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Invection & Telesentience

Hi there everyone,

Quick summary: after 2013, I started having unexplainable experiences and flashes of inward visions (very gossamer like, semi-translucent) and they were always after using my phone a lot, and especially when on social media sites for dating/partnering/casual sex.  After a horrific event on a social media meeting, where I lost 2 litres of blood and required life-saving surgery, I have developed some kind of ultra sentience or sensitivity to eM band/wireless frequency.

In the first two years of the new sentience, the inward flares, they were random, disorganised, and really hard to decode.  At times, I was able to induce somatic symptoms in my body, to temper the intensity of them, I learned to divert the energy into my body.

I call them 'vanity visuals', as I fondly put it to myself 'god is putting on a show' -- atheist intonations or otherwise -- it's to my self talk about me having no idea, at all what prompts them or where the origins of the sudden inward jolts come from).

Since 2014, I have developed some sense of stolidity or tolerance and habituation to them, and am getting better at figuring out which aspects of them are actually real.

I call this 'Invection', because the vanity-visuals always reflect a trace/track to another person or allied group, and they always unearth either risk and premonition to ward and interdict.  Invection has Latin etymology and means 'invasion or violation' usually by 'airs'.  The invective traces are most intense after using the Wireless devices, especially Mobile phones.

Since 2014, I've developed instinct and strengthened in understanding of what this phenomenon is.  I call it 'telesentience' or 'telekinetic aural receptive capacity' (tele to designate 'by telephone-like' and 'kinetic' as the literal 'kinetic energy of airs via speech').

I've made a series of almost premonition like predictions.  I've also been able to apply this to literal science and produced a literal experiment with four publications in the Journals in 2017 allied to this.  I also call this 'primal aural instinct' for 'affect/emotion/heart instinct ground' AND 'sexual instinct ground'.

I also believe it to be an innate human capacity (RESTORED) that was lost to us pre-recorded history.  I believe it to be, in part the same instinct as the magnetoreception of migratory birds.  All mammals except humans (excepting me) have magnetoreception.  I seem to be recovering mine.

Has anyone had these kinds of experiences with Wireless after a critical incident?