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My comment that I sent may help you format yours

The National Institute on Disability, Independent Living and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR) has hosted a number of listening sessions, they allow email comments to be sent. The deadline is Mon Dec 12th. My impression was it did not include those in all areas of the US, but I found out today that it does so I "ugh" got on it. I have had a hard time getting the accommodation I need where I am and the local disability law center is very discriminatory to those w/ EHS and will not service anyone re: those issues. I am happy that I can maybe speak up to get this changed in the future. Most here have probably seen this link

but knowing what to do or acting on it is very different when trying to put together something from scratch. This is not the first time I have seen a link for this, but then never any reply from the sender or poster or any ?s answered to make it clear. There was a link in the "Smart Meter Education" network newsletter, clear instruction and outline and link to another letter someone had done so I took from that to make my own. So here is the beast I sent off [hope this will help if you are doing this now]:

To:  The National Institute on Disability, Independent Living and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR)

Re:  NIDILRR 2018-2023 Long-Range Plan - Stakeholder Listening Session

I have Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity [EHS]. EHS, a physiological condition is triggered, when one is exposed to electromagnetic radiation [EMR] and electromagnetic fields [EMFs].  EHS causes me to suffer, when exposed to EMR/EMFs. This includes cellphones, cell towers, WIFI, electronic utility meters, cordless landline phones, wireless routers, RFID chips, most solar controllers/inverters, smart and wireless chips in appliances and electronics, wireless pads, wireless computers, wireless keyboards, printers and mice and anything else that puts frequencies in the air. It also occurs when electric current is not grounded correctly or there are pulsed EMFs, like what is in the digital utility meters [that are not analog].

My EHS symptoms include: TIAs [a type of mini stroke], speech problems, heart palpitations, severe fogginess, ending up w/ my body and mind in a frozen state [think of the movie The Awakenings], agitation, anxiety, headaches, severe vertigo, dizziness, excruciating itching, burning skin, set off of severe fibromyalgia, increasing the thyroid levels of my graves disease [requiring increased medication], exasperation of other medical conditions, insomnia, lack of dreams or strange dreams, cognitive problems, disorientation, problems finishing thoughts, sentences and much more. When exposed to WIFI the symptoms are exasperated. I have had so many TIAs just from neighbor's WIFI and smart meter signals. I do better staying under an RF shielding canopy 24/7 and notice many more problems when I do not. I can not go out due to cell towers and WIFI in every public place, stores, govt. buildings, medical care facilities, and schools etc…It makes it almost impossible to drive anywhere and I can not do basic life supporting functions such as shipping for food and necessities, needed medical care, banking and other basic need requirements. I suffer too in my home. I can not tolerate being on utility power, due to the fact analog meters are no longer available. My last rental, that was section 8, was sold-it had an analog meter and I have not been able to find another living situation with a tolerable meter, so I had to purchase and move into an RV w/ expensive low EMF DC solar that will take years to pay off all the card balances from it and years to get it to the point where I can have enough power to be comfortable. Also doing this forfeited my section 8. It has left me w/ severe financial hardships maintaining and paying for a place to live that does not have a digital meter and does not have extreme proximity to neighbors smart meters, wifi and wireless emissions. I am not able to get full relief from suffering and sickness in my home due all the nearby signals and have not been able to find a place to park the RV where I am not hit even worse from the RF radiation from power lines, cell towers and wifi from another property. I can not recover and continue to get sicker. Going into the public places is out.

Issues (barriers) that make it challenging for me to be an active member of my community, in any way: Wifi and wireless is everywhere public so I can not go anywhere do anything or receive any services. This includes buying food and necessities. The cost of shipping these or paying someone to get them is devastating and keeps me stuck economically and sometimes hungry and w/ out needed care. I can not use a laundry and it has to be done at home w/ a bucket. No integration w/ the workings of the community. I can not go to a cafe for some coffee if I get lonely or a movie. I miss having basic foods in my diet like chicken, fish and many produce staples. It is one hour and 43 min to Whole foods and I can not go in it due to serious wifi and at that distance, I can not get someone to go for me.  I also can not go into nearby grocery sellers,  for the same reason. I have spent hundreds just to pay a contractor to shop hardware items needed to maintain my home-all hardware stores are filled w/ wifi [that is costly for masking tape, and hardware odds and ends that we all use daily]. 

Improvements that would make my daily life better:  The accommodations I want are:
(1) The choice to keep analog (non-electronic, also known as electromechanical) public utility meters, and be free of the same frequencies emitted from neighbors homes without having to pay extra to do so
(2) The availability of medical offices, govt. offices and hospital rooms protected from wireless and other electromagnetic fields.
(3) Access to stores, gas stations and businesses, that are free of wifi and wireless emissions, so I can have access to food and necessities.
(4} To be able to have ID, bank cards that do not contain a transmitting chip
(5) A final thought:  There needs to be living communities set up in all areas where there is housing available to all income levels even the very poor, that are RF free zones. There is only one such place at this time which is: Greenbank, WV-there are few services available there [ie for those w/ physical limitations, clean healthy food-grocery is 2 hours out and full of wifi, service to shovel snow or bring and stack wood etc..] Those that are not military fit or have a high tolerance to harsh winter conditions, can not live there.Also Greenbank basically has NO rentals so one would need the cash to buy a home, if they have one for sale at the given time. When they do, they are usually not lendable.  I have heard about an area in a warmer climate of AZ [analog meters can be had], but it requires extreme wealth to locate there. I have found areas that allow smart meter opt outs are either to densely populated or too costly [for the average renter]. So a long term project of setting up RF free living communities, that have analog meters and landline/wired DSL services on the residences which would include everything from small rentals to small and large homes and maybe parking slips for those who have already been forced to homes/trailers on wheels. These need to be available in all climates [warm and cold] and price ranges.  6)EHS needs to be added to the ADA list of disabilities [Sweden has already done so].

There also need to be stricter laws as to the limits of the strength of things like wifi [for example a person has wifi that they can use, but not strong enough to blanket the neighborhood w/ RF radiation].

Things that have changed, for better or worse, in the last five years that as affected my ability to achieve my goals:
The expansion of wireless tech to everywhere, not allowing me to have a home free of RF radiation or to go anywhere free of it. There is no where to go to escape the pain, suffering and worsening of my health that is the result. Worse yet some companies want to take it a step further and blanket entires cities, countries and even the globe making it a wifi hot spot.

Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to make my statement and for taking it into consideration.
[If you have any questions or need more information/clarification feel free to contact me.}