Plant intelligence by Stephen Buhner

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Plant intelligence by Stephen Buhner


A profound interview explaining about the plant world.

Buhner is a theoretical mathematician, who became an herbalist.

If you truly understand all that he is talking about, you'll understand why healing through plants is so powerful.

How adaptogenic their chemicals can be, for us, looking for help.

Healing through food can reach similar depths.

Buhner is one of the most special authors I know.

I had a direct experience with the plant world before I read him, that's why I know the guy is talking the truth.

When I read what Anthony William writes about healing fruits and vegetables, I know what he's talking about because all of the previous books from Buhner I read before, his interviews etc.

The plant world is extremely complex and rich, in all senses.

Many plant genomes are HUGE compared to animals' genomes.

We, humans, even lose to onions. Our genome is quite small.

Scientists say that plants have mostly junk genomes, implying that our genomes are much useful in its integrity, to support our superiority to the plant world.

I hope you take your time to read this 2 page interview, and that may change the way you see nature and the plant world.

This particular topic is central to my life. I'm sure the plants are reacting to EMRs.