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Everyone with ES should be aware of this:

It's usually MCS and then ES.. and most ES have some sort of chemical sensitivity.. Why? Pesticides could be the cause.  Most people are unaware that 93% of Americans tested have detectable levels of pesticides in their body.  Seems the problem is particular worse in America than EU because EU has stricter limits on pesticide use. They are found in everything from Honey to Crackers!..

Organic food has less, but still organic food has pesticides in it as well.. the non-organic kind!! and USDA organic does allow it, because even rain water has pesticides sometimes!!..

We're always thinking detox, mercury, aluminum etc.. but little attention is paid to these pesticides that are very toxic, accumulate, and are found in almost everything.

Pesticides can cause chronic fatigue, autism, dementia, gut dysbiosis, cancer and more.. Wheat, corn, soy and canola are the most sprayed.. hence the numbers of growing wheat allergy, soy allergy, corn allergy..
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Re: Pesticides

Yes, not only pesticides but also GLYPHOSATE (a herbicide) is extremely bad for the gut microbiome.

I guess we with ES somehow know that ANY more layers of TOXIC problems is a bad thing. I chose to eat organic (when I can) very long ago, and keep it as much as I can. Specially animal meat.

I'm reading more and more about vaccines, and these are DEFINITIVELY one big part of the puzzle : why our immune systems go way off the way.

Allergies were unknown half a century ago, I mean, all the food allergies, insect bite allergies, hay fever, sun allergy, there are now even meat allergies, etc etc.

Now we are all suffering from some kind of allergies  (low or high grade), and vaccines are at the TOP list of the cause.

Why? Because they add the MOST TOXIC chemical substances and heavy metals ON PURPOSE to create an inflammatory response of the body, so that the vaccine 'works'. If vaccines were NOT toxic, we would probably create only milder reactions and not antibodies.

So adding formaldehyde, chicken embryos, monkey brain cells, aluminum, mercury, even MSG (glutamate!!) and all other chemicals also cause the body to be on a high alert and create high inflammation. Next time you have contact to any of these chemicals, the body will go on ALERT mode, meaning, keep you with high inflammation.

Vaccines create low grade inflammation (as the toxins do not leave the body for complete), and the body will be attacking them low gear, but non stop.

Inflammation is the last thing we people, sensitive to EMRs would like to have.