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List of Irrefutability

1) 1,659 studies on EMF and bioeffects:

(Of these:

• 1,032 found effects (most effects being harmful)

• a further 370 had other “important insights or findings”

• only 257 did not find effects.)

2) Additional links with several thousand studies show biological effect and/or harm:

3) Harvard Ethics Department ebook, “Captured Agency: How the FCC Is Dominated by the Industries It Presumably Regulates”:

4) 2016 Cell Phone Radiation Boosts Cancer Rates in Animals: $25 Million NTP Study Finds Brain Tumors, DNA Breakage

5) Watch the ABC Cataylst episode “Wi-Fried”, which got the journalist and entire staff fired due to industry “lobbying”:



6) FCC: intimidating press, suppressing science at “5G” announcement (A report by Josh del Sol)


8) 34 Scientific Studies Showing Adverse Health Effects From Wi-Fi:

9) Radiofrequency science charts to visually compare studies, radiation intensities and biological effects:

10) Apple manual states to keep your iPhone away from your body at all times:

11) Study: Mobile phones are cooking men’s sperm:

12) Brain surgeon Dr Charlie Teo warns against mobiles, wireless home appliances:

13) American Academy of Pediatrics warns: Limit children’s exposure to cellphones:

14) More than 60 international warnings on Wi-Fi and microwave radiation:

15) A List of Teacher Unions and Parent Teacher Organizations Taking Action On Wi-Fi (USA, Canada, UK, etc):

16) TED Talk from a former Environmental Engineer in Silicon Valley:

17) Insurance giant Swiss RE has given electromagnetic frequencies the HIGHEST possible long term risk rating:

18) Another insurance giant, Lloyd’s of London, will not insure anything wireless:

19) Risk Management Magazine – The Invisible Threat: Radiofrequency Radiation Risk

20) Newsweek – “Cellphone Radiation Warning Sign Sparks First Amendment Battle”

21) US CDC retracts cellphone radiation warning following pressure from industry lobbyists:

22) WHO involved in suppression of additional science showing harm, since 2011:

23) Study Uncovers How Electromagnetic Fields Amplify Pain in Amputees

24) CEO of 1 Billion-dollar U.K. company speaks out on microwave sickness:

25) Dozens of specific scientific abstracts that all show harm:
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Re: List of Irrefutability

I'll save these links and have a good look when I can but just glancing over it's obvious this actually shows how even small amounts of this radiation affect us under the surface, slowly cooking us on the genetic level and causing pain and other physical problems at the nerve level. I can feel these very subtle effects myself but I can see how the majority can't when we have a suppression system in place to keep this information from coming to surface and being valid to everyone. Primarily anything to keep the publics senses toned down so they don't notice and start noticing something is wrong here is key. Whether it be dairy, alcohol, smoking, or over processed, additive loaded food and sugar. I actually started noticing that key point when dropping the last dairy and animal product I was having a long while back. I after going to eat somewhere later would always want some frozen yogurt loaded with artificial sugary peanut butter because it had a calming effect on me, it would tone down my senses and give me comfort on those nights. It wasn't doing me any other good really but when I stopped I noticed my senses become far sharper and living was far easier without it and all the rest of the animal products, this was not subtle. Only then I realized we have a very big problem on earth that was worse than I thought before. Because if all of this does reach everyone, they clean their bodies up, and trace the real source of many of their both physical/mental issues they are not going to be happy and will see that they are being lied to and manipulated. People will be working together to remove the smart grid, wifi, and make mobile communication and the world around us electronically safer overall with better technology. We would see very fast improvements in the shortest time just by everyone turning it off and in their homes and environment as they find better ways to go about our high tech modern life over time. We need to get back to the hard wired basics and build something better that benefits everyone and doesn't promote disease/pain/negativity.