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For anyone in the Toronto area

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Electromagnetic field (EMF)

Practical steps to protect yourself from

Wi-Fi radiation ... and more

2 hr Whole Life Expo 2017 Lecture

Whole Life ExpoToronto Friday November 3rd 2017 (5 - 7pm)

Metro Toronto Convention Centre – Lecture Hall 206-B

$35 - Registration at Whole Life Expo Main Ticket Desk


Inline image OWAPstImg452555Dr. Andrew Michrowski, Instructor              

Politecnico di Milano, Architecture, Urbanism & Regional Planning, with engineering & sciences (Dott. Arch., with honours). Served with Indian & Northern Affairs as Chief Planner, and with Secretary of State as forecaster, policy analyst and program evaluator, including EMF issues.  Authored:  Solutions to the global environmental crisis; EM dimension of indoor environments (Indoor Air conference); Edited/co-edited: Basis of Electromagnetic Hygiene, ELF Primer. Scientific advisor NOVA series, TV specials and award-winning documentaries. Headed multi-year Canadian EMF in housing study for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation team. Consumer reports, EMF shielding, electric & hybrid car, and protective testing, safe housing guideline development. Briefs at United Nations, Geneva & New York, & Royal Society of Canada. Legal EMF issues expert witness, expropriation assessment reports.  Galileo Galilei 2017 International Award.   



Who can benefit: RESPONSIBLE LAYPERSONS willing to improve their quality of life

occupational & educational safety decision-makers, health practitioners, architects, engineers, electricians, inspectors



Electromagnetic spectrum / frequency, cumulative & compounding bioeffects: electric, magnetic, thermal / non-thermal, linear/non-linear effects;  Symptoms, guidelines & exposure hygiene:  who, where, when, how, why; Exposure situations:  time, space, compounding, beaming & ricocheting;  Vulnerability, hypersensitivity; medication interfaces; personal protection devices & shielding – what to expect, rationale Coordination, cognitive, safe-driving issues associated with existing and emerging wireless technologies; Measuring equipment: electrical, electrostatics / ions, magnetic, static magnetic fields; VLF, ultrasound, infrasound, RF & MW, full spectrum power density instruments.


     Early-bird registration: $30 by Friday October 13th  



For more information & early-bird-registration: (613) 238-4437 / (888) 639-7730

Planetary Association for Clean Energy, Inc. (PACE)

100 Bronson Avenue, Suite 1001, Ottawa, Ontario K1R 6G8 Canada


45 min public Talk during Whole Life Expo - Sunday Nov 5th

Stay safe in an electropolluted world

(Admission included with Whole Life Expo All Access Passvisit us Booth 19, Nov 3,4,5)

Lecture Hall 206-B - 10:30 am to 11:15 am / Metro Toronto Convention Centre


September 2017

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Re: For anyone in the Toronto area

I wonder how useful this would be.  I could go, I've gone to this expo many times in the past, just to get better prices on supplements.