Homeopathic device Coufal against e-smog

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Homeopathic device Coufal against e-smog


I borrowed the first device for testing.

So far, I can only say my back problem (pain on kidneys, adrenal area) feels much better.

It has eletronic generated homeopathic frequencies of 40 harmful frequencies.

I've been using homeopathy for decades, since about 18 years old (I'm 52 now...).

Not for e-smog, but for diseases.

My body loves homeopathy, it is very much the type of medicine I feel good with.

I also help people find homeopathic products and dilutions for chronic diseases (such as lyme).

It's no new subject for me.

I never used e-homeopathy though. I tried radionics, but did not really like it (too weak for me).

This one is a device that you need to keep ON to work. Very low energy consumption.

I gotta test this stuff in the night in the bad bedroom. So, that's what I'm going to do.

I kept it the whole day around my body.

I'll let you guys know. I have the first model at 320 francs.

Here is a newspaper article about 'normal' sugar globuli, with blueprints of different frequencies.


They only mention it has blueprints from 1.3 MHz till 30 MHz, and other frequencies. I never tried this, but I think I'll also order this to test.
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Re: Homeopathic device Coufal against e-smog

Jinna, your pain reduction could be a result of immune system suppression due to extra electrosmog radiation, i.e. you've suppressed neutrophils activity hence less inflammation = less pain.

maybe you have a persistent infection in kidneys like e-coli(just guessing)..

anyway, here is the link of immune suppression activities of electrosmog:

The dynamics of leukocyte number and functional activity of peripheral blood neutrophils under whole-body exposure of healthy mice to low-intensity extremely-high-frequency electromagnetic radiation (EHF EMR, 42.0 GHz, 0.15 mW/cm2, 20 min daily) was studied. It was shown that the phagocytic activity of peripheral blood neutrophils was suppressed by about 50% (p < 0.01 as compared with the sham-exposed control) in 2-3 h after the single exposure to EHF EMR. The effect persisted for 1 day after the exposure, and then the phagocytic activity of neutrophils returned to the norm within 3 days. A significant modification of the leukocyte blood profile in mice exposed to EHF EMR for 5 days was observed after the cessation of exposures: the number of leukocytes increased by 44% (p < 0.05 as compared with sham-exposed animals), mostly due to an increase in the lymphocyte content. The supposition was made that EHF EMR effects can be mediated via the metabolic systems of arachidonic acid and the stimulation of adenylate cyclase activity, with subsequent increase in the intracellular cAMP level. The results indicated that the whole-body exposure of healthy mice to low-intensity EHF EMR has a profound effect on the indices of nonspecific immunity.
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Re: Homeopathic device Coufal against e-smog

In reply to this post by Jinna
Thanks for the article's summary, Dmitri.

It was just a summary, but if I understood it well, EMR exposure can diminish white cells - so diminish inflammation, but in a 'bad' sense (as it partially shuts the immune system), according to that paper.

I know that the first meridian to be affected, in my case, is the kidney meridian.

A famous naturopathic practitioner in South Korea told me that EVERYONE's kidney meridian / kidney is affected by e-smog: he can clearly measure that by reading one's 'pulse', the way the Chinese TCM practitioners do.

It takes 10 minutes in front of a computer, he said, to get a weakened pulse.

Sometimes the kidney meridian strength falls to 50% of 'battery charge' in less than 20 minutes of e-smog exposure (according to his 'readings')

Since then, I started to notice that one of my main symptoms is in fact, some back pain.

But not lower, where kidney supposedly are, but higher, where I know adrenals shall be.

So back pain for me is one e-smog symptom, plus headaches (usually frontal, in my case), and confusion, fatigue, another.

Since starting with this device, I barely notice back pain. I usually get that in this exact computer.

Yesterday, I watched Matrix 1 (pretty long) with my daughter here at the computer, and felt nothing.

And went to bed after a shower, I think I fell asleep in less than 5 minutes.
That's not what happens when I stay up at the computer.

It usually takes me much longer.

 And I slept very much, only woke up once early morning (because it's the time I usually wake up in the week). Then slept again.

So I feel I finally got something that helps me to sleep deeper!!!! Even in a dirty room.

Let's see how it goes, as the effect can change in the next days.... I need to test it further.

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Re: Homeopathic device Coufal against e-smog

So my brand new experiment tonight is to open the metal nets that cover one wall, and try to sleep there again tonight, with the Bodyguard on.

I had placed those nets for years, now, as I do feel they jam part of the e-smog coming from outside cell towers. My experience has always been: no net, quality of sleep is about 80% worse.
With net, it's about 50% worse.

Best quality - about 80% fine - is when I sleep in the other bedroom, hidden between thick stone and brick walls.

I felt very well today, not tired, good mood, which is NOT the case, when I sleep in that polluted bedroom.

I'm not sure quality is exactly like the other cleaner bedroom, but it's certainly better than it used to be.

My health is very fragile, and I usually fall literally sick after 5 days sleeping in that bedroom.

So far, 2 nights. So far, so good.

What i like with the Bodyguard is that it feels mild, but still deeply acting.

My body loves homeopathy. I don't know if this is psycho effect, because I think this device emits homeopathic frequencies, or if this is actually true.

I believe I can understand what it is doing, as I use nosodes for so many years, with good results.

So these are nosodes with infusions of pathogenic frequencies (40 +), that in fact act in the photon-field of the body (like homeopathy does).

It sort of cancels the pathogenic effect of whatever frequency is active at that moment.

If the frequency is not active, it won't be 'understood' by the body (photon-field).

That is , at least, how homeopathic nosodes of pathogens work.
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Re: Homeopathic device Coufal against e-smog

Another experiment I'll be doing, is with ACTUAL homeopathy.

Homeda produces a nosode against  electrosmog with these frequencies:
 50 Hz, 1,3-30 Mhz, -145 Mhz, 435 Mhz, - 2300 Mhz.


This is an article about the product.

I may order it too, to test it, it does not cost much.

So there are now new products using pathogenic frequencies, the same way homeopaths used pathogens to create nosodes.

the idea popped to me then: why not creating my own version of the polluted bedroom on my own?

I've been doing homeopathic dilutions at home for more than a decade, so this is not a problem for me.

My 2nd experiment tonight (besides leaving the metallic net out):

 I decided then to leave 2 stainless steel bowls with water in the polluted bedroom, on my bed, and see if I get those bad blueprints of e-smog in the evening.

I will then use the water to make a homeopathic dilution at home. Let's see how it goes.

At least, this will be an exact blueprint of what makes me CRAZY in that polluted bedroom:

-  whether from the house electric circuits (that I turn off during the night, but that are on now for the water blueprint)

- from the phone / computer or neighbor rooters (that is sort of far, but who knows?), as I turn off my house phone, cell phone, wifi at night...

- from cell phone towers (that I think is more probable, as in the past, I could still sleep there well)

- from earth's geopathic 'problems' under my bedroom (?)

The good thing is that those metal bowls shall take the frequencies. I need though to prepare the remedies as soon as I collect the water, so that they do not lose the 'pathogenic' blueprints.

I'll also let you know about my experiments. I use energetic tests to find out dilutions and dosages.

But, seriously, I'm thinking to buy one, 2, even 3 of these Coufal devices, if I am able to sleep in the polluted bedroom for a week without falling ill.

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Re: Homeopathic device Coufal against e-smog

It is working, guys.

I wear it ON when I'm out, and it does keep me calm, no anxiety, no headache, no clear fatigue, brain fog...

In the bad bedroom, it helps, but it is still better to sleep in the bedroom without Esmog.

My bed is metallic, I hate it, but husband likes it.

I'll try to sleep on the floor next doors (same cell towers outside) and see if it's better.

I know that metallic bed feels terrible.

I can't though convince someone that is an engineer, that stays whole day in front of computers, a room FILLED with computers, wi fis, and still has his smartphone in the pocket day and evenings, that I feel bad with E-smog.

He built the bed himself, in the garage and is not ready to let it go.

Anyway, this device is so far, the strongest device I 'have'(I mean, I only borrowed it, I'll have to order one).

I'm trying to get the imprint in water and prepare some homeopathics to see if it works through ingestion too...

I came to the computer without any protective device, and I did feel bad after 10 minutes (I forgot I had nothing with me, as I took a shower before, came to check the computer...).

 It took me just 10 minutes to feel some dizziness or bad feeling.

With the device, I do not feel my kidneys, no bad feeling....

 The car that used to make me sick still affects me, but to about 10% of what it used to.
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Re: Homeopathic device Coufal against e-smog

In reply to this post by Jinna
Too bad there's no english option
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Re: Homeopathic device Coufal against e-smog

I'm sure you can order it from the site.

If I go visit it, I'll ask someone if this is possible...

I know they do UPGRADES to clients: you send the device back, they add some frequencies you need.

So if you know what you are dealing with, it may be a help to tell them.

I suppose it's just an electronic impulse generator of the same e-smog frequencies known to cause harm, but in homeopathic dilutions.

How they do homeopathics?

They do it even with Xrays only letting Xrays pass through water.
Then they take this water and dilute it many times through succussions, and that is how they create the X ray homeopathic remedies.

I think they shall do the same with esmog frequencies: let them go through water, then use this water as mother tincture to produce the homeopathic remedies through succussions and dilutions.

I suppose the device is like a RADIONIC device (that are known to copy electronically homeopathic remedies), creating frequencies, copying them, in fact, and then what is great with the Coufal is that it is able to send those frequencies constantly.

Dr. Klinghardt has been using such radionic devices for a long time. I know quite some practitioners with different devices (even my dentist has one).

Electronic radionic devices are rather old, and do work TEMPORARILY.
I mean, the water they infuse lose potency with time. Unlike homeopathics, that keep the information for much longer, years, decades if well stored.

But if the radionic device is constantly emitting the frequencies.. well that must be different then (?) (not loosing its blueprint).

The battery seems to last about a year, then you can buy a battery and change by yourself.

There is a small red light to show the battery power.

I left it on next to the couch, and found my husband snoring, in deep sleep, beside it (he did not know about the device...) yesterday. He said he's not electrosensitive, but I know that before wifis and mobile phones, he would sleep like a rock, it was EXTREMELY hard to wake him up.

Nowadays, even a small noise would keep him awaken.

We went through Kobe's earthquake together, when we just married.

The whole building seemed to be falling apart, I woke up during the quake, and tried to wake him up, it was very hard. It took him about 1 minute to finally wake up, even if I was shaking him, and the whole earth was also shaking with horrible noises coming from down.

He says he's not electrosensitive, but when I see how light he sleeps today, I wonder...

Well the Coufal device did something, I think, and I found him sleeping deep beside it, without knowing about it.

His smartphone was on, just beside, and he used the computer and lap top the whole day (due to work).

In fact, he had 2 smartphones beside each other (one though has a protective device, from Energy Tools Intern ). I just sat beside him, read a book, and I truly felt nothing.

The smartphones were about 50 cm from my body, just next by, charging batteries.
I also fell asleep reading a book.

I think I have to buy it.

There are 2 models, one stronger (goes 10 meters) but the one I'm experimenting with goes only 5 meters.
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Re: Homeopathic device Coufal against e-smog

Ok, I left the device on  and infused water with it.

I used a tin box to sort of make a Faraday cage, so that the water gets only the information from the Coufal device.

After a couple of nights, I added then sugar - that is, some expensive sugar pellets I bought at the homeopathic pharmacy I know.

I left it a couple more days for the sugar pellets to dry well.

Well, now I just put the sugar in a glass vial.

 I take just some tiny grains of sugar from it, dissolve it in a larger bottle, and succuss it before ingestion.

It does make an effect!

Of course, this is not a permanent solution for e-smog, but it does feel relaxing.

I guess I'll try ingesting some drops 3x day, without wearing the device on me, and will let you know.

this experiment will define if I buy 1 or 2 devices (as it is a bit expensive). If the sugar infusion works reasonably well, I'll buy just one and keep infusing it.

As I sleep in the clean bedroom again, I feel I do not need the device ON the whole time.

I'll go back again tonight to the dirty bedroom, with the device ON, + homeopathic drops + another 'device' I just got and see what happens...

I wish I could one day, get the SAME effects in that dirty bedroom as when I sleep in the clean bedroom - deep sleep, waking up with great energy, completely rested.

At the moment, I still prefer to sleep in the clean bedroom!!

As for during the day, the device is useful for me, specially in VERY ES polluted places.

As I said above, the device gives me the feeling of freedom of movement: I can stay where I want, as much as I want, and I don't feel anxious to leave some place due to ES sensitivity.
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Re: Homeopathic device Coufal against e-smog

This post was updated on .
Another update.

I tried to sleep on the floor, far from the metallic bed, and the result was WORSE, much worse.

I use a lot of 'protective' devices on my metallic bed, but had nothing (except for Coufal plus some pendants) on the floor.

No shielding metallic net either, on the main wall giving to cell phone towers.

Yesterday, I went back to the metallic bed, this time with the Coufal UNDER the bed, and all my devices, including metallic net on one wall ( grounded on the radiator).

Well, I think the quality of sleep was about 80% good.

I'm also INGESTING the homeopathics produced by the Coufal device, to increase the effect.

I'll try again tonight.

The effect of the Bodygard can be clearly seen when I'm exposed to stronger EMR fields, like computers.

If I have one computer, one screen, and no protective device at all, I feel the effects after 10-20 minutes.

If I have two computers on, two screens, no protective devices at all, I can feel the effect after 5-10 minutes.

If I have the Coufal + quantum pendants, it takes me hours to feel the effect. More than 2 hours certainly.

And it is still milder than if I stay 15 minutes with 2 computers ON, 2 screens ON.

The Coufal is working, but I need tuning with quantum pendants to feel it works better.
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Re: Homeopathic device Coufal against e-smog

I infused the frequencies in water and sugar pellets, and will send that for quantum infusion in the US.

I'll ask the physicist to do one strong, one weak infusion, and see what I get.

Possibly in water or in amber or a stone, so that I can drink, or wear it in a necklace.

I'll let you guys know the result in a couple of weeks.
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Re: Homeopathic device Coufal against e-smog

I did a new experiment, based on the Coufal experience.

I just collected the blueprint of Esmog of my bed and of the main window where Esmog from cell phones come from.

I left a metal pot of water, with a ceramic cover, for about 10 days.

I mixed then both contents in a small bottle, and just by holding it and touching my head made me feel AWFUL.

So this Esmog imprinted water became my mother-tincture.

I tested energetically which dilutions I would need (I came with 3 different dilutions in homeopathy) and did all of them. It took me about 1 hour to figure out and do it.

Taking the dilution was wonderful.

I gave it to husband, daughter too.

I slept very well, even too well to believe.

It was almost as though there were NO ESMOG in that AWFUL bedroom!

It's been 2 days of experiments. So far, so good. Husband told me in the morning he slept so well too.

He doesn't know what he took were Esmog homeopathic!!!!

I won't tell him.

I feel relaxed early morning, truly regenerated from the night sleep, I feel like staying long in bed, just to relax, which had NEVER been the case there. Never, ever. I fear that bedroom, that bed, and hate to stay longer in bed.

when I stayed longer was because of exhaustion after a bad night.

The Coufal helped, but not like this!!!!

I'll try again tonight.
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Re: Homeopathic device Coufal against e-smog

My dilutions are working. Of course, this is just 2nd day using it.

I could sleep very well again.

As I know homeopathy for a long time, i also know that I need to CHANGE dilutions in time, when the body changes. Until we get rid of the homeopathic remedy for good.

The problem is that, in a normal disease, you get a problem (like flu pathogen enters your body), and then your body goes in high inflammatory stage, then inflammation diminishes, then you get some left overs in the end to get rid of (like dry cough, fatigue etc).

A normal disease has stages, develops and goes (if you are successful).

HOmeopathy was meant to deal with such diseases, or bad 'behaviors' of the body. Like eating too much due to anxiety, or excessive moodiness, etc.

My question is: how to use homeopathy in case of a CONSTANT source of problem, like Esmog is.

It's as though we were infected DAILY with new cold or flu viruses, non stop, forever.

I don't think homeopathy knows how to deal with this TOTALLY ARTIFICIALLY created problem, causative of disease.

The Coufal device uses homeopathic remedy frequencies of harmful radiation, that emits a signal constantly, to re-balance the body.

I know you can leave it on, 24hs, 365 days a year (as they also had devices for the whole house).
They had started these devices long ago and are still selling them rather well now.

I know people who have that for a long time, and still feel they help, specially in dangerous situation (too near a cell phone mast). Some people can see the headaches disappearing almost at the moment they turn their device on.

It's a crazy situation, that we are in, in this Smog Planet.

I feel better with the homeopathic drops than with the device, that is 'stronger' in a way.
The drops feel only relaxing, then you forget about them.

The Coufal device does not feel relaxing the whole time, I have to keep changing its position, and after a while, I have the impression I need to turn it off.

It does create a 'field' around it. Sensitive people can feel it, quite easily.

The maker says it creates a field of 5 meters.

If I buy the Coufal, it would be not for bedroom use, but mostly for when I'm traveling or when I'm outside home, to feel protected.

when I take my homeopathic drops, I do sleep well.

But when I ask my body, energetically: Do I prefer to sleep without my drops in the other cleaner bedroom or in this dirty bedroom with the homeopathic drops?

The answer is still 'clean' bedroom! Of course.

The clean bedroom needs no protection, practically, and I sleep rather well there, for years.

Whatever... I'm just writing my experiments here.

I need to use the drops for longer periods, to see if they STILL work, the same way that the Coufal device seems to work, long term.
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Re: Homeopathic device Coufal against e-smog

Dr Cyril Smith from Breakspear Hospital in UK has done much research along these lines.
I cannot find much about it online, but this link has some info
and a little about himself here
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Re: Homeopathic device Coufal against e-smog

In reply to this post by Jinna
Hello Jinna, really interesting experiments, I'm quite familiar with nosodes and such myself too. Are you still using this device? Would be interesting to know which frequencies they have in them, I might buy one too. Especially the one for the home interests me because it is becoming so difficult to shield everything that is coming from outside.
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Re: Homeopathic device Coufal against e-smog

In reply to this post by elihme
Elihme, thank you for the very interesting links!

I'm in contact with a Russian professor of physics, and he does think homeopathy is a quantum medicine.

I know homeopathy does many changes in my body, as I use it for at least 30 years, for so many things. That is when I got the idea to infuse the bad e-smog frequencies from my bed / bedroom in water, use it as a mother tincture, and then dilute + potencialize it.

Cost is zero, anyone can do that, you just have to know how to do it.

The nosodes made from that tincture that correspond 100% to my problem during sleep worked even better than the Coufal device, that is more a general device (that now even works for G5, as the device had been updated).

I gave it back to my friend. The Coufal device would be still useful when in an airplane, electric cars, polluted places... but not as useful as my own water homeopathic dilutions, I think.

The only problem is in my mind: do I have to be taking these dilutions FOREVER to be able to sleep there peacefully? And still, knowing that these smog frequencies are there, knowing what they actually physically do to my cells, I don't think that sleeping there is good for me EVEN with the homeopathic drops.

I still have a choice to sleep in a protected place, without any device or drops. That is what I'm doing now.

but it sort of mess up with my private couple life...

I'm 100% sure the bad bed + bedroom affects my husband's sleep quality (as I see his face in the morning!!), and that he does not sleep as well there either.

But as he doesn't believe it and he's certainly stronger than me, well...

People think that homeopathy is bullsh.. but I know it is one of my best tools to deal with disease, psycho support, etc.

There are loads of possible treatments, schools using homeopathy, and you can live an entire life trying different methods and you WON'T be done till the day you die.

I'm now using Sanum and Dr. Rau /Paracelsus therapies for fixing deep problems (immune, digestive), and sort of feeling the deep change... This treatment, for instance, aims to correct even inherited weaknesses coming from generations of women (mother, grandma, grandgrandma, etc)...

 I'm taking something called Bovisan, from Mycobact tuberculosis in homeopathic form (just ONCE  a week), and boy, it's doing changes / pain  in my head, fingers, joints, lungs, GI tract...

I had a client who by mistake, took too many drops at once, and in the night had awful reactions, sweats, lack of air, fever, shaking, etc, just by taking 10 drops instead of 3-4 drops, ONCE A WEEK, of this Mycob tub nosode...

Homeopathy and isopathy are amazing tools, infinite possibilities, we just need to find how / what / when / which potency to take. It takes decades to gather experience...

I do think that we, chronic sufferers of anything, can have a big invaluable help with homeopathy.

The Esmog isopathic experience is a small help there, and that can be achieved by anyone willing to learn! It is super easy to do, any child can do it, and it is super HARD to believe such a thing works!!

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Re: Homeopathic device Coufal against e-smog

In reply to this post by Huck
Huck, I used the Coufal device for many weeks, and gave it back to my friend 2 weeks ago.

I used it in the airplane, for a long trip to Brazil, I think it did help me.

But I also used magnets + copper and a wire that I posted here once, a sort of portable grounding 'device', self made.

To tell you the truth, since I first did these magnet-gadgets (about 2 months ago, or more), I use one every day.
I can't live without it anymore.

Since I first used this touching my skin, I never got any ES attack: in my case these 'attacks' come in different shades, acute headache, feeling fear, cold attacks, feel like I'm going to die and have to run (fight and flight mode), some gut problems / digestion, can't sleep, can't relax etc...

I stopped using the Coufal to see if alone, the magnets would help, and I concluded that yes, alone, the magnets still help a lot. Even more than the Coufal, I think.

Since then, I use the magnets daily on my body. I posted about it here, how to do them by yourself...

I'm trying to now build the 3 towers of magnet to see if they also help...

The Coufal is still interesting when you are outside, I think, as an extra help.

For home, some people use it 24h/365 days a year.

I know at least 2 families using this way, they can't survive without the Coufal on...

I'd rather move out, if I needed something like that, but some people have no choice, so why not?