How to function around WiFi

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How to function around WiFi
I will be starting work on Monday

at a hospital with WiFi,smart

meters, there anything I

can do to protect myself?Right

now the main symptoms is lack of

Vigor that I experience when I am

in the woods.Clarity isn’t as

sharp,fuzzy thinking ,muscles

twitching and don’t feel right.I

purchased copper plates and put

them under my shoe as suggested

be Tony p from Canada.I tried

wearing copper bracelet but I felt

worse and then felt better after

Removing the copper rings and

bracket and just  wearing  the

copper plates under my socks

I went to Barnes and noble today

with my parents and I could feel

the WiFi.Without wearing any protection.

I have a two week pass with La

fitness to be experiment with

sauna and I’m trying to see if this

Will help even though sweat

through hiking hasn’t done much

For emf sensitivity.Is there

anything I can do with this WiFi

issue?Seems like everywhere I go

there it is and I can enjoy sitting

at a bookstore or playing ping

pong in a bar because of this

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Re: How to function around WiFi

I use the EMR transformers on my body (or the pendants of Energy Tools INternational).

They are meant to be stuck to cell phones, but as they are merely copies of Schumann resonances and other frequencies, they can be wore.

I would recommend some silver Tshirts and underpants, but if you feel bad with copper, you may fell bad with silver.... Some people swear by these silver Tshirts (from emf protection website).

I heard of a man, who had those pulsor rings around his hospital bed, and his wife swore it helped him (specially by sleeping). I don't remember which one he had, I would try the 3 in 1, just in case. They can feel pretty strong though...

there are other websites selling them too

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Re: How to function around WiFi
In reply to this post by
Thanks for the suggestion Jinna

I actually had to call of work

today after starting my new job at

the hospital.Within hours I started

feeling ill yesterday and tried to

toughen it out working 3-

11.Started feeling weak like I had

a walking flu and very disoriented

around 8 pm last night 5 hours

into the shift.I just purchased

spitulla powder ,Barleans environmental

detox kit,barley grass powder and wild

berries within the last couple days  

 hoping that this will

help.I will also experiment maybe

wearing no belt and having no

keys or metals on the body.I am

not sure how long a heavy metal

detox for emf symptoms take and

as much as I like my job I’m

Thinking about calling in

 tommorow since I’m off on

Sunday or just resigning.I am not

sure if three days of these

detoxers  is enough  to prevent

the symptoms.Right now I’m at

the park trying to recuperate.
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Re: How to function around WiFi

I wear this emf protection jacket while I'm at work. It's from Israel. This company ships really fast too and they are very responsive to emails. I tested it myself with my Acoustimeter AM-10 and it protects very well from radio frequencies. I wear it while I'm driving too because cell towers are all over the freeways where I live.