Olle Johansson needs our help once again

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Olle Johansson needs our help once again

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I can't recall if this request from Olle made it to this list or not. The deadline is this Sept. 15.

----- Forwarded Message -----

From: Olle Johansson <[hidden email]>
To: Olle Johansson <[hidden email]>
Sent: Friday, September 1, 2017 6:49 AM
Subject: A supportive letter - once again

Dear colleague and friend (N.B. This time I have also added you, dear supporter, that have been engaged in other aspects, please, bear with me),
May I ask you for yet a huge favour? I know you have already done much more than most, but I need your extremely important support once again:
If you can be so very kind and write a supportive letter - as you did some time ago - but this time to the new (since August 1, 2017) Vice Chancellor of the Karolinska Institute, Professor Ole Petter Ottersen [[hidden email]], and with copies to the following e-mail addresses:
At the same time, also send hidden, secret (Bcc) copies to the following e-mail addresses:
Please, feel free to use your previous letter, verbatim, it is astonishing and excellent, to say the least. If you also feel it is alright, please, add demands and questions of the type below, they will help enormously; but write them using your own expert words and grammar:
"At the Karolinska Institute, what is your strategy to implement the UN demands regarding persons with functional impairments, such as electrohypersensitivity?"

"What are the on-going artificial EMF/health research activities at the Karolinska Institute focused on? How are they economically and practically secured?"

"How is the Karolinska Institute taking on the legal demand that all persons with the functional impairment electrohypersensitiviy get complete accessibility to all societal functions, including teaching for children, housing and transportation?"

"What follow-ups are planned to the recent American National Toxicology Program results about DNA-damage and cancer associations to mobile phone exposure?"

"What is done regarding the sensational findings about mobile phone exposure and bacterial antibiotic resistance?"

"I demand that associate professor Olle Johansson immediately is reinstated, and given the proper and necessary funds."

"How are the international investigations about wireless EMR exposure and male reproduction monitored and replicated at the Karolinska Institute? Who is in charge of these studies at the Karolinska Institute?"

"How are the results regarding learning and concentration capacity - especially in children and adolescent - after mobile phone radiation dealt with at the Karolinska Institute, and by whom?"

"What is the Karolinska Institute doing about that completely independent research projects must be inaugurated immediately to ensure our public health? How are these projects secured to be entirely independent of all types of commercial interests; you know, public health can not have a price-tag! It is also of paramount importance that scientists involved in such projects must be free of any carrier considerations and that the funding needed is covered to 100%, not 99% or less. This is the clear responsibility of the democratically elected body of every country. How is this done at the Karolinska Institute?"



Also, at the end, add the following very important paragraph:
This letter shall be registered according to Swedish law by the "Registrator" (or equivalent); I request "diarienummer, dnr" (or equivalent) with immediate returning e-mail to my e-mail address as confirmation that the attached letter has been received. I also want to know the name of the manager of my letter - even if you, professor Ottersen, do this - as well as estimated response time within the stipulated 3-week period.


With my very best regards
Yours sincerely

(Olle Johansson, associate professor
The Experimental Dermatology Unit
Department of Neuroscience
Karolinska Institute
171 77 Stockholm