IBS and wi-fi sensitivy

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IBS and wi-fi sensitivy

Hi all,

I'm from the UK and have a lot of problems with health.

Fortunately being analytical and visiting therapists 20 years ago and reading over a hundred health books I got on top of a lot of my symptoms.

IBS and electric and magnetic fields are now my main complaints.

I had a head injury as a child which moved my head bones and my body grew out of alignment and more so as I got more injuries in my teenage years. Saying all this I still looked normal so I never got anywhere with allopathic doctors.

I've used many energetic devices and take supplements and homeopathic remedies.

I tried the q-link that gave me more energy and a strong reaction in my jaw and feet yet stopped working after a fortnight. For the energy effect if I used if after a break it would help again. The Q-link never helped me combat EMFs though I got a strong static reaction when reaching for the car handle of my car.

The BioPro initially helped with magnetic fields at home though with 4G and Smart tech I needed other solutions and found these https://www.bioprotectivesystems.com/ and https://www.implosionresearch.com/. Saying this and wearing several personal protectors I can still react when too close too Smart Phones.

I also suspect a lot of this technology is harming wildlife and although we get flies, wasp and bumble bees we do not see honey bees or lady birds anymore. Also many types of birds are rare now such as sparrows, blackbirds and starlings. Some of this could be down to increased traffic tohugh I suspect Cell Phone radiation is also a factor.
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Re: IBS and wi-fi sensitivy

Sorry to hear about your problems.
In my view both IBS and magnetic sensitivity have high correlation with toxins in the body, with ES heavy metals especially.

So in order to better the condition of ES one should start detoxify with a healthy diet as a base with lots of greens/fruit/berries both cooked and raw - eat what you want at the moment don't push down something according to a plan that you almost puke of.
There is a lot of information of detoxing in this forum so just just do some search.

Dental work may also be problematic with mercury fillings, crowns, implants, gold inlay etc. but someone may tolerate it while others don't. More about this too if you search, but if you choose to do something about it do it with a holistic, serious and experienced dentist.

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Re: IBS and wi-fi sensitivy

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Sorry to know about that...

Thanks for sharing your experience with Q-link.

I also tried some devices, I guess there is no single answer for everyone...

Lately, I have been trying to wear this on my body, the magnet with copper and a wire (mobile earthing device), and I do think it is helping me more than the devices I usually use.


You gotta build this on your own, very easy to do, inexpensive.

 I bought the neodymium magnets, which are TOO strong, so I don't recommend these.

Just buy normal magnets, they are easier to handle.

I'd like to understand why this works the way it does, but so far, this seems to have been my best 'device'.

This earthing device helped me to stand long airplane trips (more than 10 hours), I could stand almost 5 hours in an awful car today without feeling too awful, and to be feeling normal most of my day (as I wear it everywhere I go).

I can see I have less fatigue, my concentration is good, I don't feel 'crazy' when I'm in a coffee shop full of smart phones around me.