LARGE LIST - Many More Ways to Reduce EMFs While Sleeping and Sleep Methods

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LARGE LIST - Many More Ways to Reduce EMFs While Sleeping and Sleep Methods

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Posted some information on the electricsense forum, copying it here.
I tried to put some sleep information on this article on ES – ‘Why Bedroom EMFs are the Worst – What you Can Do’, also titled in-article as ‘Where Is The Place You Absolutely Must Start If You Want To Protect Yourself From Electromagnetic Fields?’. However, the comment submission failed so I am pasting the information here. Much of this is probably repeated information for many, but some points could help newer people.
Other EMF/related things that can help with sleep:

As many circuits nearby your sleep room should be turned off as possible, and if a body voltage meter does not work properly for you (can be faulty on 2nd floor and higher) your body may be sensitive enough to tell if turning certain circuits on/off is better/worse; that said re-test every now and then, since your body’s initial feeling results may be inaccurate.

If you can’t turn off your circuit breaker completely (neighbors refuse to turn off circuit breaker or cannot communicate with them), try 1-2:

1. Electric field shielding grounded via outlet or metal water pipes may work, so long as building’s grounding is correct – other articles online about this method.

2. Blocking the electric fields: cardboard shielding and other non-conductive electrical insulators of high dielectric strength / breakdown voltage (rubber, paper, wax paper) can be placed against walls with live wires to reduce some of electric fields from a neighboring room, or one below you. Cardboard can also somewhat shield electric fields from ungrounded lamps (can tape cardboard to lamp) or other plugged-in electric devices. Careful with any conductive shielding materials (including aluminum foil and mylar for radiofrequency) as any presence of live circuits/electric fields+current can amplify around conductive shielding, even with only small percentages of conductive materials.

3. With the same idea, wool, silk, or acrylic sheets/blankets may provide some electric field blockage as well, versus polyester, cotton, and polyurethane foam sheets/blankets which I have tested as both worse.

4. Metal in a room near live wires, such as a metal bed frame/boxsprings, may easily carry electric fields/current to a bed/sleeping area – cardboard/others can be used again as shielding.

4.5: Cell Tower proximity – and similar sites can identify the exact location of cell towers and antennas to your home – if you look at nearby antennas, look to see if they are ‘microwave’ structures (versus mobile-private, etc), are on high tower structures (i.e. 100-200 feet), and emit a large output of power – any of those 3 and you should consider buying a radiofrequency meter such as one of Cornet’s to test levels before haphazardly shielding.

5. Melatonin with various vitamins, such as Natrol’s Melatonin with B6 can assist sleep in 30-60 minutes and will wear off in about 5 hours at 3mg. Other OTC sleep drugs are more likley to remain in your system the next day (Valerian root, Doxylamine Succinate, Diphenylhydramine, Herbal concoctions, and even Melatonin Time Release). Mercola has recently recommended Magnesium Threonate as a possible EMF damage reducer, see his work on Voltage Gated Calcium Channels for more detail.

6. Noise – good quality cheap earplugs, perhaps even with flanges to stay in the ears. White noise machines will spread electric fields/current through a room, unless, according to my tests, you are on the 1st floor (2nd floor and above, perhaps of some buildings, do not ground electricity immediately/correctly).

7. Light – blackout curtains, or around door frames/windows with similar solutions. Also sleep masks, although even the most gentle, expensive ones have been known to slide around or irritate the face.

8. Wakeup – wakeup lights will also disperse electric fields+current into rooms while plugged in (same as any other plugged in device), which can affect sleep. Try shining a blue light (flashlight) at a ceiling or neighboring wall in the morning and look at that (don’t look directly at light source, blinding), and your brain will wake progressively.

9. Ethernet cables/similar – can be overlooked when unplugging devices or turning off circuit breaker, but can still emit electric fields and disrupt sleep.

10. Temperature (cool better), Lack of water pressure on bladder, Orange wraparound glasses/goggles for 2hours before bedtime, Adequate back/shoulder supports (electrical insulator materials may be required near electric fields, same as sheets).

11. Nearby CFL Lights/Dirty Electricity – in an apartment setting or similar, neighbors using dirty electricity generating things can affect sleep – offer to buy them replacements that don’t produce DE – you can also ask to give as a gift, then buy ethernet cords/splitters for neighbors, who are using WiFi.

12. Wood beds, futons, cots, and even sleeping on top of a layer of flat cardboard boxes on the floor (in an electric free environment), if you cannot bring a mattress into an apartment, are probably better options than continuing to sleep on a metal frame/boxsprings.

A later addition:
Few more points, thought them up last few days, again highly likely to be repeated information for some:
1. If you can’t shield a window from a cell tower for cost or other reasons, just orienting your bed and work desk out of the direct line through the window will reduce your exposure to the radiofrequency waves by 5-10 times, although the entering radiation will still bounce around the room and come to you to some degree at lower levels.

2. Naked – may help to sleep naked, many clothes seem to irritate my sleep, whether it be conduction of electric fields in air (experimenting has pointed to this as the case), heat trapping, or clothing material irritating the skin.

3. Don’t sleep with your head to the North – Sadhguru claims sleeping with your head to the north could pool iron in it to some degree at night, instead he recommends east, south, west (in that order) but never north.

4. Metal Objects in room (such as bedframe) – if a metal bedframe is near an ungrounded electric appliance (i.e. standing ground lamp) then the metal may conduct some electric currents – make sure your work desk during the day (when lamp is on and plugged in, since you need it to be) is NOT touching the metal bed, separated by at least an inch, so as not to conduct current all the way to you. Again cardboard can be placed between your desk and bed (in that situation) or under your desk Chair and Feet if the electric fields/current from the ceiling lights below you are coming up. Do not put cardboard completely under a desk that may be conducting electricity (say a laptop on top of it turned on) since that will prevent the electricity from grounding into the floor and thus build up, and effect the body moreso.

5. If you have a nearby (same wall) neighbor whose circuit breaker is turned on, putting your bed/sleeping furniture on the opposite wall may not be the best location if on a higher floor of a multifloor building – try moving the bed from location to location and see which gives the calmest sleep; mine works best in a spot furthest away from the center of the room but still with the feet near a neighbor whose circuit breaker is on – perhaps more electric fields come up from the light fixtures than through the neighbor’s wall.
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Re: More ways to reduce EMFs while Sleeping and Sleep Methods

Many thanks for that detailed post!!!!

I'll try the cardboard suggestion. I never thought it would work....

Thank you!!!
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Re: More ways to reduce EMFs while Sleeping and Sleep Methods

In reply to this post by Brandon83
Further Additions to the above methodologies, which I am not sure if have been made into popular articles or are on the web somewhere where the average person can see it.

1. An additional word on Ungrounded Lamps (used with extension cord when circuit breaker for room shut off) on Floors 2+ (and maybe Floor 1/Ground floor) – it’s best to keep your work desk (and sleep bed/etc) as far away from them as possible.

2. And if there is Anything Conductive between the lamp and your work desk (i.e. metal bedframe) NOT to let the conductive thing touch your desk, especially if its other side is close to the lamp (or any other electric device on in your room plugged-in by extension cord) since it will conduct the electricity into your desk and thus you as you work, inflaming your body and disrupting your ability to think clearly. Most people. lacking electrical sensitivity, will not realize their decline in work quality for subtle electrical exposures like these.

3. Again, Flat Cardboard Boxes can be used to attempt to shield electric fields anywhere – I have taped pieces of cardboard to my lamp facing me, which reduce (I can feel) the emitting fields. I have also placed large flat cardboard boxes in 2 places blocking my lamp’s emissions towards my desk and body – I noticed reductions in my body’s irritation for all additions I made. My body voltage meter shows my lamp emits electric fields for 7+ feet, although my trifield electric meter shows electric fields only a few inches away from any part of the lamp – thus I assume most people using electric or trifield meters (perhaps only cheaper ones) to measure electric fields will believe electric devices are only harmful to have a few inches from themselves, whereas they really need to be concerned for ~7+ feet for big devices such as standing lamps.

4. I'd like to add that as a result of this Cardboard Shielding and distance/care with regards to my plugged-in lamp, I have taken my electric field exposure down to such a level (circuit breaker for room is already turned off) that I have next to no irritation in my sensitive body while using my laptop on battery power.  Failure to reduce these electric field exposures that the masses are unaware of will disrupt clear thinking, stress the body and weaken the immune system, and are actually I believe, the cause of today's modern day video gaming/tv-watching/distraction-seeking epidemic - unaware of high electric field exposure, yet subconsciously in pain and disembodiment, most people (souls) are almost compelled to play video games or distract themselves while using plugged-in computers emitting high electric fields and conducting significant current/body voltage into people.

I can personally testify to this claim - I used to play video games 16 hours a day for years straight when I did not have to work, but when I  started working and applied these methods to reduce my electric field exposure, I became able to work ALL the time I have been using/touching my laptop.  I now work 14-17 hours days (at a computer) with no buildup, permanent irritation, or inflammation of my body with these electric field/current reductions (and a shift of diet, lifestyle toxins, decision to work all the time, use of other methods for high performance, etc), and I claim REDUCING THESE ELECTRIC FIELDS/CURRENT WAS AN ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY STEP.