Geopathic lines treatment suggestions?

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Re: Geopathic lines treatment suggestions?

The electroculture site is interesting too, never read about this way of farming.
It can not prevent depletion of the soil though, nor do artificial fertizers replace minerals except for a few that boost growth.
When for instance selenium is almost gone, it will have to be brought back in a physical manner.

Central heating is horrible, and comes with emfs from the electronics within heater unit and from some temperature control units , see one of the videos by Merializer.
The steel radiators and pipes all over the place are likely also causing havoc.
And the heat is less pleasant, heat does not equal heat here.
Do you live in France ?
You can get very cheap houses there in the countryside, renting is more expensive and limits ones possibilities, like removing central heating and going off-grid.
I got one for for 10.000 euro, although the ground feels quite a bit geopathic and it will be hard to sell ( not meeting normal standards ), that's the other side of the equation : a rented home is more easily to leave behind if it ends up being less ideal than thought at first.

Usually in order to make us believe that there is sophisticated technology and high level science behind it, the use of the term "quantum" is merely a marketing trick, along with fake scientific research that looks impressive but proofs actually litlle to nothing, taken out of context or deliberately misleading in some other way.
With smart machines, i was referring to Raditech, Helios and Geomack machines.
And even if a such a machine benefits in some way, it could harm in some other still unknown way.
I know a girl that took a few mysterious little pills that would heal her aura or something like that, and soon afterwards she lost her mind and it never wholly returned, but the seller of course did not warn about any risks involved.
The same applies to smartphones as well, and other clever devices, the telecom industry even funds fake research on the emf-safety of its products.

Probably you are aware of this already, but just to mention it, a lot of mattresses contain metal springs.

Natural marble plates covering the whole surface seem best to me, perhaps even with another layer above the gaps.
It is worth trying as the costs are low and the risks close to zero.

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Re: Geopathic lines treatment suggestions?

Yep, depletion is a biggie... The soils need beneficial bacteria to make the upload of minerals too.

We kill most of them through chemicals, herbicides... so even if there were enough minerals there, the plants wouldn't be able to uptake all the good minerals, that need transformation with bacteria to be more bio-absorbed...

The situation though, is that there are no more enough minerals, and the soils are virtually dead to 60% (last text I read done by agronomists said that...)

Like our guts, our sterilized antibiotic treated food, well, we also cannot uptake many minerals, even if our nutrition were good. Our gut microbiome is pathogenic already...

The earth and the gut, it's really like one.

Look at the animals, that drink water in nature, eat foods that are absolutely non sterilized. If we do that, few of us would survive due to toxins, bacteria, parasites....

I mean, we SHOULD survive, if our gut microbiome were intact or functioning!

I agree there must be a problem with the pipes of the central heating....

It's still easy to remove the central heating in this old house. Everything is apparent, out of the walls....

but it's a pretty cold house, little isolation...

No I live in Switzerland, in the German part (near to Germany). No cheap houses here!! :)

so you're in France?

Well, 10.000 euro is not a lot, if you lose it... I mean, that would be a couple of months of rent, only, right?

As for quantum products, there are people and people, like with everything.

I do think Vital Force TEch guys are authentic, as I use dozens of their products.

As the president, dr Kronn, has been harassed forever by his Physicist colleagues, I believe he's seriously doing his research, as much as quantum research can be done (only through the biological effects).

They do conduct research with universities to test some of their products.

If you had followed the founder's life and what he's been through, you kind of get an idea, he's not crap.

I think he's in his 90s, and was still playing ping pong not long ago.

Without their quantum infused products, I would be in trouble, I feel. I use them on my body non stop, since the first time I got one of the products in my hands. I do feel more calm with some of their products (even though some products make the opposite effect).

But you are right saying that we don't know what are these quantum products. What they do, how they change us... Long term, I mean. Same as this global experiment cell phone companies are doing to us all...

I wonder, about the marble plates, if they do not need some sort of decharging or re-charging like all my quartz crystals, amethysts, rose quartz, turmalines etc do. I was not a believer on that de-charging / charging story, even though my aunt who deals with stones was a big believer.

but since I developed illness and got more sensitive, boy I know when a stone is badly charged!! If they touch me, I feel like invaded by a negative feeling almost immediately.

my daughter used to say: mom, that stone, that object, etc, is giving black smoke out. Indeed, she was right, 100% of the time. She unfortunately lost her ability to see black smoke when she was 7 years old... She still though fears some objects.

I mean, it would be hard to decharge / charge a whole marble plate, right?? What's your feeling about that (you have a marble plate right?)
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Re: Geopathic lines treatment suggestions?

Well, you can not walk away from a house in your name that easily.
If nobody wants to have it, getting rid of it could cost much more than you paid ;).
Mine happens to have 12 rooms and weighs about 500 ton, to give you an idea.
I have seen better deals nearby, like a small house in good condition with large garden bordering a semi-wild forest for 5000 euro.

There is little theory or research to be found on the Vital Force Tech website.
The Center for  Cognitive  Enhancement  ( Glendale,  Arizona ) that did the research on the "emf transformer" does not give decent hits on google.
The second link is irrelevant to their products.
The research done by Joie P. Jones, U.C. Irvine, may be genuine, but i did not find the original so far.
On their website they demand an email-address in order to give access to the "Vital Force Research Library", hence no online info, which looks like a bad sign.
The article i only "scanned" quickly, prana or chi are no new ideas, natural vital energies will certainly be life-supporting, sources are e.g. raw food and sunshine, while sitting behind a monitor will kill you slowly but certainly.

I plan to experiment with marble under a bed, following your tip, that you got likely here :
The idea that the silica content matters here is flawed because marble has less of it than sand.
More sensible sounds :
"Crushed marble, which can be bought from some garden centers will do the job perfectly. It would seem that the crystal is changing the frequency of the geopathic energies to one that is more acceptable to the humans exposed to it."
However : "Regardless of what type is used, it is important to wash the crystals regularly to remove any accumulation of negative energy."
So if this is correct, then it would mean work, marble is heavy after all.
You'll have to dowse the place to see the effects and if cleaning is needed, then when.
The marble may block or change or absorb hamfull energies from below, but more ideal would still be to move to a more benificial location :
"Lotz advocates a return to natural floor coverings like wood planking in order not to disturb the earth’s natural and beneficial radiation."
=> near the bottom of this page :
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Re: Geopathic lines treatment suggestions?

Earthworm, thank you again.

I haven't still read all the sites, but I like this one, and will just copy paste here, in case the website disappears.


Correcting geopathic disturbances is not always difficult and complicated, although sometimes it can be. The first and simplest solution is to try moving the bed or desk to a different place. Sometimes people’s health and well-being improves dramatically from this one simple measure. It is not a good idea to place the bed or desk where a cat likes to sleep – a spot favoured by a dog is a much better place.

Geopathic energies can be handled in several different ways: they can be reflected or refracted, absorbed, blocked or transformed. Different types of energies need to be corrected in different ways. In one case, reflecting an energy may be appropriate, in another it may be appropriate to block it. It is vitally important, however, that whatever method is used, the undesirable energies are not reflected to affect someone else.

Crystals are probably used more frequently than anything else, but these do not have to be expensive Svarovski crystal. Crushed marble, which can be bought from some garden centers will do the job perfectly. It would seem that the crystal is changing the frequency of the geopathic energies to one that is more acceptable to the humans exposed to it. It has also been suggested that crystals ‘absorb’ geopathic energies. Often the crystals need to be placed in several different places. Regardless of what type is used, it is important to wash the crystals regularly to remove any accumulation of negative energy. The simplest way to do this is to place them in a bucket and run water over them for half an hour.

Coils can also be used and are usually come in pairs with a clockwise and anticlockwise rotation. They are made of 10 revolutions of thick copper wire, with a spike sticking out at 45 degrees. The length of the spike and the diameter of the coil need to be the same. A combination of coils and crystals is also acceptable.

Mirrors will reflect negative energy in the same way as they reflect light. As it is thought that the mirror reflects the negative ray back onto itself, thereby canceling out the charge, the size and exact placing of the mirrors are important. Aluminium foil can also be used to neutralize negative energies. This has to be positioned carefully, and the exact size needs to be established using kinesiology testing or dowsing.

There are many other methods that can be used to neutralize geopathic stress including metal plates, cosmic batteries, rods, colour, magnets, Apopi spheres, shapes, photographs, plants, symbols, ceromonies and rituals.

Geopathic energies challenge our current understanding of how bodies work and what effects them. Incorporating our knowledge of these phenomena into our understanding of illness requires much more holistic view of man: one which takes into account the role of Chi, the subtle bodies, the meridians, the charkas and yin and yang. This view of man sees the importance of harmony and balance, both within the body and between people and their environment."

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Re: Geopathic lines treatment suggestions?

What do you think about orgonites?

I bought it first without knowing what it was. Just because it felt good.

Only after, I read about Reich, etc. This was many years ago (15 years ago). I did not know about Esmog problems back then.

Now, my experience with them: they also need to be decharged and recharged.
That's for sure. After a while, they'll start to emit bad negative vibes. my daughter could visually see the smoke not only once, but quite a few times.

It takes MUCH longer to clean / recharge an orgonite than single stones. Months sometimes.

The orgonites full of metals feel usually bad, more 'aggressive'

The ones with more minerals / stones are the best. More grounding.

The shape has little importance, it's more the amount that counts: the more orgonites, the best.

The best are the ones with different stones. Any stones, it doesn't matter the quality, just the variety.

They do not really protect us against e-smog, they just lessen our bad biological reactions.

that's my experience, only based on my own feelings.

That is why I bought Vibes Up pyramides and products: they are also orgonites, but made from crushed stones. The lady adds essential oils to the stones, and then make her orgonites (that look awful, but they do emit different energies).

I still think I prefer normal orgonites, I think... Not sure yet, as I only have the Vibes UP stuff for about  a year....

I'll read the other websites more carefully, and come back again to you! Thank you again!!
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Re: Geopathic lines treatment suggestions?

Ok, I've been reading the information, I think the easiest solution seems to be stones...

but I guess, not all stones are the same.

Some have too strong energies for me, I don't feel good with any quartz crystal, specially the very expensive types with amazing shapes.

I'll see if I find some marble to test.

As for Vital Force Tech, they cannot even show everything they sell. The new name of the company is ETI , founded in 2000, but it actually produces products for about 30 years.

they know that if they talk about cancer cures, inflammation cures, etc, they'll have to shut down.

I don't know if you are familiar with the very long history of persecution against alternative treatments in the US. You can read about Rife devices, for example, or the Multiwave oscilator...

Dr Klingh. had to give back a light device that was said to cure cancer (in Seattle). The FDA obliged him to give the address of all the clients who bought the device, and they went after the clients!!!

The most recent scandal was the GcMaf and Rerum, that are used against cancer. This time, the company was closed with machine guns in Holland, and they said it was due to 'tax problems'.

How can armed policemen enter a company with guns because of tax problems??

Nope. It' s just because the small group of researchers were developing an efficient drug against cancer.

I have about 150 products done by VFT /ETI, a book of more than 500 pages with explanations of what is inside each product.

they know they can't let it too open, or they need to close down. If they are about 30 years in the market, it is because they are careful.

My aunt is alive basically due to their anti cancer products.

She is about 3,4 years fighting a metastasis in the liver (from the breast + lymph nodes, about 8-10 years ago, it appeared again in the liver). The chemio therapy was not working, despite high doses.

Her oncologist had to diminish due to side effects (she could barely walk), while the nodes were growing.

While she lowered the chemio dose, I suggested her a combination of VFT products, plus a diet (she had nothing to lose, right?). Well, her oncologist just told my aunt: 'whatever you are doing, keep doing it'. And she lowered further the chemio because the nodes suddenly stopped growing!

It could be the diet (that she is barely following now), but I don't believe so.

It could be the placebo (but sincerely, she did not believe on quantum products...).

Even I have problems to believe. Something is working, the nodes stopped to grow and to multiply.

She's still alive, still going out, cooking, organizing family meetings (she is more than 70 years old, and was working until metastasis hit her).

Plus, I use their Electrosmog 'transformers', and have been testing people for at least 2 years. Nothing in the market works better, when I muscle test people. At least, I haven't yet found something better.

Their muscles weaken only a bit while holding smart phones with the VFT transformers. Without the transformers, even strong men have little chance: they weaken.

So, in this point, I'm with Marc. Some quantum products work.

If they are really 'quantum' is another question...

I think that jungle tribes used quantum 'science', in the sense that they always performed some magic ceremonies, voodoo rituals etc.
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Re: Geopathic lines treatment suggestions?

Of course the medical industry does not like competition from alternative methods.
Also almost all scientists are trapped in a belief-system, anything that doesn't fit into the matrix that imprisons them is a threat.
These people "know", just like other fanatical believers, lacking the ability or interest to think properly.
So at play here is a combination of commercial interests and sheer insanity.
This does not mean that alternative smart-asses are to be trusted.
Imagination and suggestion may make it hard to get a sensible impression of what they offer.
Double-blind experiments seem usually preferable, also when testing "quantum" products.
It will likely be impossible to know all appearing short term effects ( if any ), not to speak of results on the long run.
The folks that sell orgonite do not talk about bad vibes after a while, although others have reported the same.
The business-people that sell earthing products do not advise precaution with dirty electricty and emf-reflection.
The higher the prices, the more reason there is for suspicion.
Smart products aimed at those dealing with electro-sensitivities seem usually highly supicious for various reasons.
Natural or lowtech solutions without mysterious or vague sales pitches have advantages : these are cheap or for free, low-risk, easy to comprehend and more or less sustainable.
What i think about orgonite ?
Well, it contains synthetic stuff, which does not appeal, and crystals that are consumed and wasted.
Do the producers have a clue and really care what they are doing anyway ?
Or are they just another bunch of smart-asses, perhaps even more dumb or sick than the average scientist ?