Geopathic lines treatment suggestions?

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Geopathic lines treatment suggestions?

I fell very ill with chronic lyme disease about 12 years ago. Very ill, to the point of almost dying.

I was sleeping in a metallic bed, that I built with my husband, and back then, cell towers were not that bad.

After starting dr Klinghardt's treatments, I learned how to muscle test using his ART technique: basically, first we open the person's regulation, so that muscle tests become more consistent. It's like tuning a tool before using it.

When the regulation of a person is closed, muscle tests come completely like random. There is absolutely no consistent answers. It's thought to be a problem of the autonomic nervous system.

Most chronic ill patients have mostly their ANS blocked , or closed regulation. We need to treat the person first (through earthing, treating TCM meridians, giving some remedies....) to then be able to ask any questions.

Once the regulation is closed, there is a disturbance in the photon field: it can be 'measured' with a polarization filter. Healthy people's photonic fields are parallel to the body, or perpendicular to the ground, while closed regulation people will have their photon fields coming through an angle.

Same as cancer cells, they emit a specific angle of photons, that can be seen again and again (dr. Klinghardt's teachings).

Well, during lyme and severe illness, my regulation was closed every day, and many times a day, I kept opening it, and it kept being scrambled again. The more I improved, the more I got an open regulation, meaning, a normal functioning of the ANS and the photon field became in balance again.

I got pretty used to check for my own regulation, and realized that, every time I went close to my metallic bed, my regulation closed. Once I could recognize when my regulation closed, I realized that:

-closed regulation = feeling ill, malaise, just not totally present at the moment.

I know that EMRs close my regulation (wifis, smart phones on my body, when I talk too long with a cordless phone, etc). I thought that my metallic bed closed me because of the antenna effect, of capturing cell tower signals or wifi or electrical currents in the walls.

Well, yesterday I decided to try these metal rods that people use to dowse for Hartmann or Curry grids. They also use them to find gas or electrical pipes under the floor or ground.

I spent hours doing that, and every time I arrived near the bed, the rods aligned to the bed frame. Inside the bed frame, they kept giving me strange results, crossing or not.

Well, after a while, i felt very bad: you know, the normal e-smog feeling of malaise. I checked my regulation: closed!!

I rarely get a closed regulation, unless I stay too much exposed to EMRs.

I opened it again, and then grounded the bed frame. The rods showed the situation improved. But still, I think there is a bad line exactly under my sleeping place, probably a 'bad' Hartmann (as it is east-west).

My daughter was sleeping EXACTLY at a disturbed line (I usually woke up with a startle there, in her bed).

So really, this is so crazy... I thought my main problem was E-smog from cell towers, but it came to be that maybe, the worst thing that is happening was my metallic bed frame + these Hartmann or whatever geopathic problems happening under my sleeping position!!

Once I could find these lines with the dowsing rods, and I kept experimenting on and on, walking on these lines, seeing if I was not imagining things.... well, I think it was too much. The feeling was AWFUL, extreme, really bad.

I suspect that I got sensitive to these awful signals, like an allergy. And that is why I over react.

The feeling is: if I stay there, sleeping there, I will die soon of a disease.

I just wanted to post it here, because it took me all these years to realize that esmog is just one problem, but that these Hartmann and Curry lines (or maybe just geopathic stress) causes an AWFUL feeling, that I thought were only caused by e-smog.

The feeling of geopathic stress is the same as in a very extreme polluted esmog place.
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Re: Geopathic lines treatment suggestions?

does anyone have an idea how to treat these Hartmann and Curry line problems?
I saw a video, people selling quantum stuff... but for a rather high price.

Has anyone here dealt with such problems and found solutions?

having a closed regulation most of the time is the first step for getting very badly ill. Cancer, heart attacks, insomnia, severe infections, etc, all of that could be caused just because the ANS is not working properly.

I now think that I fell so ill back then with chronic lyme, and one reason was CERTAINLY my bed and bedroom.

The way I feel when I'm there is like being cooked in a microwave oven, I think. It takes me less than a week sleeping there to fall ill, and severly ill, in my case, with a bad infection (like tuberculosis).

I mean, human beings were living with these hartmann and curry lines forever... Why now they can make us so sick???
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Re: Geopathic lines treatment suggestions?

The expensive "quantum" stuff is probably a scam.
These people likely don't know what they are talking about nor do they care as long as others buy into their nonsense.

These days we deal with emfs in addition to possible exposure to geopathic energies, which makes such a situation more disturbing.
Some place is of course much worse than others.
One may suffer from geopathic stress without realizing it, and that must have happened a lot in the past too, although  less because there were no emfs and possibly the subconcious awareness of geopathic zones was higher in general.
Animals do not need to be told anything in this regard, the more civilized the more dumb humans have become.

Dowsing is not easy for everybody, i read that even professional dowsers, who must have had quite some practice, can come up with totally contradicting results.

According to Anthony William in his book "Medical Medium" the whole theory of lyme disease is flawed and has gone out of control.
The sympoms are not caused by borrelia bacteria at all but by viruses like epstein-barr which require certain supportive circumstances, e.g. mold, mercury-poisoning, emotional diasters, toxins, antibiotics and sleep disorders.
I guess geopathic fields and emfs should be added to the list.
I just mention the idea because the possibility of him being right here is fascinating.
I believed in the disease to the extend of thinking of having lyme disease myself, very funny, because it is merely an explanation of certain health issues, and not necessarily an useful one.

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Re: Geopathic lines treatment suggestions?

Marc Martin
> The expensive "quantum" stuff is probably a scam.

Hmm, I've bought expensive quantum stuff that brought me back into the workplace, after I had been out of work for a long time due to EMF.  Earned more than a million dollars since then in income, so it was hardly a scam to me.

Perhaps you shouldn't be so quick to judge.

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Re: Geopathic lines treatment suggestions?


I did not even state that that stuff is a scam, although my estimation was and still is that it probably is.
In case your use of the word "judge" implies a moral point of view, then your response is even further from my reality.
Perhaps you should leave these dollars out of the picture, as it sounds a bit silly ( according to my impression, if that may not be clear ).

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Re: Geopathic lines treatment suggestions?

Thank you both for the answers.

I also use quantum products, I have close contact with a physicist doing all sorts of products, and am testing some of his stuff. I don't think it's scam.

But what I'm asking here is : has anyone got GOOD results with anything (quantum or not) to CANCEL these 'pathogenic' Hartmann or Curry grid lines??

What do you guys do against that?

I went outside today, to check. There is nothing hard on using the rods. The problem is the interpretation.

They do move in certain points, and when my daughter - who does not believe in these rods - take them, they move practically at the same spots. Outside, in the field / garden, it's easier to get the spots, I find.

Inside the house, there are LOADS of crossing points, possibly from wires, metals, pipes, whatever else are inside the floor, walls...

When I reached my metal bed, the rods got crazy, like blocked into a fixed pattern (crossed). I could not see anything further.

AS soon as I grounded the metal frame, it got better. But not 100% better, so to say.

That is why testing outside makes things easier. Inside, there are way too many variables.

But coming back to the point: Do you, Marc, got any thing to block these geopathic lines?

i wonder how can these lines make me feel SO BAD only after about an hour or two working on them??

The feeling was extreme, I swear. Very bad.

I now am a believer that sleeping on these lines (or on crossing of two lines) could be a MAIN cause for disease.

Just a few days ago, I could not really believe that (as these gridlines always existed).

If anyone has any suggestion how to improve the situation, could you please write?

It doesn't have to be a quantum solution. Anything is fine!!!!!

Thank you!!!!
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Re: Geopathic lines treatment suggestions?

one solution one could try out :
dowsing looks also simple, i may try it too.
but perhaps talent for it is running in your family.
"black lines" are mentioned here near the bottom of the page  :
and of course there could exist other lines ( or surfaces / volumes ) we will never hear about.  => remedies
=> disruptions from metal objects
nice website, lots to check out here.
but i go to sleep now first, in a bed made of wood only.
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Re: Geopathic lines treatment suggestions?

Hey, Earthworm. Thank you for the links.

The Indian lady in the youtube video is the one I mentioned above : she's selling those expensive quantum copper wires to protect us against 'bad' Hartmann lines or Curry lines....

As for the tests, they are easy, in fact, if your regulation is functional (open).

I know my metallic bed blocks me, because that is where I got first VERY ill. Very.
Once I learned how to test for an open (functioning) regulation, I realized the bed itself blocked me.

I did not have to be on the bed: just approaching it, about 1 step away from it, I saw how my regulation closed (that was in my most sick days....).

Now it does not always block me.

But if I stayed on those 'bad' lines (whichever the lines were) for too long, my regulation got blocked again.
The feeling is awful. It's as bad as any over exposure to wifis.

The awful feeling we ES people have is THIS feeling of BLOCKED REGULATION. If you are able to test ART like dr Klinghardt does, you'll see that SYSTEMATICALLY.

Bad feeling from Esmog = blocked regulation. It's an awful feeling, ES people know.

All ES people, while having active symptoms, have their regulation blocked.

That means, the rods won't  PROBABLY function.

I am new in these dowsing rods business, but it happened to me while I was testing the bed: suddenly, I lost all the coherent tests.

They kept coming all 'crossed' even in places that weren't crossed before.

That's when I knew my regulation got blocked due to these problematic lines I was testing.

That is the limitation of dowsing, or of lie-detectors, or muscle tests.

Energy testing, dowsing, pendulum don't work well when our Autonomic Nervous System is not functioning well....

thanks for the websites. I hope my house is not in such complex spots of the planet.

it's at least 250 years old, many families lived inside it.

Not too long ago, lived a couple who died after 90 years old, they were reasonably healthy as they lived on their own almost until the end.

So I hope there aren't a lot of bad earth lines here (black lines), but I'm pretty sure there are some modern-society problems.... Cables run on the wall surface, mostly, because it's an old house.

They simply added some pipes here and there, sometimes they run inside the walls.

But certainly, the metallic bed is not a good idea.

Hubby is sleeping there alone. He's an engineer, and does not 'believe' on such things. He's reaching 50, but now I see he's getting old. He was extremely healthy until 35-40, still is strong, but I see he's starting to age...

I guess one needs a cancer or something serious to have its mind changed??

I'm still looking for solutions concerning Hartmann lines / Curry lines that are bad.

If anyone has any experience, pleease....

If you do the dowsing rod experience, please let us know.
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Re: Geopathic lines treatment suggestions?

Yes, her prices seem a bit off-scale and she uses the word "quantum" too, although at least without "science" to back it up, turning electrons into neutrons or referring clearly to Niels Bohr or the great Nikola Tesla as some sort of proof.
ActuallyTesla loved wireless transmissions, we're lucky that he was a bit ignored, despite all the post-mortem adoration.
The ideas she passes on are what matter, my intuition says that there is some truth here.
And to give her credit, she shares a lot of info on and even shows to make the rods yourselves ; 
Of course the round rings one could easily produce by bending thick wire around a drum and soldering or otherwise connecting the ends.
I understood that these rings were only recommended as necessary when the whole house is disturbed, e.g. when the switch board and / or the local main transformer down in the streets sit at a wrong spot, but anyway there is no need to pay more than the cost of copper wire, or perhaps even steel wire, or sticks or thin pipe, in order to experiment with blocking these unhealthy fields.
In the video at 4 minutes and 15 seconds it is stated that simply a ( cheap ) copper or steel or brass 18 inch wire neutralizes a negative line for a few hundred feet at the other side of the wire / rod.
If you try it out, let us know your findings.
I will do the same but not anytime soon, have to concentrate on other stuff first.
Thanks for explaining when dowsing could get tricky, that's an issue to keep in mind.

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Re: Geopathic lines treatment suggestions?

Actually Monica Verma merely links underneath a video to websites that sell the quantum stuff.
So i take back the words : "Yes, her prices seem a bit off-scale and she uses the word "quantum" too"
There are two pictures and a few words that may further help to make the stuff yourself :
I would not want rods made by some Enlightened Master Dowser with his intentions put into them, as we are simply different people, let him keep his sort of positive thinking to himself.
As far as these additional light-frequencies are concerned, well, this is too vague, so i ignore this detail.
The indian lady does not mention the need of either intentions or light, only the sellers do.
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Re: Geopathic lines treatment suggestions?

HEy, Earthworm, thank you for your answer!

This exact video you posted, I watched it before!

Well, the problem is that my rods RARELY point to one direction. They point to both directions, one to my R, the other to my L. I so far, found only one line that points to one single direction.

All other problematic lines point to 2 opposite directions, including hubby's bed frame.

that means the whole line is contaminated. The blockage with the copper wire does not work.

You know, I made my rods with 2 metal hangers!!

Like these ones:

The Russian physicist told me any metal will do, and they did work!

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Re: Geopathic lines treatment suggestions?

In reply to this post by earthworm
And I think I got the hang of what you meant by that site:

marie diamond

I guess, that is why many people use stones, crushed stones, etc...

They have some curative properties, right?

I'll ask my Russian friend... He may have some ideas on how to infuse such energies into the metals.

I mean, 300, 400 dollars for such rings... I thought about these rings because exactly, my whole house seems to have this problem of double sided bad Hartmann, and probably some of the Curry lines too...

They react a bit different, stronger in Hartmann, weaker in Curry lines, but certainly, there is something fishy in my house.

Out in the garden, the situation seems pretty stable. The rods behave as they are supposed to, only opening at certain points in more or less a rhythmic style...

I'll try to keep thinking about this all, and see if I come with some solutions.

Thank you again!
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Re: Geopathic lines treatment suggestions?

Actually i feel unpleasant in most stone houses.
It can be a great idea to build a hut with organic materials ( including the paint ) in the garden and sleep there.
With only DC electricity or even better : just candles, very nice and relaxed.

I am not convinced that infusing these energies into the rods and rings is leading to a desirable improvement, except in the profit-margins of the "enlightened" businesswoman Marie Diamond.

 "many people use stones, crushed stones, etc...
They have some curative properties, right? "

Yes, and get off the electricity grid as much as workable, from "Land-and-Spirit " :


Avoidance of the negative crossings for bed and chair placement is the obvious first remedy. Where this is not possible, a simple yin/yang cure may suffice, for example an amethyst crystal placed under the bed to balance and neutralise the effects of a double negative crossing, or similarly a piece of rose quartz placed at a double positive crossing to calm the energy down. I surveyed one house in which the occupants had instinctively placed a bright, uplifting painting on the wall by each of the three double negative Hartmann and Curry crossings in the building.

The global grids, like sha streams, show stronger parallel edge lines when they are under stress, for example before an earth-quake, and also if they are heavily electro-magnetically polluted. This may be the mechanism behind the epidemic of feline leukaemia in the cat population of the U.S.A.

Simple earth acupuncture on the local Sha water lines can go a long way towards cleaning up these grids, though permanent standing stones or cairns may be useful to filter and discharge ongoing electro-pollution in the grids.

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Re: Geopathic lines treatment suggestions?

"stones or cairns may be useful to filter and discharge ongoing electro-pollution in the grids"

For those who wonder why their emf-meters show no lower numbers near rose quartz :
with electro-pollution is i guess meant here the pollution or disturbance of subtle energies ( "chi" or "prana" or whatever ) as caused or enhanced by what is more generally defined as electromagnetic pollution.
in my experience rose quartz can help, but just a little.
Of course It is not a sustainable solution from an environmental point of view.
It is doubtful that god created crystals to be mined by humans, although most people seem to believe that in some way.
It is not only messing up the earth crust, but also its finer fields for billions of years to come.
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Re: Geopathic lines treatment suggestions?

I intuitively placed many stones around the bed, under the bed, and kept changing them, charging them under the sun, etc. That was when I was sleeping in the bad bed.

Here, there is a company selling wooden balls full of crushed stones, for a high price.
Many naturopaths and sensitive people buy these Swiss balls (I've seen them in a couple of houses).

the problem is, when a new neighbor comes, or when the neighbor has genius ideas to keep improving his house or buying new gadgets (like putting solar pannels, or installing new computers, new routers etc), the stones need to be changed.

I could test some of these wooden balls with crushed stones a few times, and I have to say, the place feels better. But as you said: the best would be total avoidance.

Impossible, in some cases, full of neighbors...

As the house I am is rented, I did not want to invest in these wooden balls. I know that when I move, I'll need other models. Each cost around 300-500 dollars or even more, and you need quite some of them to make the whole balance of a place.

In strong e-smog conditions, they do not work. I think, as you said, they work a bit, and mostly to help on geopathic stress...
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Re: Geopathic lines treatment suggestions?

Thanks for the mentioning of Earth acupuncture...
I guess it's a bit like Feng Sui...

I found this text:

"To shield a residence from the path and effects of a “Sha stream”, traditional Chinese devices include
 - the building of a Dragon wall (a screen wall with an undulating ridge),
- the digging of a ditch
- or the burying of a protective talisman at an appropriate point on the path of the stream.

Modern Western methods include:
-  a layer of cork tiles
- or bath mats placed under the bed,
- the careful placing of crystals,
-  bottles of salt,
- copper rods, coils and ankhs,
- or the installation of radionic devices such as the Spiral Of Tranquillity,
- and Raditech, Helios and Geomack machines,
- generally using Multi-Wave Oscillators or Radionics to establish a shielding field.

Remember the old stately homes and large farm houses of the past?
- The buildings’ corners were often built up out of serious large solid field stones, giving a very anchoring feeling but doing much more.

These stones have a very high silica content.

Silica deflects geo-pathic stresses emanating from the earth, causing these to flow around the home rather than through.

So these stones had a very specific physical purpose that seems to now have been lost.

Marble contains silica, too. It’s interesting that silica is such a huge part of biodynamic farming for healing the land!

Blocking the negativity with CORK:

Cork (outer layer of oak tree) is considered to have natural blocking power and if your sleeping is affected with geopathic stress than put a piece of cork beneath your mattress.

While installing cork mat or tiles which are easy to avail in market today will surely give relief from GS.

I have cork floors and I dowsed my house when I learned about cork, I was happy to find that the areas that we have cork flooring seem to have less GS."
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Re: Geopathic lines treatment suggestions?

" Earth Acupuncture can also help.

This can be performed using wood, metal, stone or crystal “needles”, or other healing interventions, applied to the appropriate earth acupuncture points (Xue) for a variable time.

This could be a few seconds or a few hours, or could be a permanent placement according to the size and nature of the underground stream.

With larger meridians, as with geological faults, a needle may need to be left in place permanently."

"Neutralize the Geopathic Stress:

Essentially neutralizing is another method of dealing with geopathic stress under critical situations.

Devices like Hartmann spirals and flat dielectrical resonators are placed under the bed to discard GS.

Electronic machines plugged in main switch are good option to neutralize the geopathic afflicted area and dowsers are ideal and commonly used by most practitioners.

Good news is, studies have shown that when the home or work place of the affected person is neutralized, the geopathic stress symptoms resolve themselves and the body begins to heal. "
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Re: Geopathic lines treatment suggestions?

In reply to this post by Jinna
As for the crystals, well, humans were always attracted by things that shine, with colors etc
Even birds are.

I used to work as teenager helping my aunt selling Brazilian stones. Rose quartz has a good energy, I like it. But I think the more modern idea of mixing stones into something like a orgonite, works better than single crystals.

that is why these mixed crushed stones within a wooden ball is not too bad idea too. But I guess (just a guess) that orgonites would work as well, but each orgonite would have to be custom made to work better, in my feeling.

I bought many products from this company called Vibes Up, that mixes crushed stones and essential oils.

The result can be interesting, I have to say. Pain spots can be relieved just by touching certain mats with crushed stones, and you do feel something at first.

It's though, not a miracle. I think that the main point is CUSTOMIZATION.

Like ES treatment: there must be customized versions of treatments for them to work.

If we could choose the amount of each stone, the mixture, etc, for each place, bedroom, room, person, that would be the best. And for sure, the condition can change with time....
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Re: Geopathic lines treatment suggestions?

In reply to this post by Jinna
Cork is usually cork plus chemical glue, underneath the bed i did not notice much difference with that, if any, but will test it again with more attention.
Marble is worth trying, as you can find it easily secondhand or for free.
It usually contains little silica though, less than sand, sandstone or quartzite, but perhaps it is not the silica but something else, e.g. the hardened cristalized structure, that matters.
There is also synthetic marble, something that does not appeal to me, and the same applies for orgonite for this reason, apart from other considerations.
I plan to experiment also with copper wires and such, but ignore expensive stuff including smart machines.
High tech brought trouble, and its solutions for the problems it creates are not to be trusted, unlike lowtech :
At first sight this brilliant and original website may seem a bit off topic, but it contains a wealth of valuable ideas for reducing  the burden from emfs, and the latter enforces geopathic stress and vice versa.
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Re: Geopathic lines treatment suggestions?

It's funny you recommend to ignore smart machines!

I went to visit the site, and this page here

under, there is a GREEN OVEN. Can you imagine my house has one? It's not green, but white, very similar style.

They were warming my house with that oven until 1999. No central heating. Then they installed a central heating, lived a couple of years, then rented the house to us.

Maybe are all these metal tubes they installed after 1999 for the heating that kinds of messed more with house?

you know that these ovens are alive, somehow. Now that they haven't been used for so long, it is dangerous to use them, without cracking the whole thing. It is still usable, the owner said...

But beside it, there is my kitchen stove, also on wood. That is what I use for helping to heat the house. It is faster, the heat is INDEED totally different than a radiator...

it goes inside your body, warming very much inside you.

The website is indeed interesting! Thank you!

In fact, all these high tech quantum things are in fact, very simple in principle (as the Russian professor of physics was explaining me). It's just that people think 'quantum' and think it must be something extremely high tech, but he explained me the VERY opposite.

in fact, it is more in the mind, the creativity of the physicists or whoever are doing these experiments, that count more. That is why the making of these things are kept in secret!!

It doesn't mean they do not work. But that is where high tech meets low tech, somehow!!


have you heard of Lakhovsky copper wires (loops) around plants?

There were many people experimenting with it.

I tried to do the same around the metal bed frame, but realized by reading the website above, that I cannot TOUCH the metal bed!!

Hey, I'll try it again, without touching the metal bed.

I used a copper wire with plastic isolation though. I guess, I have to use a nude copper wire, if I understood it well...

This gives me ideas...

I guess I'll try around my mattress on the floor or around the bed of my daughter (that is in wood). The metal bed must be too thick and dense and already deform the whole magnetic field... My thin copper wire will be like too weak to counteract that metal frame.

I have to try this on my ground mattress or daughter's bed.

Interesting ideas about marble... But you mean a whole marble plate or just pieces of marble that I place under the bed??