Nose allergies disappeared

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Nose allergies disappeared

I realized my nose allergies to dust disappeared.

I’m 52, I think I had dust and mold allergy my whole life.

I did not expect to live without these allergies.

I thought they were not curable.

But I think I was wrong!!!?!

Today, I thanked Anthony. I talked to him in my head, and said that I had not believed Anthony when he said pollen / dust allergies in the nose / eyes come from chronic strep infections in the sinuses.

How could DUST allergy or POLLEN ALLERGY come from chronic strep INFECTIONS??

It made no sense to my brain.

I thought I did not have chronic strep in the sinuses, as they were ‘clean’ most of the time (except during colds or flu).

I’ve been cleaning bookshelves with books and lots of dust, and I don’t react to any allergy anymore!!!

My daughter is also cleaning some of her own bookshelves and boxes of toys, and she can’t stop sneezing.

Hours after stopping to clean, she’s still sneezing.

Before, I reacted exactly like her, possibly even worse sometimes. Now I have zero nose allergies!?!

I’ve been cleaning bookshelf after bookshelf for at least 6 days– and toys' boxes, wardrobes, old clothes....– and NOTHING, zero, no sneezing, NADA!!!?!

Today is my 6th day that I spent practically the whole day cleaning stuff with both mold and dust, things I haven’t touched for a LONG time, since I first fell super ill about 14 years ago…

Zero dust allergy. It can’t be true!?!

That’s why I see people all around me reacting to pollen NOW and I don’t.

I usually suffer from several seasonal allergies, but this time NOTHING!

I do think it has to do with my nasal celery drops. I'm pouring drops of celery juice in the nostrils for a while now...

I’m still reacting to them, I can’t believe I had so much to heal in my sinuses.

And I thanked Anthony because again, he was probably right: my dust and pollen allergies came from chronic strep in my sinuses!!?!

Today I was pretty tired, and had to use my Violet Ray to get some energy again. Without it, I have to keep doing pauses in such strong detox treatments.

I had a tooth I lost to severe infection 13-14 years ago. It leaked through the left nostril. Awfully acid liquids. After that, my cheekbone was never the same.

The surgeon could not clean the region as it was no more made of strong bones, but of chalky ones. He did clean as deep as he could, but I felt pain in my bones until my eyes.

He could barely believe one could have such chalky bones like I had. He kept looking at my doctor, with an open mouth, with that ‘Unbelievable!’ expression.

My doctor was used to deal with severely ill patients. I was his worst patient, he told me after when I got ‘cured’.

The whole cheekbone was taken by the infection.

I used the Violet Ray for hours there, months, years even.

I rubbed loads of strong essential oils for months or years, even.

 That’s how the pain slowly subsided, but it never totally disappeared. I had dull pain since then, for more than a decade for sure.

That was one of the worst part of my body.

So now I feel the celery drops are treating it, as it got somehow a bit reactivated.

I feel more pain than usually, which for me is a good sign.

But I did NOT expect to heal from nose allergies with those celery drops!!

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Re: Nose allergies disappeared

I am dealing with mold too (my house is more than 250 years old), and so far, I feel nothing.
I cleaned a very old fully moldy back pack and incredibly, not even sneezed once !?

I’m pouring the drops of celery juice in the nostrils many times a day, now using many different head positions, neti pot position, looking up, lying down, and sniffing it sometimes, and I feel still some spots ‘burn’.

In the first times I did that, I felt everywhere was burning: inner ears, back of my throat, sinuses, eyes, nostrils … Now it’s only 10% of what it was. I continue to have a slight runny nose after I started that celery experiment (before it did not run at all). I don’t have any cold.

And I do feel the center of my cheekbone being ‘treated’: the exact spot I wanted to treat (root of the tooth that died to severe infection).

I also tested my sinuses energetically: the right side is about 60% good while the left side is about 30% good (the infected tooth side). I still have a long way to go.

The Violet Ray is a high voltage device using Tesla coils, that helped me in the past for quite some issues. I’m using it again, to help boost the energy of the cells of sinuses, for a faster healing.

I used to own a device that cost me less than 30US dollars, now I bought a better one for about 80 US (but the cheap China device worked as well). I already did a post here in the past about it.

Whatever, what I want to say is that celery drops in the nostrils healed my dust allergy. Not sure this will last forever, but at least, now, I have zero dust and mold allergy!!! It's truly unbelievable.

Even if for 1 day, 2 days, I'm so glad to be immune to dust. Even my brain cannot get used to this fact yet.

It feels unbelievable still!
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Re: Nose allergies disappeared

I used to have allergies too. Every spring severe pollen allergies and asthma. They all stopped when I stopped consuming milk.

I believe I got my allergies as a child living in a moldy house. Molds are terrible toxins, but so is an infected cheekbone or tooth cavitation. I've read a lot of stories about abscessed teeth, and people that have been cured from chronic diseases once this is fixed. Such infections can completely destroy your cheek bone, and the infection can go undetected for years.

Do you use just pure celery juice straight, and nothing else?
Do you need to filter it first in some way?
How many drops do you put?

Maybe I should try it also.

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Re: Nose allergies disappeared

Yes, pure celery juice.
I do filter with a cloth, but once I used a strainer and it worked as well.

I use today full droppers there. About 6 droppers each time, 3x a day.
but you can start with a few drops.

I also added some garlic drops, that I do in the days I don't juice celery.
Even stronger, but start with Celery, as the garlic drops are waaaay more astringent!!
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Re: Nose allergies disappeared

I also stopped dairy last November... But my nose allergies continued, specially dust and mold.

Only after adding celery, I don't react to any dust anymore, which is VERY STRANGE.
I had been super allergic to dust. And in the last 20 years, to pollen, many sorts.
All gone, at least, as long as I keep the celery drops...

I also realized that when I eat spicy hot soups, my nose does not run anymore.

Only recently, I realized that people with runny nose after hot soups have probably chronic infections there!! The heat thins the mucus, or melt the hard mucus, and then nostrils leak.

Spices may also work as a mucus breaker or even antimicrobial, therefore leaking noses...

Note that children do not have runny noses with hot soups or spices.
Their sinus infections haven't become chronic yet.

Almost every old person will have that problem, right?
Well, in my view, everyone is suffering from chronic sinus infections, mostly without symptoms.

Only when they drink hot soups, it shows up!!