engineering. People think I'm dreaming.

Same as with chronic lyme disease, with Mogellons, multiple chemical allergies, chronic candida etc.

If it's not on mainstream media, it does not exist for them.

If not on wikipedia, it does not exist for them.

We are invisible to most people.

What we are suffering, comes from our own imagination.

Our health is a sort of psychiatric construction that should be dealt with psychiatric doctors.
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Re: Reactions from family,friends and colleagues?

I was just thinking about chronic lyme.

About 13 years ago, when I first got ill with chronic lyme, doctors absolutely did not believe me.

Everything started for me after a tick bite. Everything. A total collapse came, but it took some months.

No family member really understood, as medical doctors never really told I had lyme (even with positive exams, called Westernblots!!!). They read somewhere that if someone takes 2 weeks of antibiotics, they are cured from lyme, and no matter, positive or negative exams, they are cured.

They said, there is no chronic lyme, this is all invention, delusion.

Mainstream spoke in one single voice; so I was suffering from an imaginary disease.

In the last couple of years, the Swiss media started talking about lyme, what patients go through, no insurance covers treatments, people go on early retirement, families broken down, financial catastrophe...

More and more TV programmes talk about lyme, now 'chronic lyme' seems to exist (to some people). Even some doctors start to think it exists.

Same in Belgium. Same family members that never really understood me suddenly start to think lyme is a problem. They are seeing other people - friends, for example - going through the same way as I did, as my daughter did.

And the mainstream media started to talk about isolated cases of chronic lyme sufferers.

So, now chronic lyme seems to exist. Only because the main stream media seems to have taken some interest.

Not everyone still believes chronic lyme exists. Specially, if they haven't watched the TV documentaries or read newspaper articles on it.

I do think that ES sufferers will have to wait a long time to be acknowledged by society.

I just saw once a documentary in the Russian TV (RT) about electrosmog. But it hasn't yet reached French speaking media, nor the English or German media here (not to my knowledge).

Unfortunately, most people are close minded and will not believe, even if you show them scientific articles proving the contrary.

It has been the same with homeopathy: no matter how many studies you show, there are clubs of 'scientists' that will insist that homeopathy is only placebo (even if it works with plants and animals too).
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Re: Reactions from family,friends and colleagues?

Arctic Coast
Thank you for your answers.

Perhaps this constant scarecampaign from the media
has contributed to make the common people tired and ignorant of continuing health hazards,
all the time and everywhere,so they just dont care anymore.

There is an old woman where I used to work,
who has a swollen an inflammated eye.
After reading a lot about MS and symptoms,
I found it wouldn`t be right NOT giving her a hint,
even if I am hesitant to "bother" my friends or colleagues about this theme.

Her doctor denies there is anything wrong with her eye,
and therefore refuses to send her to a specialist.
But any layman can see something is wrong.

After my first shockexperience today with Smartmeter,
I asked her if she had one in her house.
"..yeah,I think some guys came by and changed the meter last winter".

I then informed her briefly that eye-problems had been related with MW-radiation,
and that this had been documented as early as the 1950`s.
She gave it a shrug and a nonresponsive:
" never know.." before walking off.

People don`t care about their own health,
and certainly not about others.
I suspect things will get really,really bad during the next 25 years.
(well,to many people things already are)

My family has not let my situation induce any changes in their tech lives,
although they realize it has put me out of the jobmarket,ruined me financially,
and forced me to live as a beggar (in my car) for several years now.

With six canser-cases in the near family one would think they might pay attention.
But no.
They how however offered me shelter,and financial help to buy a house,
should I find one suitable for me.
But I fear there is very few places left to go,
and todays smartmeter-experience really made an impression on me.
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Re: Reactions from family,friends and colleagues?

I guess, they need a BIG scare to care about their health.

If they still live reasonably well, why worry?

I can't blame them, as I was like them before.

As long as I could survive, why bother?

The big turning point came when I knew it became a life or death matter.

Same time you have the 'do not care' type of people, you have also the 'care too much' type of people.

 Just see new trends in diets.

What's going on is that there is a group of people CAREFULLY taking care about what they eat, while the other part (probably great majority) does not give a damn and eat garbage.

My daughter grew with lyme disease, severe encephalitis, severe gluten allergy etc.
Well, she has NO CHOICE but she's gotta watch what she eats.

She is only 14 years old, but she is very aware.

Her classmates, ALL of them have health issues, but many eat ready made cheap supermarket foods their parents buy them, the ones you warm in the microwave.

They also have many problems, headaches, etc, but parents do not connect the dots.

These kids are constantly exposed to EMRs too, the moment their health collapses, it will be MAYBE the moment they will wake up. Or they die.

Many choose to die.

Just see the cancer world. Some will only take the drugs, chemio, radio, and not change their food habits. Others will maybe take the drugs, surgery, but will change their food habits.

Others, will not take any drugs, no chemio, nothing, but change completely their environment AND food habits.

All these groups live side by side.

I've seen people die, and they do it by choice: rather die than change what they eat.

My parents haven't died yet, but they go on this category: rather take drugs forever than change what I eat.

My brothers same, rather give all these chemical drugs to his children, than do something else.

There is brain wash from society, media etc. Lots of pressure for us all to follow trends: smart phones, more wifi, more sh... foods, etc.

Cosmetics that are magic (and ruin your health) are like a huge billion dollar market.

I somehow try to warn people, if they listen fine. If not, whatever.
I was in their shoes before. Maybe it's better to live a short life and die in ignorance.

My health is not strong enough for me to ignore it.
I need constant monitoring, like you.

A last anedocte. A couple, our friends for about 20 years.
They have now 2 children, about 10 and 15 years old.

They were wondering, how can they eat all the sh.. they do and be healthy, while I control my food so much, and am ill, on and off? The lady used to tell me that. She ate gluten, cakes, every single day.

The husband is fussy to eat things too, so he never really cared much.

Well, the husband got cancer in his early 40s, on his tongue. Since then, he controls his food very much (with lots of veggies and salads) and became a jogger, doing that daily.

The wife, who was still in great health, suddenly collapsed once. She started having so many digestive problems she could barely get out from bed, stopped working for a while. I had to help them with some couching, remedies.

It turned out she's extremely sensitive to gluten too, and sugar gives her neuro problems. She then cut these things, and got back in track.

Now she does NOT laugh anymore about diet control.

Her eldest son surely got health problems, but they will come out more clearly later (KPU, he's a clear example, breaks his bones easily etc).

His younger son got addicted to sugar, and is hyperactive. Very smart boy, but try to take him off sugar, he gets mad.

I do think some people choose to change,if they get a scare, like this couple. Some don't. They accept things as fate! I really don't blame them as I was not that different before.

ONe friend of mine is working at a supermarket here in Switzerland. She said that young mothers, people, eat clearly bad. It's mostly the elderly who spend their small pensions in organic products!
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Re: Reactions from family,friends and colleagues?

Banned User
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Re: Reactions from family,friends and colleagues?

Canary, it's nice what you do, warning people.

Most of us have been like them, before we realized that these EMRs make us ill.

Exactly: some may start noticing!!

 I like the idea of warning people - who knows some will connect the dots, like the 2 friends I told above.

We need more support from society, anyway, so it's our job to spread the word.
The more numbers we have, the better for us.

The mother now tells me she notices her younger son gets more hyperactive when he's in front of the computer or video games (if I hadn't told her, she would never have noticed!!).

Heavy metals, plastics, glyphosate,  all chemicals inside cosmetics and food are also 'invisible' as we actually do not see them. It's not too different than EMRs...

You said it all: Ignorance is bliss.

But if the person still has a brain, and realizes what's going on, it won't be bliss anymore, but a big deception.

I can't imagine seeing my child be damaged irreversibly, suffer, even die, because of something I knew, that I could prevent, but I hadn't.

I think that's when whistle blowers have their function. Somewhere, inside SOME people's minds, they listen.

First time I heard about chemtrails, I thought this was bullshit. But it was in my mind, until I saw a scientific paper about the chemicals used in geoengineering.

Now I know it is more than real, and everyone of us is probably feeling more these EMRs because of heavy metals we are breathing every day...

I didn't know that the cancer that is more prevalent, women's cancer, is not anymore breast cancer, but LUNG cancer!!! That's what Dr Klinghardt says. For me, the reason is clear: what we are breathing is probably causing that!!
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Re: Reactions from family,friends and colleagues?

Arctic Coast
For me the situation of going to a hospital and having bodyparts chopped off,
that would definetely be a very big scare,indeed.

All of those 14 year olds have health issues?Wow.What kind of issues?
Chemical drugs for kids (longterm) sounds like a dangerous path.

In todays world I think it would be better to live a short and ignorant life,yeah.
If one is allowed.

"...everyone of us is probably feeling more these EMRs because of heavy metals we are breathing every day..."
I wonder if one would feel an effect of breathing through a mask,
for a week or two.Anyone tried it?

"We need more support from society, anyway, so it's our job to spread the word.
The more numbers we have, the better for us." don`t know.
After seing the norwegian documentary "En strĂ¥lende dag"
-translates to "A beautiful day" but can also mean "A radiating day".

Among other things they showed how the IEEE is made up of people,
all from US army,navy,airforce etc...AND TELECOM INDUSTRY PEOPLE.
And what US and NATO says about radiaton levels vs health,
well-that is pretty much how it will be here in Norway.

They also had an interview with Dr.Michael Repacholi
-leader of an australian project that found clear evidence of non-thermal effects.
He later on became chairman of ICNIRP,
where he used his posistion to propagate the opposit view of radiation health issues.

The interview was made after his retirement
on location in his italian wine farm. :)

As you`ve pointed out before,the general public only responds to the mainstream media,
so I don`t think numbers alone will help ES-people.

I think that having zero-radiation zones may prove very important in the future,
in the battle against industry and ignorance,among others.
And having the support of people in position of power might help,
although I am not gonna hold my breath on that one.
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Re: Reactions from family,friends and colleagues?

This post was updated on .
If chopping body parts would help us, would be already something good!!
I hope you haven't gone through that!!

Oh you're in Norway!
I see... Ein strahlender Tag (in German)!!!

I'm in Switzerland, but the school I mention is in Germany.
The school is a Gymnasium, so only the best students go there (it means, the real sick ones are in other schools..).

Many suffer from allergies (2 gluten, 1 fructose, half of the class with pollen allergies and many use antihistamins), about 5 kids get ill for so long (with common colds) that they fail to come to school for a week or more (sometimes 2, 3 weeks on one go), every year we have a couple that end up in hospital, 1 has very hard social contact (a sort of autism-like, little eye contact, but can memorize anything easily), 3 girls have permanent teeth missing (they never grew) in a class of 14 girls (!), about 2 suffer from bad migraines, 2 from low blood pressure /dizziness / weakness, 3 from low iron and need supplementation ...

I don't know them all, but that is only what my daughter explains.

And we are talking about the elite children!

The numbers of people with strange health problems are growing.

Even if the authorities and media give us the impression nothing is changing, nor changing for bad, just see food trends in supermarkets, restaurants.

I don't know in Norway, but here in Switzerland / Germany, organic food, gluten free, vegan foods are increasing to the eye (just see trends in supermarkets).

I went to visit a wonderful company called Ceres last week: they make natural herbal tinctures.

 Their motto is: the closest to natural possible, least machines involved better (do max by hand ), and ZERO budget for advertisements.

They have a marketing department of one person (if I understood well), that is in charge of seeing how to reach the market - by organizing personal visits of small groups to their 'factory' and herbal gardens, by making publications about plants...

Anyone involved in natural treatments knows Ceres products in Switzerland (despite the zero advertisement policy).

The day I went there for a visit, a visitor was carrying a device, from Coufal.
It fell on the ground, I picked it and handled to him.

I said: 'Is this against electrosmog?' He smiled and said: 'Yes, and against other things too!'

He also commented on the use of knives to cut herbs during the visit at Ceres: 'why not using ceramic instead of metals (due to electrosmog)?'

You know, people are organizing themselves, spreading the word.

The guy I know from Vital Force Tech said that their best products, highest sales, are these Esmog protection patches (EMR transformers).

There is a lot of corruption in these organizations, WHO, IEEE, ICNIRP, whoever are there to decide what is safe or not. It does look like a sort of strange elimination plan (?) sometimes.

But common citizens are organizing themselves, and numbers of people GOING AGAINST these authorities increasing.

Just see how they arrived to FORCE vaccinations in Italy and France. Why did they have to do that? Because the numbers of rebels are increasing in statistically SIGNIFICANT numbers that the government is losing control.

I read the Ministry of Health report that was distributed to all medical doctors mentioning the increasing resistance of the population - therefore the reason to force vaccines.

So they are FORCING people with the back up of law, and threatening parents to lose parental guard of their children and risking penalties such as imprisonment!!!

In the school my daughter goes, the principal sent a questionnaire to parents, concerning the installation of wifi. I voted NO and sent a message to parents' group, with studies about damage from esmog. That was about 2 years ago.

Until now, no wifi was installed at her school.

At a higher level, it looks corruption is only increasing. At the same time, more and more people are putting in doubt authorities. I'm following the health trends, and I swear, the situation has changed considerably in the last 10-15 years.

the health system looks like near the brink of collapse, getting so expensive and inefficient that I wonder, how long can it still stand .

To one side, some (majority?) are dumbing down - more blind, more consumists, 'I don't care' type, while to the other side, resistant groups are rising in numbers.

That is what I mean by informing: we don't need to inform authorities: many know how damaging esmog is and do exactly the opposite.

Civil wars and revolution always start by big social tensions.

Dr. Klinghardt speaks of his visit to Norway in a house moved completely by water battery developed based on Pollack's theories of membrane potential!!
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Re: Reactions from family,friends and colleagues?

In reply to this post by Arctic Coast
When I first moved into where I live now I didn't realize how dangerous having the router in my room was for me (well I knew it was bad but I didn't realize how bad at the time). I couldn't turn off the wifi and accidentally changed a setting that turned the whole thing off and had to call cable. And that is how a family member had to here about how the router was hurting me. They just couldn't wrap their head around and got mad at me, threw a fit for some reason. Completely foreign concept to them. Another family member keeps nagging me to play video games with them more often but I know what will unfold if I tell them why I really can't do that and especially with a headset.
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Re: Reactions from family,friends and colleagues?

In reply to this post by Arctic Coast
Arctic Coast wrote
I am curious as to how your surroundings have reacted towards your ES?

Have they adopted a different view towards wireless tech?
Not even close.

My parents are both doctors and are very image conscious and afriad of what their colleagues might think. My father was somewhat open minded, but my mother has always had a hot temper and responded in character.

My sister and brother-in-law both have a lot of the symtoms that I have, but they work long hours and don't seem to have the energy to think about it.

What was most striking about my parents' response is how vague they were in their objections. I used to run a laboratory, so I had done my homework and carefully documented my initial reasoning and what tests/observations I had used to follow up on it. Neither of them could find any errors in that.
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Re: Reactions from family,friends and colleagues?

Arctic Coast
In reply to this post by Jinna
Thank you for another one of your interesting and informative posts.

Pardon my late reply,after the smartmeter was installed in my rented house
things got really bad and I have been in the mountains for the last months,
just recently back in sivilisation.

Yeah,the rollout of smartmeters definetely changed the world to the worse for me.

Now I have bought a concrete house in a low-radiation area
-it is so low I can walk around outside in the garden and be relaxed
and actually feel good,yet still only have a 7-800 meter walk to the grocery-shop!

Inside the house the concrete walls block even more of the signals,
so I now spend the days without any emf shielding products.

But..higher up in society people are pushing on to put a smartmeter also in this house,
(by directive from the EU)
and you need papers from your doctor if you are gonna avoid it.
Guess what?Doctors have received orders from Government Health dep
that they are not allowed to registrate emf-symptoms,
but rather must note it down as:...the patient claims to feel...blabla..."
And they are supposed to register it as a PSYCHIC ILLNESS.

If this doesn`t look orcestrated then what does?

First you are being forced to accept 24/7 radiation in your own home,
then your doctor is not allowed to register the health problems this radiation causes,
and finally you are being labeled as "having mental problems"?

This is scary stuff.
To see how different parts of the Government is pushing this technology,
abusing its own citizens,denying and hiding the health hazard,
and with the "mental issue" stamp they seek to remove ALL opposition
-now and forever after.
No one with a stamp like that will ever be taken serious in the public debate
-nor will they be allowed to enter positions of power within the state,
where they could fight this technology.

Do you get where I (they) are going with this?
This is no longer the country that I grew up in.

And as you mention,also the norwegian health system is being put to the test,
national health seem to be worse off than..ehh..since 1349,I guess.

Your elite children would not stand a chance if they were put next to our 85-95-year olds,
and I mean it.
Last winter I saw a 85 year old skeleton of a woman coming to the grocery shop.
The road condition was what we locally call "blindholka",
which means ice covered in a blanket of snow.(blind ice)
This is an excellent opportunity for anyone to slip and break a legbone or similar,
and seeing that old woman pushing forward through the cold wind
certainly left an impression on me.

And many of that generation lived very long lives,
something already the very next generation did not.
Part of the explanation might be that the old folks out in countryside Norway grew up with their own food,
being fishing-farmers (fiskerbonde) they grew their own vegetables and sheep,and fished their own fish
straight in from the clean Atlantic sea.
Even into their 80`s and 90`s they still make their food from scratch,
only buying the ingredients.
No fast food for them,ever.

And a lot less poison in both land and water in their time,
also played a part I guess.
And EMR..