Parasites or candida increase electrosensitivity?

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Parasites or candida increase electrosensitivity?

I did a one week fasting followed by 3 weeks of raw veggie diet.

Lots of detox reactions, and my 3 decade old candida got visibly better (down to about 10% active).

I had a guest home and had to sleep in the 'bad' bedroom (full of electrosmog from cell phone antennas coming from outside).

Bad quality of sleep, again.

This weekend, I decided to do a parasite cleanse with Chinese and Western herbs + Hulda Clark zapper (30 minutes a day). I visibly still had a reaction: extreme fatigue, pains here and there.

Today, again, I sort of crashed in the couch after the zapper.

I'm eating extremely clean, fully organic, no more pure carbs or milk products. I added animal protein (fish mainly) in small amounts, but I'm still eating lots of raw, probiotics etc.

Since I started the zapper and anti parasitic herbs, I notice that my sleep went deep.

Very deep, even though I'm still sleeping in the polluted bedroom.

Nothing else changed, so I suppose that somehow this parasite cleanse I'm doing is affecting my sleep.

I feel very relaxed during the day. Sometimes, too relaxed (because the zapper makes me feel tired, probably from the die-off reaction).

I'm on loads of heavy metal and toxin binders (Diatomaceous earth, chlorella, bear garlic, MSM), because of candida and God-knows-what else is dying, otherwise I feel more crap...

It's been more than a month on this cleansing diet, I'm eating a a lot of raw garlic too (from kimchi), and I wonder why am I reacting so little to electrosmog (that has caused me severe reactions for the last 5 years in that same bedroom?)

I just wanted to share and see if someone else had similar experiences?

could candida and parasites increase electrosensitivity to this point?! It's quite a clear cut difference. I slept there so deep and woke up relaxed, even though there is no protection on my wall and I sleep directly in front of a window... Down the town, there are LOADS of cell phone towers.
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Re: Parasites or candida increase electrosensitivity?

Very glad to hear your story so far.     =)
I had parasites and i probably still do.. got infected in Costa rica and Thailand. and been around animals.
I use some herbs like Calamus root and ash tea to try to keep my stomach ok.

Is there are link between parasites and heay metals ?

I try to stay avay from milk and sugar, wheat and so on.
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Re: Parasites or candida increase electrosensitivity?

For what I've been reading and listening in the last decade, everyone has parasites.

The body is weakened by EMRs and toxins, and not only us, but animals are being swarmed by parasites. And we eat them, right?

I once cooked lightly a salmon (frozen). After eating it, I felt funny in the tummy (like bubbles).

I know, because I grew in Brazil, that that feels like parasites, so I tested things energetically and found ginger powder as cancelling my tummy problem. So I did a tea out of ginger powder, gave to my daughter, my husband refused.

Next day, I bought fresh ginger, cooked it for 15 minutes, and drank the tea the whole day, and so did my daughter. Husband refused.

3 days later, he came home in the middle of the day, with terrible tummy pain. It was not diarrhea, no constipation, simply pain. Extreme pain. He could not even talk. When I came home, he had been there in pain for more than 3 hours, sweaty, screaming sometimes.

I did a fast tea with ginger powder, and while my daughter was trying to make him take sips, I cooked the fresh ginger decoction (much stronger effect).

 He finished the dry ginger tea, then I gave him the fresh ginger tea.

After 1 hour, no more pain, he fell asleep for 5 hours!! He was exhausted.

Next 2, 3 days, he took the tea many times a day.

I always ate lightly cooked salmon, but since that episode, I cook my fish well now.

If you see the stories of fish in Hawaii, how they are coming ill with cancers, worms... probably due to Fukushima (or pollution), you'll see that it's not only us suffering from all sorts of diseases.

there was a sushi bar man I saw in youtube, he said that he used to throw out fish with worms and not serve them to people.

Now, it's rare to find healthy fish, he said: so he just cut the cancerous parts off, and still serve to people (otherwise, he has not more business)...

The doctor I follow says that some parasites harbor heavy metals in their bodies, or thrive in environments full of heavy metals and toxins.

It's somehow logic: heavy metals and toxins affect our immune system, weakening it.

It's an open door to infections and parasitism.

Have you heard of candida thriving in heavy metals? Same logic.

Some doctors think that electrosensitive people are said to have problems of methylation, that is why we cannot get these heavy metals out, and become sort of antennas to electrosmog.

I do think that that methylation problem + being antenna to electrosmog + being a garbage bag to heavy metals = general weakening of the body, causing chronic infections / parasitism, fatigue, hormonal problems...

I'm pursuing my strict diet, but after a month I added cooked animal proteins (fish, shrimps, eggs, meats).

I'm still on carb free, sugar free, mostly eating raw, and detoxing non-stop (the urine is sooo dark, stinky even now, at week 5 after I started this diet...).

Somehow, the garbage is going out, and that alone is very relaxing somehow. I feel my ANS is in relax mode, which is the exact opposite when I feel sick with electrosensitivity.

maybe that's why I can sleep MUCH better in the e-smogged bedroom?
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Re: Parasites or candida increase electrosensitivity?

In reply to this post by Jinna
My health continues to improve.

I added some cooked veggies and cooked animal protein daily, but still starch free (no grains, rice, potato...), and milk product free.

My body is in a constant reboot, a lot is going on.

I don't know if it's the organic raw foods in great amounts, the avoidance of starches and milk, or the lowering of candida infections I had for decades that is improving the EMR sensitivity.

My hair stopped falling, even my tinnitus improved (I can only hear it in total silence).

My skin is changing colors (deep inside, it was darker, purple, almost black in some spots), to more normal skin color.

the whole process has been not constant, but it's like the body is constantly cleaning some spots, urine is still darker than usual, I'm more tired due to toxins on the move, etc

But I never felt so grounded in the last 5 years. I mean, not for so long, for weeks on, without interruption.

I'm definitively continuing eating this way as long as my health keep improving.

I read about glyphosate and it can wreck havoc in the health (gut, stem cells, immune system), and we are all contaminated with glyphosate (if we eat anything non-organic... most of foods are contaminated).

When you see what sort of OVERALL damage Glyphosate does, I wonder if ES does not get worse BECAUSE of glyphosate...

I'm eating almost completely organic (to about 90%), specially the animal proteins (that usually accumulate more toxins than plants).

I'm trying to understand why, by changing some diet principles, my body seems to go on auto-repairing itself, detoxifying, etc...

Whatever is happening, I feel an overall improvement (except for fatigue, that goes up and down with detoxing...)

Apart from diet, I'm on binders and some minerals, vitamins, like I always been...