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Marc Martin
Hi all,

Doing some Internet surfing, I found some more interesting (to me)
links to sites about Quantum Products. It would appear that this
has two other websites, taking a rather silly "infomercial" approach to

Here's one:

The above site contains an article which attempts to explain how
the Quantum Byte software works:

Also it has an overview of how all their products work:

The second website is this:

This one is interesting because it has a page on electrically sensitive

Also the second site sells a product I've not seen for sale elsewhere,
called the "MiniMax". Since I've tried most of the other Quantum
and since this is inexpensive (US$20), I ordered one to see how
it compares with the larger power strip. Here's a link to their
products page, which doesn't have a photo of the "MiniMax":

I don't much like the style with how these websites are written, but
in the end it doesn't really matter to me how they want to advertise
their products, because they have already proven themselves to be
helpful to me.