RF levels on acousticomm 2 for ehs individuals?

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RF levels on acousticomm 2 for ehs individuals?

Hello everyone I just moved to
An apartment a few miles further from the airport maybe 10 min drive.I notice the levels on
my acousticom 2 are 0.30v/m

The first night I only got 5 hrs
of sleep then the second and 3rd night got at least 8 hrs

I have been having this lingering
weakness and flu-like feeling
more pronounced in the apartments and also wearing
long sleeve at times feeling cold

In the house where I stayed 1km from the airport but not in the planes landing path the levels were 0.10v/m in my room even
with the WiFi on 25 ft away

There is plenty of sunshine outside and a forest area where one can perhaps sleep behind
the apartments
However it’s on the path of planes
landing every 30-60 secs
I have noise sensitivity and sometimes ear plugs don’t help

I can go into an area where the
levels drop down to the second
green on the acousticom 2 and
wear earplugs however I’m not
sure if the trees would absorb the
chemicals from the jets and if the
planes getting ready to land a few thousand feet overhead would beam 5g in a place covered with trees.

I have been trying to foil a closet
with aluminum but it has been a struggle since there are clothing
racks screwed hardly into the wall
in the apartments

Other than this not quite sure what to do besides asking to
stay at a friends or a shelter with
only 800 in savings and Cfs

Thank you guys and gals

I appreciate it