Multiple E-Field/other solutions+experiences+recommendations that I have not seen on popular EMF sites

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Multiple E-Field/other solutions+experiences+recommendations that I have not seen on popular EMF sites

Submitted the text below the dotted line to another EMF site as recommendations, copying/pasting (in text there are a few references to other site) and wording may not be perfect, not sure if any of the information is already on this site somewhere. Also note last point (#7) is not EMF related.
Numbered recommendations for others, based on my experience, that I did not see flushed out in full on any other popular emf sites but i have not looked in depth on this site

1. I live in an apartment and cannot turn off the circuit breaker to a neighboring room or the room under me, both affecting my sleep and work space (my room's CB is off).  To counteract the electric fields from my neighbor's circuit breaker I am experimenting with using cardboard shielding and wax paper, due to the high dielectric strength / breakdown voltage of each (good cheap electric field insulators) which have made my sleep and work more peaceful - a good recommendation for others.  Notably I am not certain putting cardboard under my desk is helpful since my laptop's electricity cannot ground fully (only use laptop on battery power, outlet/metalpipes on multifloor building higher floors when grounded amplify e-fields), although having cardboard under my chair and feet are noticeably better since they reduce the electricity from the ceiling light / wiring under me.  I have the Cornet ED88T Trifield meter but it does not detect any e-fields when my body can feel the current/e-fields, and my body voltage meter does not work properly on floors 2+.

2. I sleep on a wood cot, but the voltage from the floor below is such that the wood conducts electricity - I am using rubber squares/risers on all 6 feet which significantly reduce the amount of current that comes into the cot from the floor; I also have 2 layers of cardboard covering my floor which noticeably help sleep too (body is sensitive to almost any current).  I have also experimented with insulating bed sheets, and find that acrylic (wool-like) blanket reduces electric current/fields I feel in the cot a decent amount, and a plastic tarp and foam sleeping pad on top of the cot help a little.  Polyester sheets/comforters are hard to tell, perhaps slightly worse, and cotton sheets/comforters are noticeably worse (conduct electric current/fields).

3. I have a metal bed frame / bed springs in close proximity to my work/sleep area that I cannot remove that conducts and emits electric fields to some degree while I am working (since room CB off and using lamp from bathroom outlet for lighting), and am experimenting with cardboard/wax paper blocking the bed to reduce electric fields.  I have found that taping cardboard to the side of my ungrounded lamp facing me does reduce the electric fields I feel coming off of it (cannot ground since 2nd floor and higher of building have improper grounding outlets / metal water pipes under sink, have tested and they amplify e-fields when grounding).

4. Perhaps grounding of my building is improper or this is the case for all multi-floor buildings, but I tested residual electric fields and their ability to ground on multiple floors and found that all floors 2+ electricity does not fully ground and builds up in my body to a slight degree (perhaps since circuit breaker on in under-floor ceiling lights below) but on the 1st floor electricity grounds and I can feel the reduction in body voltage / residual electric current/fields in my body.  Also my body voltage meter only works on the 1st floor of my building, all other floors give a faulty 0.000'd out reading or near it, due to bad outlet grounding or too much electricity on the grounding outlet.

5. Using SwissShield New Daylite to shield from a nearby cell tower on my window, which I can feel a noticeable disturbance about 0-5 feet away from shielding - probably since CB wires of neighbor run 1-2 feet away from shielding - have moved desk 5 feet+ away and put blackout curtain over shielding, seem to help.

6. Created 3-5 faraday cages of aluminum foil and mylar sheeting when I believed the nearby cell tower was the cause of my insomnia, and nearly killed myself twice with amplified e-fields, until I realized the electric current and fields were the real insomnia cause/killer.  Many fools in the EMF community are recommending these methods since RF can be measured easily but e-fields seem to allude my meter and likely others; proper warning needs to be given to such metallic shielding, which I see is in at least one place on your site.

7. Most valuable information I have for life in general I have all learned from the Divine Truth organization, which is run by a couple - A.J. Miller and Mary Luck - who claim to be Jesus and Mary from the bible/1st century, and claim they were in the spirit world (higher dimensions of universe) for last 2000 years and reincarnated to emphasize with the current human condition and teach the deeper secrets of life/universe.  If you listen intently to their material for 30 minutes or so (any of it, although they have 1000s of hours of videos on youtube (all be them obscure from mainstream), you will be able to tell for yourself whether it is true.  I spent 7 years studying all spirituality on the internet, all the big names and organizations, smaller most loving ones, and obscure ones, in every sector and differential of spirituality, and I can claim that Divine Truth is exceedingly the most valuable.  They are the only people in spirituality to fully claim reincarnation is bullshit (aside from Spiritualism / Ethel Rowe), that we're in a universe with a loving God whose love we can receive, and that this is the first life for all of us (minus themselves and a few other reincarnated people), a nursery (earth life) as seen by God / higher spirits, that lets us become self-aware, self-conscious, and learn to use our free will, before we go to the higher dimensions/spirit world and live more directly through our spirit bodies.  Again, 30 minutes or so and if you listen you will be able to tell.  Thank you for the great site.