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For those of you who use the Quantum Pendant thinking it is protecting you from EMF’s, apparently there are so called authentic ones and fake ones on the market.  Amazon sells the Quantum Pendant for $15.00. But, supposedly the real ones cost $150.00. This video shows the difference between the packaging for the so-called authentic vs. fake pendants:


But some people say it is not accurate to argue about what fake thing is more or less fake than the other fake thing.

Radiation testing on the “fake” Quantum Pendant:


The first guy tests a fake Quantum Pendant and finds that the pendant is emitting mostly alpha radiation, and some gamma and beta?.  

One person says that the manufacturers of the Quantum Pendant do measure the pendants for radiation and the ones with higher Tormaline content tend to set the radiation meter off and are then considered rejects, which are then sold cheap on the Asian market.  

We know that granite kitchen counters emit radiation, so it would not be surprising that some volcanic and sea rocks used in these pendants do as well, whether is is a fake or an authentic fake.

Here is what one responder to the video said:

Steve Sandike:
I’ve seen this kind of thing actually worn by a worker at a nuclear plant before I retired.  He couldn't exit the radiologically controlled area because it alarmed the personal contamination monitor.  As the station radiochemist, I talked to the worker, and received his permission to count it on a sophisticated Intrinsic Germanium gamma ray spectrometer (much more resolute than Sodium Iodide).  It was standard ash rock, mostly Uranium/Thorium, etc, allegedly from volcanoes in Japan.

These things were sold 20 yrs before Fukushima, so of course, no relation. The medallion did not show Cs-137 or Co-60 or any of the standard isotopes from nuclear fission. It was primarily typical Ra/Th progeny, but it was a VERY busy gamma spectrum, as those isotopes have many gamma lines.  Worker said that "holding this device up to a glass of water will purify the water" ... and other classics that took all my professional reserve to maintain decorum.  I later discovered all this nonsense on the company's webpage.  It is standard huckster BS ……Fortunately, the radon/thoron chain isotopes in this medallion are relatively harmless.

But someone else disagrees and says “Prolonged use could potentially be life-threatening (as opposed to 'healing') causing mutagenic effects on our DNA structure over time.”

If you watch the following video, the industry (www.scalrenergyproducts.com) comes out with a scathing rebuttal claiming that low levels of ionizing radiation are beneficial and essential to health.


If the pendants are emitting radon, it is true that some people sit in radon emitting caves to breathe in the radon to cure various diseases.  But health authorities warn against radon exposure.

People who believe the “Scalar Energy” claims being made by the Quantum Pendant sale reps hold on to the belief that these pendants somehow emit scalar waves that benefit health, but there is no scientific proof for that other than verbal claims by the creators of the pendants.  

One could say “A quantum pendant is both there and not there at the same time...it really works - and doesn't. Joke.

I notice on the websites that sell the Quantum Pendant that they heavily promote it’s ability to emit negative ions and that is the one thing they show measurements for with an ion tester.  They say nothing about the positive radioactive ions they emit.  The first Youtube guy says they work by simply putting volcanic rocks together which as a result emit negative ions and that is the reason people feel better.  If that is the case, you would be better off ordering a device that I own called the Chi Ionizer.  It is a small box you put around your neck that actually generates negative ions without being exposed to the radioactive ions in the Quantum Pendant..  http://www.chi.us/chionizerinstructions.htm

When tested with an ion tester, the Quantum Pendant is shown to be emitting quit a few negative ions (5,387) and the Quantum card is shown to be emitting  3,275 negative ions.  The question is, do the benefits of these negative ions outweigh the risk of the positive radioactive ions being emitted?  And do these negative ions have any significant effect on protecting a person from EMF?   If I wear my negative ion generator (Chi Ionizer) while at the computer, I still have painful effects from the keyboard and mouse.  I haven’t tried the Quantum Pendant to see if that is any different and I don't intend to.

Condlusion:  I would not buy the Quantum Pendant.

Wireless Refugee

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Re: Quantum Pendant

Marc Martin
I tried an authentic Quantum Pendant once, and didn't really notice any difference from it.

So definitely not as good (for me) as other portable energy/EMF protection devices that I actually do notice a difference from (e.g. Quantum Companion, Springlife Polarizer, Tachyon Donut, Pulsor card, Mega-Chi Pendant, etc.)