Question regarding detox

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Question regarding detox
How long did it take to notice a

reduction in emf symptoms after  

starting detox?
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Re: Question regarding detox

From my experience and from what I have read:
1 week to 3 weeks youll feel some relieveness.
2/3 weeks to 2 months several steps better.

Also important is stopping ingesting toxics, so you should identify where you did get the toxics from. And where you are getting them from now.
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Re: Question regarding detox
Thanks for the info romana

After adding mercola vitamin c

and kelp liquid to spirulana,barley

Grass wild blueberries and

environmental detox kit I felt

good from 3-10 last night and

then I was asked to monitor

patients from 10-11 and felt very

ill with two WiFi routers on the

ceiling in the same area.Did

Not sleep very well even after

waking up in the middle of night

sitting in a tub with 4lbs epsom

salt.Just felt like my cells were

fried from that WiFi.When I go in

today hi can I avoid that the WiFi

for the last hour of the shift of

they ask me to observe the

patients  while

I’m still trying to detox? Most

workplaces may think you might

be crazy.
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Re: Question regarding detox

Sorry I can't answer everything here.

But I myself can take "every" wifi and also all computers tvs smartphones now. 7 months ago I couldn't at all. I'm only using the "mild style" detox; lots of veggie, fruits and berries as I can't handle vitamins minerals spirulina etc. anymore.

Anyway stay away from harsh detox meds like someone recommend like dmsa, edta, cutler protocol, as they can do more harm than good. It goes too fast, too much toxins are released into the bloodstream at once plus other sideeffects.

You may also be able to wear a "hat" or caps with rad screen at work?
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Re: Question regarding detox

In reply to this post by
Have it all this started after Mercola Vit C (you mean, liposomal C)?

Liposomal C can move toxins, so you need extra binders (i feel the mobilization every single time I take lipo C).

I take MSM 2x day and / or zeolites 2x day and / or chlorella + Omega 3 supplements and / or spirulina + barley grass.

All these binders work better if in rotation.

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Re: Question regarding detox
Interesting you mention that you are using a rotation.I think the medical medium website recommends spirulana,wild berry,cilantro,barley and Atlantic dulse.Seems like there are so many of these supplements.The first day I added mercola vitamin c to the mix I was able to feel ok the first 7 hours of my shift then crashed and felt bad the next day which halfway through my shift I left the hospital because it felt like my cells were being nuked.I started feeling very zoned out and couldn’t remember patients names.After grounding my feet on the grass the inflammation response slowly dissipates.
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Re: Question regarding detox

It DOES look like a crash from toxins, to me.

If I don't take my binders in a certain rhythm AND amount (not too little!!), I crash very badly (from 4-10 hours after intake of Lipo C): heart symptoms, anxiety, weakness, breathing problems, nerve pains, extreme brain fog, extreme fatigue... sometimes rage, you name it.

I don't play with these neuro toxins anymore: the last time I did not take binders was about 13 years ago. My whole body got paralyzed from neck down. Only my mouth could move. I thought my breathing would also stop. It was one of the scariest moments of my life.

It came only because I took some herbs to kill some infections in a bit bigger amount that what I was used to. I knew nothing about binders back then. I spent the whole night in hospital, slowly, my breathing came back, and movements came back.

Since then, I understood what neurotoxins meant. Since then, I started being very careful with anything that moves toxins, and never ever stopped my chlorella, MSM, bear garlic, diatomaceous earth etc etc...

Toxins can cause high blood pressure (or low blood pressure) too, plus all the pains, tinnitus, eye floaters, liver pain, kidney pain, rise in inflammation, bladder infections,....

The Lipo C is powerful, but it also moves toxins. I'm now sure about it. It lowers inflammation in the first hours, then it will move toxins. If I bind them off my body, no problem: I only get improvements. Next day I can take the Lipo C again.

If I don't bind them, I can't even sleep. Plus, it will spoil my afternoon, and next day (because I do not sleep). And my liver. So I can't eat properly.

A body full of neurotoxins = very fragile.

You can bet that E-smog will cause a lot of damage in that condition, as it adds to the oxidative stress.

I read 2 of Anthony William's books. I also use some of his ideas, but none is as strong as chlorella or MSM. Spirulina + barley grass come close (I like that too), but Atlantic dulse doesn't come close, even in great amounts.

Cilantro is a mobilizer, so it won't help (with the Lipo C over- reaction, I mean). Wild berries and fruits help a bit, but still won't bind the toxins off (only work as antioxidant and nutrient rich foods).

At least, that has been my experience so far. Lemon also works a bit, same level as the berries + cherries.

Spiru + barley grass, chlorella, MSM are in ANOTHER category: much thorough and fast cleaning of toxins. You feel that in your brain, liver, gut, energy, eyes...

Very fast and thorough effect IF the toxins you are suffering from are bound by them. In case of doubt, I always start with chlorella. I use it for the last 13- 14 years, it has been a total game changer concerning toxin binder (but not all can digest it, as it's hard to digest).

Nice that earthing helped. It won't bind toxins off, but at least, it calms the nervous system, makes the body regulation work better in a way...

In case I'm right, and the Lipo C moved all these neuro toxins in your case, you can IMAGINE what kind of thing our fat deposits in the body is holding, and HOW toxic these things are.

It's no wonder our cells, organs, nerves and immune system cannot work well. Once these toxins get loose and you actually feel their damage, you realize how much BURDEN the body is carrying.

it's a wonder we are still not much more ill than we already are. At least, that is how I see things today...

Wishing you good luck in continuing with your supplements and detox!!!
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Re: Question regarding detox
In reply to this post by Jinna
I appreciate your feedback Jinna

For someone who is just starting

out cycling in this manner can


Day 1 MSM and or Zeolites 2x a day

Day 2 Cholerra and Omega 3 supplements 2x a day

Day 3 Spirulana and Barley grass      

Day 4 repeat

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Re: Question regarding detox

I guess it's a good idea. That is what I do, when I don't want to test myself for which toxins are coming out.

The Lipo C is not as strong as pure chelators, so it has worked for me (I'm still new on the liposomal products).

That is exactly what I'm doing...

You can also try diatomaceous earth (sometimes this also helps, even though it's a weaker, but it's easier on the stomach then chlorella or spirulina).

When I feel I'm crashing, I take anything!!! I prefer that, than crashing.

But the Lipo C is truly giving me energy, and I'm able to cycle again, jog again, do some high intensity short training (like Mercola recommends). It's been years I was not able to do that without crashing from fatigue.

The Lipo C is the only new thing I'm doing, so I think this energy is coming from it. But as I said, I need to combine the Lipo C with binders, or I won't get too many positive outcomes...

I hope you can digest chlorella! Let us know how it goes!!

I'm also using the Liposomal C transdermal (rubbed on skin), since yesterday. I read a scientific article someone posted. Researchers rubbed on mice skin, and could find the vit C in the blood of them after!!!
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Re: Question regarding detox

Hey, I forgot to say something important.

Dr Klinghardt says that Vit C cancels the binding power of chlorella.

I think the logic is: the vit C loosens some toxins (more like a mobilizer,), while chlorella binds them off the body (binder).

So taking them at the same time  is bad idea. I usually wait at least 3 hours to take binders (chlorella and the rest).

And certainly , I also take magnesium before bed, because it helps with detox, relaxation...

Choose a good form of magnesium (something like malate, citrate...).

wishing you good luck!!
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Re: Question regarding detox

Anthony William wrote that chlorella is "unpredictable"  while others claim that humans can not properly digest it because of its single cell structure.
My intuition and common sense both tells me that his books are a treasure ( although i ignore his esoteric angle ).

According to him mercury is usually involved in many diseases, like cancer, alzheimer, autism and lyme disease ( the latter being actually caused by a virus and not by the borrelia bacterium at all,  a rather fresh and original approach of the symptoms , one may say ).
His recommended method for detoxification of heavy metals is to take for a long period daily :
- wild blueberries ( may be frozen, often to be found even in common supermarkets ) , 1 cup or more
- atlantic dulse , 2 tablespoons of flakes or a corresponding quantity of strips ( i guess dried )
- cilantro , 1 cup ( ?! dried and fine-cut or fresh and loosely put into a cup or ? , i have no clue )
- spirulina , 2 teaspoons
- barley grass , 1 to 2 teaspoons

Spirulina should be mixed with barley grass or taken a short while afterwards, both mixed with water or juice.
In fact all five can be taken together or spread out over the day, and a few of them is of course still better than none at all.
Burdock is an optional addition, less essential but improving the protocol.

1 cup =  240 or 250 or 420 or 440 ml / milli-liter, i just checked at four different sources on the internet ;(.
1 tablespoon = 15 ml in the u.s.a. and 20 ml in australia if i remember that correctly.
The humidity and the size of the dulse flakes matters, measurement in weight would be more proper.
The guy is a genius but not with calculations of quantities and percentages.
From my main-european point of view ( / conditioning ) cups and spoons and stones and feet are all pretty ridiculous and vague units, and certainly confusing and troublesome to work with, but perhaps in english speaking countries all cups and spoons have standardized volumes, and all stones the same weight, and all feet the same seize.

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Re: Question regarding detox

Yep, I read two of his books, his suggestions are good, I agree.

As for chlorella, I know some people have a hard time with it. But also with spirulina (less than chlorella).

I used chlorella for about 10 years BEFORE I came in contact with Anthony Williams.

Cilantro is used by dr Klinghardt for about 25 years or more. He uses tincture, which is more concentrate than fresh leaves.

I use cilantro in all forms: herbs (you can buy them frozen, very easy to use and add to food), I used a bit of essential oils (extremely strong, must be diluted, it creates CRAZY reactions), I cook with the seeds (daily use, it's delicious in any cooked dish). Now I'm planting them, quite easy to grow if the weather is warm.

Dried cilantro is too weak for anything, in my opinion. No taste, and it feels nothing.

I love the wild blueberries, that I mixed with other berries.

And as for dulse, it's also fine. But I swear that the best reactions I get are chlorella + bear garlic tincture (Klingahrdt's recipe) that I use for at least 13 years in a regular base, and MSM (sulfur powder, organic).

As for dulse, I simply buy the nori leaves. You can also add dulse to salads, miso shiro (Japanese delicious soup). I love nori, no need to prepare, just open the package and eat them. I can cut them in smaller pieces and add to rice, I eat great amount (muuuuch more than a teaspoon), never felt any particular effect.

I love it, that is why I eat it. Everyone home loves nori, maybe that's why I don't feel any effect (too used, for too long, part of diet).

To really improve the results, you can add liposomal Vitamin C. It feels like the effect of wild blueberries, about 10x stronger sometimes (depending on the dose of the liposomes). The effect of liposomal Vit C is astonishing. Even too strong to take, so I am taking just a bit.
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Re: Question regarding detox

After pondering about stones and feet, i think these units of measurement may have been very practical in a time when houses were built with a particular type and size of stone and distance was determined with the average working man shoes, and also cups and spoons were better than no units at all.
And perhaps because the old terms have some romantic value, americans chose to remain stuck with them.
At least, likely as a form of rebellion against the british, they do drive at the right side of the road.

Frozen cilantro where i live has 5 % cheap , unhealthy oil in it.
Growing cilantro is not that easy in my experience, but it may depend on the ground and on gardening expertise.
Dried cilantro tastes indeed little and may have a weak affect, but it is better than nothing.
It would be surprising if tincture is stronger, it is the freshness that is missing in the dried leaves, and tinctures are incomplete extracts mixed up with other stuff, but perhaps better digestible.
Atlantic dulse is salty but i stick with it, as replacement by nori or other seaweeds would alter the "protocol" unnecessarily, and i am not confident that that would be a good gamble.
Pure vit. c is completely unnatural, and " liposomal technology " also, i do not trust smart talk and products, but do take sometimes dried acerola-powder and such.
I still want to try the chaga mushroom, a bombshell of anti-oxidants and even recommended against es.

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Re: Question regarding detox

I bought the chaga mushroom powder, and it's inside the cabinet... I gotta do it again.
 First time felt great.
After lost its effect... I gotta try it again.

I don't fully agree with the tincture comment.

There are many differences between:

- full fresh herb (eating)
- dried herb (eating)
- fresh / dry herb herbal tea
- fresh /dry  herb decoction
- teas from different parts of the plant (fresh or not, decoction or not)
- tinctures from fresh herb
- tinctures from dry herb
- tinctures from whole plant (with or without flowers or seeds)
- tinctures from one part of the plant only
- and there are tinctures and tinctures (the process widely vary)

A herb has its phases, when it' s young, growing, flowering, when seeds are produced, when it dries out. Each of these phases correspond to different chemicals.

Depending on the developmental phase of the plant you eat (or make tincture), you'll get different chemicals and different results.

It's hard to compare each of these products above. They are simply different.

Alcoholic extraction + crushing and grinding fresh herbs (whole plant) + letting the tincture rest for 2 years like wine, can have very different (most times, stronger) effects than simply eating a few leaves a day of a herb.

I grow cilantro at my window sill, northern side, and it has grown well this year.

But after visiting the Swiss company Ceres, that produces only herbal tinctures, I have to say, I'd rather buy their tinctures than do on my own.

Extreme high quality tinctures, zero budget goes to advertisement (you won't find ads of Ceres anywhere), most processes are done by hand, the least use of plastic and metals as possible, every plant collector has to pass a test proving his connection to herbs and plants, it's a very special company.

I usually produce my own tinctures, after much work, but this year I decided to buy their products. They sort of deserve it. Its quality is almost as good as my own home made products, if not better, as I do not wait 2 years to consume my tinctures...

As for the pure vitamin C comment, I also disagree.

Ascorbic acid is not unnatural (that is what you eat, if you eat fruits) and it proved itself in saving lives of people in sepsis many times in history (organ failure due to severe multiple infections).

No way a person in sepsis would be able to EAT the amount of 100 GRAMS A DAY of natural vitamin C from lemons or orange juice for many days until healing (as the person is usually already in comma).

To get 100 grams of Vit C/day, people would need 10,000 oranges a day (or 20,000 lemons), and it would STILL not COMPARE to the IV 100 grams Vit C that saves lives.

People with metastatic cancer are taking huge doses of ascorbic acid in liposomal form and surviving much longer than what their doctors predict. If not curing their cancers. This is happening now, every single day.

You may not need the extra dose of Vit C, if you are lucky.
But keep in mind that not everyone is in your shoes.

Liposomes can be made in your kitchen, with  a simple home mixer. Patents of liposomes prove that. How 'smart' does that look?

Anthony William is also talking smart about his food theories and angels, it does not mean they do not work just because it looks smart.
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Re: Question regarding detox

We agree that there are widely different tinctures.
My view remains that fresh plant-parts are preferable, even when less easily digested, unless the dilution in the process of the manufacturing of a tincture would have a homeopathic quality that is more beneficial ( to the consumer ) than the fresh plant and its life energy.
I see tinctures basically as dead food, if not rotten, mixed with water at best and gmo corn based alcohol at worst.
Thanks for the tip, if i decide to use tinctures in the future ( likely out of convenience ) the Cerex brand looks interesting, wether truly alchemistic ( as claimed ) or not, although one may have to visit a swiss shop in order to buy it.
Ascorbic acid produced in a chemical process is not the same as when formed in a biological way, whatever scientists may believe to know about molecules and how nothing could possibly exist outside of their current belief-systems ;).
Apart from that, it is never found isolated and works in nature together with other matter like vitamins, trace minerals, anti-oxidants etc. .
Also to take huge amounts of vit can not be called natural.
But i would prefer it above " chemo-therapy "  for certain.
What i read about liposomes is that these were made with nano-technology, with tiny bubbles or such, but that is then just nonsense.
Of course anthony william is also a smart-ass and his angels are likely huge ego-trippers, but his approach is not techno-smart but natural and elegant, my intuition and common sense agree with and trust it.
This is the case now, maybe in a year i will think all es-folks are nutz and i-phones are the summit of human civilization.