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Identifying signal

Anybody have any idea what this is?
You have to click "Get flash" to enable it, otherwise it won't show the video.

Cornet picks it up at 2447mhz, channel 8 wifi. But I have a wifi packet capture program, and nothing on channel 8.. nothing of high strength either on my capture program on all wifi channels.

It's like something on channel 8 for no reason? I believe it's a Samsung TV, .. but sure sounds strange. It sounds to me like mobile data with DECT bundled together... but it's not.  Very strange with this 2447mhz though.. it looks almost as if they're programming these devices to emit radiation that is for no reason whatsoever, and probably intentionally..   This TV did not radiate anything for many years, if it's the TV... then that would mean they did a remote firmware upgrade which made it start emitting.

Has anybody measured WIFI TV's, and do they radiate much more at the back and towards the back compared to the front and sides? This would explain a lot.. it's almost as if he has a cone shaped antenna aimed towards my house..
I have a higher level in my house than he does.. which I never seen before. And the wall which his TV is on has the highest level on the outside of the house.. move on either direction and the level drops, and it's exactly right where his TV is.