Planning for the future

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Planning for the future
It has been about 9 months since I started becoming sensitive to the emf

Seen quite a few docs which say that I am normal

Taking ubiqinol,magnesium, aswhanganda for symptoms trying to help relieve symptoms but it has been tough

Eating healthy brown rice, vegatables, fish,garlic nrf2 upregulators like Pall suggests

I don't feel like the sensitity is much better

I am 32 years old

I have a bit of CFS where it has been hard to stay on the feet for extended periods

So volunteering at a farm would be tough

Down to only a couple grand in savings after supplements,,pendants,doctors etc

Not sure where to go from here

If I should move to Green Bank or find a 3g area

Seems like I can only be around wifi for a couple of hours before I start feeling ill

Waiting on a full body suit from china

Fortunalty I have been staying with my parent and wifi is mostly off

I try to hover on the edges of the emf

Spend time when the wifi is on or cell phone is nearby trying to keep distance

Not sure how much longer I can keep doing this

I have utopian ideas of how things were in the 90s with cable internet and lower frequencies

I realize that this is not reality anymore

What would be a smart move from here with the low savings

Take that couple grand and go to green bank?
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Re: Planning for the future

> Waiting on a full body suit from china

custom-made, from Christina?
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Re: Planning for the future

Arctic Coast
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I am guessing you refer to Green Banks Virginia?
For my part I would be very,very hesitant towards moving to the US now.
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Re: Planning for the future
Yes green bank

I would assume people to gb West Virginia move there have a bit of a nest egg

I am down to only a couple grand in saving and live in Atlanta Ga

Today for example my mother drove me to the psychiatrist with YouTube playing

Family believes that this emf thing is mostly in my head

Talked about the idea of putting  me in a men’s mental health facility

Actually wouldn’t mind if there was no WiFi or cell phones but that’s not how things work

I feel ill and the rest of the day will be spent recovering from that couple hours of dense radiation

Neurons depleted and feel wreck cns wise

Tried less emf silvered  hoody and pants and seemed to make things worse

No amount of antioxidants and healthy eating seems to help much

Not sure what can be done with these limited funds

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Re: Planning for the future
In reply to this post by Dmitry
Yes from Christina
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Re: Planning for the future

Regarding ES something you wrote you eat brown rice - it contains arsenic at different levels and shouldn´t be eaten in huge amounts I think. But there are different opinions you can make a google search.
And medium and large fish contains mercury, pcb, dioxines etc. in various amounts especially fatty fish which are not good either. I just eat small amounts of sardines and fish roe as this contains minimum of the toxins but still benefits me with omega 3.

Did you do some dental work 9 months ago like getting amalgam fillings, dental implants, or body implants or had some diseases or something other special happened. Because this can be the cause alone so to say for the ES symptoms.

Also regarding detox the clue is to getting more toxins out of the body than in so one should be aware of what foods which contributes to to the toxic load. And eat a good amount of detoxing foods.

My own diet is maybe like this. Breakfast: Little raw oats with milk and 2,5 dl with smoothie/juice, 4 hours later some healthy lunchsalat, 4 hours later vegetable soup with some meat, 3 hours later some good bread with butter and some onlay, milk and 2,5dl smoothie/juice.
And some coffee inbetween.

And I have very little ES symptoms now from what I had and I am still bettering with the diet.

For your cfs I don´t know other than I´ve read it can be a lot of causes.
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Re: Planning for the future
Appreciate the ideas on food Romana

I have been trying to include Garlic,tumeric,vegatables etc...

Part of me wonders how much diet can help with these symptoms

I will try to better describe what I think may be happening

When I am close to wireless networks I notice that

After sometime I will start to feel a bit weak neuromuscularly

as well as confused and unable to think clearly twitching more

I can feel when the voltage gets high

I get anxiety and feel like the process is taking my sense of being away

voice becomes weak rest of the day like it has sucked the energy out of me

at the same time making me feel wired

As if the emf is reacting to something in the body or releasing something

I look in the mirror and my eyes look more dilated

The next day I feel quit fatigued yet wired

Pins and needle sensations and feel fuming inside

I have elevated cortisol which I take Ashwaganda for which I think

Happens after this body interaction with emf but doesn't prevent

Also I have gotten blood tests done and my WBC and Lympoyctes appear to be high normal

In my case it appears that the emf is activating the cns and immune system

I have been told this may be a ndma reaction from the emf

I took up 600 mg of Gabapentin as well as 1200 of Magnesium which doesn't seem to help

when I am in a high emf environment

Also antioxidants ive tried

Ubiqinol up to 400 mg
C60 Purple coconut oil 1 tablespoon
C60 Olive oil 1 tablespoon

I stopped taking the C60 after a few days because I was feeling run down

These are free radical scavengers however it doesn't directly seem to minimize the reaction

In the immediate environment with the emf activating something in my body pretty quickly

and nothing I have tried seems to do much not Xanax or clonopin

The Less emf silver fabric seemed to intensify the effect(even wearing a layer of clothing

between the skin and silverell fabric

 as well as 4ehsby ehs hat which also seemed to worsen the affect

I don't know how I would react to the clothing from china and I am sorting trying things out

as I have less money and resources

Not sure what is going on Prof Marshall mentions that these garments can activate the immune

system and I already get activation of the cns and immune from emf in NO cycle,myelin

sheath, toxin, or heavy metal.I don't know what the process is in my case

If anyone has any suggestions on how to reduce this reaction I would appreciate it

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Re: Planning for the future

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Hi, in between now & the future, if you have ethernet, the recent 6-day EMF SUMMIT online that just finished 9/24/18, is being replayed for free all this weekend, 30+ speakers.  Maybe there will be some new tips in there for you.

See below the 2 email notices I received today about it, with link to the online interviews.  Hope it helps!

1_Begin forwarded message:
From: "Lloyd Burrell | EMF Health Summit" <[hidden email]>
Date: September 29, 2018, 10:10:14 AM EDT
To: Me
Subject: You missed it, didn’t you?

Dear ...

The 2018 EMF Health Summit is over. (But I have good news below.)

Did you miss any of it?

Maybe you missed day 3’s breakthrough anti-cancer sessions with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt  and Ty Bollinger.

Maybe you missed day 5’s revelations about how small changes in your diet and ancient oils and herbs can protect your cells from EMFs.

Or maybe you missed the “life hacks” for protecting your EMF-vulnerable children from digital toxins on day 6.

If you missed ANY of this crucial, life-changing information…

Don’t worry.

My team and I recorded every second. And we’re making a rebroadcast available for a very short period of time.

For the next 2 days (until midnight EDT tomorrow) you can catch all the action you missed.

After that you will NOT be able to access this for free.

This is extremely sensitive information, so I can’t make any exceptions.

Click here to watch the rebroadcast… and make sure you have all the tools to protect your family from the silent menace that is EMFs.

Lloyd Burrell
Live a naturally healthy life in our electromagnetic world!


132, Avenue de Rochefort
Royan Poitou Charentes 17200

2_Begin forwarded message:
From: "Josh del Sol Beaulieu" <[hidden email]>
Date: September 29, 2018, 11:33:43 AM EDT
To: Me
Subject: Free Replay EMF Health Summit (all videos, this weekend only)

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Dear Reader,

Great news. The host of the EMF Health Summit, Lloyd Burrell, has just opened up free replay weekend. Look below for your access link to all 30+ interviews today and tomorrow. 

I mentioned before, the Dr. Jack Kruse interview is a game-changer. Be SURE to carve out an hour this weekend and watch it - you will thank me later. I'm also looking forward to check out Ben Greenfield (I've heard very positive things), Dr. MercolaCamilla ReesAlex StadtnerPeter Sullivan (who recovered his kids from autism) and others. 

There is so much powerful, even life-changing content here. BUT - maybe you can relate - I need more time to take it in. Which is why I decided to permanently own a copy of the series myself.

For free access this weekend only:
► Go HERE to sign up for free
► Then go HERE to watch, on the event page

Then, to own & watch the interviews as you have time, Lloyd has the entire series currently discounted to $79, which is $2.25 per powerful interview:
Order the Summit here.

Replay Weekend: EMF Health Summit
SUPPORT REQUESTS: If the above links don't work, copy & paste this in your browser:  and refresh the page. If that doesn't work, for further support please contact the EMF Health Summit team at: 

To your health and empowerment,

Josh del Sol Beaulieu
Creator, Take Back Your Power
Co-founding Ambassador, InPower Movement


Electrician's Daughter (ED)