Jin Shin Jyutsu Acupressure eliminates my symptoms.

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Jin Shin Jyutsu Acupressure eliminates my symptoms.

I am finding Jin Shin will eliminate my worst symptoms.  Jin Shin is worldwide.  The book about it is The Touch of Healing by Alice Burmeister.  And no I have no financial or other interest in this.

The flow which helps me is the liver flow (unpublished) but every practitioner knows.  if you wish I can publish here...  Others may find other flows of use.  this is the site to find a practitioner near you


Pick one with the most experience.  usually practitioners offer 'self-help' seminars which will enable you to use the flows on your own with a little training...

I have tried almost everything in the last 3 years and this is the single more helpful item.  I don't know that it solves the exposure problem...but it deals effectively with the aftermath of exposure for me.