Flights from US to Mexico?

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Flights from US to Mexico?
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Hello all

I found a flt from Cincinnati Ohio to yucatan without wifi.Its about 7.5 hrs drive from where I am in Atlanta
to Cincinnati and the flts leave sundays at 7 am

There are also flts on delta that leave from here to yucatan and my dad whi works at delta yelled at me earlier for not wanting to get on a delta flt through an ad Atlanta airport where I feel bad.I know that dr. kruse has mentioned if you are black you need to go south to repair mitochondria from emf damage.

Not sure where to go from here?

I have 100 in savings and dependent on parents for and mitigatigation and not sure if the body can tolerate 5g frequencies to leave a 5g atlanta airport

My social security claim.was denied and I applied for an appeal.In the meantime probably.better to.leave the country

Thanks guys and gals