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Lachlan Mudge
Do any of you folks know anything about this research, eg where papers or
articles can be found and how reliable the research/er is? Cheers


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Avoid the Dangers of Electromagnetic Radiation

California Institute of Technology researchers found tiny magnetic particles in
the human brain similar to those found in animals. In numerous species such as
pigeons, salmon and whales, the magnetic particles allow them to navigate in
the Earth's magnetic fields, an inborn direction sense.

Geobiologist Jos. Kirschvink: "We don't know what magnets do or where they hide
in the cells, but their discovery could help explain the reported link between
cancer and electro-magnetic fields produced by power lines and appliances (cell
phones)..." -- a good reason why should you keep your distance from someone on
a cell phone."

This is intimately related to TMJ - grinding and clenching that affects 20% of
the population - as well as the immune system, etc.

Jerry Mittelman, DDS, FAPM

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