Heavy Metal Detox smoothie

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Heavy Metal Detox smoothie


I started doing that today (without the orange juice, but with water instead).

The explanations of why each of the ingredients are necessary, and how to do the smoothie in a video is here:


So far, so good. Very mild reactions.

Happy New Year for everyone!
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Re: Heavy Metal Detox smoothie

2nd day. Yesterday, i got many pains in my body, and woke up with a headache.

Pains were mostly: in the brain (different parts), lower jawbone, both arms, muscles, both ankles, wrists (where carpal tunnel is), palms, strange feelings on my sinuses (like cleaning), throat, thyroid...

The headache finished when I took another dose of the smoothie.

I had then a good day.

Now I took the 4th dose of it.

I also gave it to my daughter.

I feel my sinuses being cleaned, the pins and needle pains I got for many hours yesterday are practically gone.

I hope the detox goes smoothly... I hate chelation, as all treatments I did in the past were horrible.

Specially the anxiety, stomach pains etc.

So far, no stomach pain, which is a first for me. Every metal detox I did caused me stomach pains that only healed with chlorella.

So far, no need for chlorella.

The interesting thing with the smoothie is the feeling in the brain.

Yesterday, besides the pins and needles, the beginning of a headache (disappeared with 2nd dose of smoothie), I felt like there was a breeze inside my brain!

That was the first time I think I ever felt this. Like a small air current blowing inside my brain.

Yesterday evening, i had that in my back brain, then in the night it moved all over the brain, then I woke up with that heavy feeling (like a dull headache). It totally disappeared after the smoothie.

If anyone would like to try, it even tastes good, I find.

i'm sort of craving the smoothie and enjoying every spoon I eat!!
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Re: Heavy Metal Detox smoothie

4th day, so far so good.

I got a lot of runny water from my nose, with catarrh. I know my cheek bones and sinuses are loaded with problems since I lost many upper jaw teeth to root infections (that came from INSIDE OUT, not from exterior cavitities).

I suspect that my jawbone was full of heavy metals (as I had 13 amalgams since age 7, and pulled them off after 40). Since my last tooth surgery (removal of 7th last dead tooth) about 5 years ago, my cheekbone still suffers from little pains here and there.

I know it's got problems, and have been trying to clean that up for the last years.
Liposomal vit C acts there too, I feel, but the problem is still with me.

I feel that this heavy metal smoothie is cleaning that part of the jawbone, and I suspect that is the reason  for the runny nose.

I haven't caught a single cold since I started on Liposomal Vit C (if I caught, it lasted one day, with barely any symptom).

First day on this heavy metal smoothie created symptoms all over my body, and ALSO in my left cheekbone (the exact place I still felt some dull pain for the last 5 years or so).

Why my left nostril now pours water for hours is a wonder... Only the left nostril.

Liposomal Vit C stabilized my weight (I'm almost reaching my usual weight of 43 kg).
I had been losing weight, slowly but surely, in these last 5 years, and could not gain my weight back.

It was a scary situation. Lipo C really helped me there, I believe.

But the cheekbone and right shoulder problem remained (right shoulder was painful, like it got a bit of arthritis). I feel the heavy metal smoothie is ALSO working there.

I'm hopeful that the smoothie brings me one step up in my fight against EHS and other health issues.

Only time will tell though.

good news: the smoothie is tasty!!! I added some honey to make it even more yummy.

my daughter does not like it (the texture), but I really like it.