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Fuel-Efficient Car

Alex V
Hi everyone! Is any one aware of any cars that are excellent with respect to fuel-efficiency but that also wouldn’t expose the driver to unacceptable levels of EMF? A family member of mine will be making a long commute to work (about 50 miles), and he is interested in purchasing a car that is excellent with respect to fuel-efficiency. Thank you very much!
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Re: Fuel-Efficient Car

well, that won' t be easy.
low-emf cars are usually old ones.
as a rule the more " high-tech", the worse.

if the concern is the environmental impact, then one should not fall for the nonsense that newer cars are better in that respect.
of all the energy put into driving during the life-time of a car, about 50 % is fuel, 25 % for the roads and 25 % for the production of the car.
apart from the energy, lots of material gets wasted, especially used in newer cars, including even rare earth metals.
an old car consists mainly of steel and a bit of copper and perhaps aluminium, all easily recyclable.
the longer cars are kept on the road, the less new cars will be manufactured.
the seize of a car matters of course too.
folks that buy new large electric cars with lots of materials that will unlikely ever be re-used, may believe to behave "green" but that's of course sheer nonsense, not too say hypocritical.

by the way, the fumes from the exhausts of new petrol-cars contain often more ultrafine particles than old diesels.
smoke you smell will be filtered out in your nose and upper lungs, this tiny dust will cross your blood-brain barrier.

there are some posts in this forum about cars with lower emf exposure.