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Re: Terribly high readings even in Eco mode/Re: Siemens Eco DECT

Delivered Jun 24, 2017
Your package was left near the front door or porch.
Gigaset GIGASET-C530IP Cordless Hybrid Expandable Phone for IP or Landline
Sold by: GizmosForLife
Return window closed on Jul 24, 2017

I got this as my mom insists on using a portable phone and the old one is
going haywire. But she didn't like the user interface/too modern for an 85
year old. I thought I might use it once in a while.

But NO WAY!!!!! The RF readings are extremely high 24/7 and eco mode
barely brings the readings down and by the time I figured out how it
worked, it was a few days past the return window.

EMF Refugee complete garbage!!!

Her current phone has no RF when not on a call and quite low RF when on a
call. I guess I'll be checking the 3 used shops in town and online
 for a replacement. Uniden EZI 996.

On Fri, 18 Aug 2017 10:57:47 -0700 (MST), "Miller [via ES]"
<[hidden email]> wrote:
> You can order a Siemens Gigaset A540A Eco Dect corderless phone from
> Amazon via Italy for under $80. It'll take almost a month to get it
> though. Has anyone ordered one of these from anywhere?
> [1]
> [2] claims Siemen's is bringing the phones to the
> U.S. market but no date.

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Re: Terribly high readings even in Eco mode/Re: Siemens Eco DECT

This post was updated on .
Yes, ECO Dect doesn't stop 24/7 radiation, only when in use it reduces it a little bit... basically useless.
A lot of people don't realize Eco Dect Plus just doesn't exist in North America.. even if it says it has it and it's in the manual... it's a Europe only feature.
Your Uniden 996 is a 900mhz older phone, of which some don't radiate while not in use, and some do.. 900mhz phones that is.  
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Re: Terribly high readings even in Eco mode/Re: Siemens Eco DECT

This post was updated on .
well, no dect phone is of any use, neither in europe.
these phones radiate like hell, at least during a call.
that's the time you're holding them near your ear (!).
okay unless there's a speakerphone on the handset.
a speakerphone on the basis-station is not relevant.
after all you the idea is to walk around with a phone.
otherwise why not simply choose corded phones ?
you can connect several of them, in different rooms.
in case a wireless phone is really what you want :
the only solution is an old analog cordless phone.
in europe these are the ct1 ( / ct0 / ct1+ ) phones.
the uniden 996 seems to follow the same principle.
essential is that analog waves are far less harmful.
the old type is the only choice for a cordless phone.
in europe such phones also only radiate during calls.
so, in north america it depends on the given model.
you may have to replace a very old battery though.
for me nothing beats a corded phone with speaker.
but it stiil produces some low frequencies pollution.
however, the less advanced the less of a problem.

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Re: Terribly high readings even in Eco mode/Re: Siemens Eco DECT

I have a brazilian DECT cordless phone that I didn't even know it has ECO Plus mode. Model: TSF 8002, from Elgin.

Manual in portuguese only:

I did some recordings that prove how useless this feature is:

- Without ECO Plus the base of the phone emits radiation 24/7 and from considerable distance (meters) you can still be exposed to high RF radiation. I think it can even produce a stronger magnetic field in comparison.

The way ECO+ works is this:

- When enabled:

- There's no RF radiation. None at all. From the base or the handset. However all of those will automatically disable this feature:

- If you remove the handset from the base station it will automatically start emiting extremely high levels of RF/magnetic field.

Once you turn off the handset it will stop with the radiation after a few seconds (30?). Both the handset/base will stop with this.

If you receive a phone call or simply use the handset you will be exposed again.

These videos prove my point:

Acoustimeter - Measuring iPhone 5, cordless phone in ECO Plus mode and also my house

# 2
Acoustimeter - Measuring cordless phone with (and without) ECO Plus / Zero Emit MODE

#  3
Cornet ED88TPlus - Measuring cordless phone with the ECO+ / Zero Emit MODE

# 4
Cornet ED88TPlus - Measuring radiation levels from cordless phone handset

# 5
Cornet ED88TPlus - Measuring cordless phone with (and without) ECO Plus / Zero Emit MODE

Currently I am only missing (not yet recorded) a sixth video: UHS2 measuring the magnetic field from this Elgin, with and without ECO+.

Now let's look how your normal cordless phone (with no ECO or ECO+ AT ALL) would measure in these meters...

The model tested is the KX-TG1381LB, from Panasonic. Manual here (in portuguese, too):

# 1
UHS2 (Gaussmeter) - Measuring radiation levels from cordless phone without the ECO Plus mode

# 2
Acoustimeter - Measuring radiation levels from cordless phone without the ECO Plus mode

# 3
Cornet ED88TPlus - Measuring radiation levels from cordless phone without the ECO Plus mode

What I don't understand is why the Cornet measured a very high magnetic field in contrast to UHS2, which appears to be normal in this regard. Apparently the Cornet has gone mad because this device also emits a lot of RF radiation.

Conclusion (and my suggestion):

a) Avoid all cordless phones, even those with ECO Plus/zero emit mode.

b) Opt for a wired corded phone, with the speakerphone feature. If it doesn't have the latter then don't buy. It may also have caller ID.

Why the speakerphone is so essential?

Because ALL (and I really mean ALL telephones you can think of) also emit a high magnetic field in the receiver part of the handset. You know, the part where you put next to your ear.

This last video is called "UHS2 (Gaussmeter) - Measuring radiation levels from intercom and corded landline phones"

Pay attention to it and you'll see that putting any telephone next to your ear is a very bad idea.

Here's an explanation about this part, extracted from the internet:

There is no power supply in the earpiece of a phone, it’s the speaker. Speakers are a coil which moves the speaker cone physically by it’s attraction and repulsion to a magnet. So all speakers will generate an audio frequency magnetic field. People with ES have been dealing with this for over 30 years. Most use either old analog speaker phones or tape a paper or cardboard cone to the handset so that the phone will be held away from the head.

You should avoid phones with electronics in the handset, and preferably use phones of the “princess” era (earliest tone dialing) or earlier with a separate tone dialer. The newer designs can often introduce some above audio frequency emissions which can be bothersome. In modern phones, you must “cherry pick” or find one’s who’s emissions are less bothersome for you, individually. Avoid phones with any digital features such as caller id or memory if possible.

When I used the speakerphone feature from the Intelbras TC 60 ID (the one showed in this last video) I was able to put a good distance, and only then I didn’t receive the same ammount of radiation. It’s true the speakerphone depending on the person you are calling is really bad (sometimes low volume), however that’s a problem with the phone number (the ISP?), in my opinion, not the device.

In fact most calls I can listen from an even greater distance, it’s just the other person needs me to move closer to speak, so they can listen clearly. Even if I do that it’s still not the same as putting the handset next to my ear.

In other words the speakerphone it’s the only way of reducing this magnetic field, and that goes for ALL phones, wired or wireless. The worst thing someone can do is to glue these devices next to the head.

As for mobile phones I don’t have to reiterate they are truly bad in every way, you get RF radiation from the wi-fi, bluetooth and cellular data in the iPAD/iPhone, the latter is the worse of the three, the levels are extreme and you can detect a lot of radiation from great distances.

I never liked using telephones and never had one. For me a phone is only useful for urgent/important calls, not to expose me 24/7 to all this garbage.

Sadly most people with this smartphone addiction that is a problem worldwide have decided to live all their lives glued to their phones.
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Re: Terribly high readings even in Eco mode/Re: Siemens Eco DECT

Perene, are you from Brazil??

I went there recently, and I feel much better even in big cities like Sao Paulo.

I hate here in Europe, it feels so much worse, even if I live in the countryside.

If you are in Bz, which part of Bz do you live?

I have next to zero problems of ES when I travel there!!
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Re: Terribly high readings even in Eco mode/Re: Siemens Eco DECT

In reply to this post by KarenEck
I live in Recife, which is a city from the state of Pernambuco, in the northeast corner of South America.

What I can tell about EMF pollution in here is that it's not very far from what you can experience in developed countries.

For example, the Supreme Court of Brazil ruled against a lawsuit that was going to force Eletropaulo, a major Brazilian power distributor in the state of São Paulo, to reduce the magnetic field from power transmission lines close to inhabited areas, they argued that there is no 100% certainty about health issues (which is impossible to achieve, and we all know how studies are conducted, not only they take years, there are many people which had diseases and health problems that may come from EMF yet these are never reported or doctors connect the dots) and the World Health Organization guidelines are what these companies should follow.

Then there's smart meters, where I live they haven't installed (it's going to be more expensive) yet but I predict this could happen more and more in the future. Where I live the apartment registers a low magnetic field (about 0.1 or 0.2 mG), we are not close to any cell tower (or any kind of tower).

RF radiation if we cut our own devices it's not very high, I believe the neighbors contribute to levels of 0.20, 0.30, which for more sensitive people is already high.

Most people nowadays (and it's like this everywhere in the world) use cellphones (which from a considerable distance can give a lot of RF radiation, it's not just limited to the owners!) and most places always have a wi-fi router or some sort of EMF pollution.

Sure there are locations where you can be a lot more exposed than others, in the future I will bring the meters outside my house to check them. Since this isn't a developed country I guess what you mean is that this is not so much widespread.

Still it's worth noticing that in Minas Gerais (another brazilian state) studies have been conducted and they indicate what I mentioned before:

To quote what it says:

Comments on “Mortality by neoplasia and cellular telephone base stations in the Belo Horizonte municipality, Minas Gerais state, Brazil” by A. C. Dode et al. Science of the Total Environment 409 (2011) 3649–3665

Dode et al. (2011) report an apparent increase in “accumulated incidence rates” of cancer deaths in residents living within 500mfrom a cellular base station (BS). This report has provoked considerable discussion by the public and media, if not by health agencies themselves. This letter calls attention to major weaknesses in the study that prevent any conclusions about possible health effects from living near a cellular base station.

The authors conducted a statistical analysis of locations of cellular base stations in relation to residences of individuals who had died from any form of cancer during 1996–2006 in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. This city of 2 million residents is divided into nine sanitary districts of roughly similar area but with greatly varying numbers of cellular base stations.

For each “eligible death by neoplasia” during 1996–2006, the authors determined the distance from the decedent's home to “the location of the first transmitter antenna of the mobile phone network to which the resident was possibly exposed”, and the total population in the same area, and aggregated the results in 100meter intervals from the transmitter (Table 1, from Table 5 of Dode et al.). “Compared to the total population mortality rate”, the authors conclude, the relative risk in this “area [closest to the transmitter] was 1.35.”



I wouldn't call Brazil a safe place to live, based on these findings.

Most people (to not say all of them) are 100% ignorant about EMF issues. We don't have a single book about this subject, I could only find one in Portugal. We also don't have EMF meters, not even imported.

I bought the Cornet ED88T+, the UHS2 (gaussmeter) and Acoustimeter, and I am perhaps the only brazilian that is studying EMF and also releasing videos about this.

You can check all EMF videos I compiled, in english (more than 200 - the 1st ones I recorded) in this link:

Later I'll record a 3rd video with more info (translated to portuguese) about EMF, and upload to my channel (already did this twice, translating 2 podcast episodes from the blog "Naturopatic Earth").

The guidelines adopted here are no different than the ones from the U.S., which are very lenient about magnetic field/RF radiation.

While I don't suffer from electromagnetic hypersensitivity I have taken action and reduced this EMF garbage as much as I could, to improve my health. Over the years I have changed a lot of things in my life, this is one of them.

Recently I bought this wired corded phone to replace the one I had:

Before that I purchased the Trimline, which is now my 2nd option, after discovering the earpiece can give a strong magnetic field: