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Fog Top
Hi Dakota,
It sure sounds like you are having ES symptoms.  I get fibromyalgia symptoms, anxiety, irritability, insomnia, and tinnitus from EMF.  I can hold an old flip-type cellphone to text only, but smartphones give me immediate reactions like you describe along with pain and stiffness in the hand with continued use.
Lighting does give off EMF while some controlled with dimmer switches put out RF, too.  Blue light from digital screens and LED bulbs is bad for the eyes even if one is not ES.  Fluorescent lights flicker and some create a great deal of dirty electricity which I've found even infecting the air/ground outside the house when just one compact fluorescent bulb was turned on inside the house. The safest light bulb according to this article for blindness prevention are incandescents.  Even incandescent lighting gives off a magnetic field which might be quite high and bothersome.  This varies with different fixtures or lamps. I use a Trifield 100XE with external probe to test lamps and light fixtures for magnetic fields and remove them if they are bothersome. 

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Hi everyone! My name is Dakota, I am questioning whether I have ES/EHS or not. I bought a GQ-380 emf meter to do some testing and readings. I just about all the symptoms listed on the main page here, fatigue all the time, body pain, insomnia, anxiety, feeling like I should just live in bed. When I hold a cell phone or tablet for just a few minutes, I get a loss of feeling and a sorta burning like sensation for some time after.

Like I said I can't quite bring myself to go one way or the other, I'm not looking for a diagnosis.... just some advice. My main obstacle is I know lightning produces EMF and I don't think anything natural would be bad for humans, so I am still unsure.

Any  comments? I have been frustrated with this a long time.

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