Good meta study on EMRs

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Good meta study on EMRs

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This is the best study our doctor found, about effects of low intensity radio frequencies in humans.

It is a META-study from 2015,  meaning it's based on dozens of studies!!!

They sort of summarize the research and organize them in this meta-study.

Their main focus is OXIDATIVE STRESS: low Radio frequencies do raise ROS (reactive oxygen species) meaning, it raises oxidative stress for sure.

What raises ROS in plants, for example? Drought, too much salt, too much cold / freezing temperatures, heavy metal toxicity, UV B radiation.

Raise of ROS, means, when the plant or animal gets stressed, it gets the bad effects of oxidation (like iron rusts with the effects of oxygen).

That is why it is OF VITAL IMPORTANCE for us, sufferers, to avoid oxidative stress at any means. It means, try to grab those free radicals before they cause damage.

Maybe that's why I feel in paradise when I take stuff like Megahydrate (Flanagan), or loads of blueberry + berry + cherry  + cranberry fresh juice, or recently, after my experience with Liposomal vit C and OPC (grapeseed extract / flour).

It feels truly like healing me from inside.

The symptoms of ES, if I understand it well, are mainly from oxidative stress.

Oxidation causes then malfunction of gene expression, protein building, enzymes, hormones, immune dysfunctions etc.

In short words, it affects every single body system: immune, digestive, excretion, hormonal, circulatory, reproductive, vegetative....

If you take your time to read it, it is worth. It's also a great study to keep, to show to the skeptic.