Dr Klingh on retroviruses causing most chronic illnesses

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Dr Klingh on retroviruses causing most chronic illnesses

Here is the 50 minute presentation where Dr Klinghardt CLEARLY stated that:

- the number 1 trigger for chronic illness (and autism) is electrosmog, wifi, etc.
It destroys about 1/7 of human proteins.
Extremely bad for anyone, but particularly bad for fetuses.

- Not only CFS, but also MS, RA, auto immune diseases, cardio vascular diseases, thick blood, autism, ADHD, lyme, thyroid diseases, many cancers, etc are caused by retroviral activity.

- MTHFR mutation caused by what? Retrovirus.
MTHFR mutation points to the body having problem with detox and nutrient absorption.

- MCAD (master cell activation disorder) or a cascade of allergies and sensitivities are caused by retroviral activity.
I think MCAD is the closest name to EHS disease, as it means that the immune system starts a cascade of immune reactions when in contact with danger (such as radiation, pathogens or allergens).

- he treats lyme EXACTLY like he treats autism.
And by consequence, he treats CFS the same way too (as most lyme patients suffer from CFS).

- in autism, the main problematic infection are retroviruses.
Lyme is always present too, but it is a co-factor

- he said that lyme is NOT a bacterial illness, but it is retroviral illness activated by tick born bacterial infection.

- retroviruses are transmitted by ticks, by fleas, spiders, mosquitoes and are MORE prevalent than bartonella (in case of fleas). Bartonella is cat scratch disease and it is VERY common.

If you have bartonella, you have almost a 100% chance to have a retroviral infection.

- treating retroviruses may stop lyme by itself, or it makes lyme treatment much easier.

- CFS is not caused by herpes, nor EBV, nor cytomegalovirus, nor HHV 6, but it is caused by retroviruses.

A MUST WATCH video, in my opinion!

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Re: Dr Klingh on retroviruses causing most chronic illnesses


If you like to read the slides of dr K's presentation above with all the scientific articles:



Judy Mikovits said that all vaccines contain retroviruses.

Maybe that's a good reason why many people get lyme after vaccinations!!!

Interview with J Mikovits concerning retroviral infection through vaccines
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Re: Dr Klingh on retroviruses causing most chronic illnesses

for the ones who prefer to read a short article he wrote, explaining about everything, here it is:


He bases his work on Judy Mikovits research on retroviruses.

Few years ago, a few strange deaths and heavily armed people destroyed the lab that was producing GcMaf.

Dr James Jeff Bradstreet was murdered, so research on retroviruses (lab research) to develop tests for patients stopped.

People are afraid to get murdered, so no one took the work further.

Dr Bradstreet was working on a cure for autism, mainly interested in diagnosing and curing retroviruses.

Mainstream media, of course, tells another tale.

Dr Bradstreet murdered or suicide?

It's not difficult to connect the dots: labs of GcMaf were attacked, it's now very hard to buy or use GcMaf, many labs were closed and its main researcher dead...

In Holland, his lab was invaded by armed gunmen, and closed ever since. They argued that the lab was having problems with tax payment. But why sending army people to close it???! Totally illegal.

He's now dead, dr Senef continues this work, but if you read about her story, her carrier has suffered enormously too.

Here is one part dr K speaks about retroviruses and lyme.

"When the retroviruses are effectively
addressed early in the treatment of chronic
illness, ...

...other issues such as bacterial
infections (Borrelia, Mycoplasma, Bartonella

...mould illness,
....EBV, CMV, HHV-6,

....silent inflammation,
....parasites, heavy metal toxicity

and many other problems become less
symptomatic and often undetectable

– and respond much better to treatment, even to
interventions that have failed before.

Plants have been exposed to the same
retroviruses as us, but for 300 million years

-– and many have developed potent

Even though drugs like Truvada
and AZT can be successfully used, I prefer the
use of plant-based products that have unique
anti-retroviral properties.

A few examples with the key references:
- Scutelaria root (Ruscetti et al: “Inhibition
of HIV infection by baicalin – a flavonoid
compound purified from Chinese herbal
Cellular & Molecular Biology
Research 39, 2 (1993): 119-124).

- Cistus incanus (Rebensburg et al: “Potent
in vitro antiviral activity of Cistus incanus
extract against HIV and Filoviruses targets
viral envelope proteins”.

Scientific Reports 6 (2016): 20394).

- Broccoli sprouts (Furuya et al: “Sulforaphane inhibits HIV infection of macrophages through Nrf2.” PLoS Pathogens, 12.4 (2016): e1005581)

- St John’s Wort (Meruelo, Lavie and Lavie:
“Therapeutic agents with dramatic anti-retroviral activity and little toxicity at effective
doses: aromatic polycyclic diones hypericin
and pseudohypericin.”
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Re: Dr Klingh on retroviruses causing most chronic illnesses

Jinna thank you for sharing this

I think that i may have Chronic

Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic

Encapholomyelitis along with EHS.

I am trying to find out the root

Cause if my mitochondria was

Defective by birth or by vaccine/


I was born in 1985 in ethiopia

and soon after received vaccinations

Before coming to america

Age 12-32 very athletic


Does this mean it is not by birth

was there a mitochodrial problem?

Last year i came down with EHS

noticably working at the airport

And that was the last time i was

able to do exercise consistently

without crashing.When the EHS

came on so did the CFS gradually.

Now i don’t do too much activity

beside light walking because its

not good for the mitochondria in

this state.Too much TV,reading,

using computer even without wifi

can also trigger crash from mental


Also i have had past EBV

Doctors say it is latent now

and body fought off ebv

Hsv 1 and varcella but no shingles


Sunlight and grounding have not

seemed to make me much more

Resilient to modern wireless.

I am curious Mrs.Jinna if you

think in my case this ehs is

caused by virus,if cfs is caused

by virus or if ehs caused the cfs?

There is something inflammatory

That i feel.Last year i was hiking

For long distances  and could

stand Up and hold long

conversations with people

Where now it can trigger muscle

Aches,soreness,increased noise

Sensitivity just socializing

For more than 10-15 mins

at this point when it

gets bad it seems like drinking

alot of milk alleviates the mental

fatigue but later on get some

immflamatory feelings although

The protein and sugar helped

There is something that is being

masked that is underlying

Here is a video when i first

Got really emf sensitive

Spring 2018 age 32


Then weeks later the ability to

hike several miles got worse

I was feeling good in that video

not immflamed in the forest.

Now when i go back to the forest

I feel a little better but not the

same a year ago.

Outside my house near the airport

Asked Dr Kruse for work and he

Said no positions

available.Honestly i felt like the

brain has some kind of

immflamation reviewing the video


Back in the forest a year later

feel better some but cannot walk

the 1-5 hours that i was able to

without fibromylgia and noise

sensitivity.Again if i walk too

much in the forest i get that need

to drink milk to alleviate mental

and physical fatigue.I can feel the

Cells dont operate the same.

Here is a video of my revisit to

The forest.


Also when

i attempt to play table tennis with

friends i have to leave within a

Few minutes because i can feel

The lactate in the legs getting

weaker and the loud sounds and

Cell phones create an effect.

I use to not be bothered by sound

But now when i watch tv i have

To turn the volume way down

Social events with sound and cell

Phones like house

parties/conferences i have had

to go to the car and lay down

because of the clapping/sounds

Thank you Mrs Jinna

I appreciate it

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Re: Dr Klingh on retroviruses causing most chronic illnesses

Hey Dtes, so nice to 'see' you and so sorry to know your health 's been going downwards.

I'm just sharing with you all what I'm learning too, so no definitive answers...

I don't think your mitochondria is broken from birth.

Read about cell danger response. I posted here, maybe, about that research?

Cell danger response explains why ATP is leaked (when the cell feels threatened).

Unfortunately, I think, most people with chronic illness have some basic problems...

But I do think these can be reversed, once we are convinced of the causes (or once we decide to try).

If you've been studying infectious diseases as long as I have, you'll know that what you feel (cravings) is not always your feelings, but many of our cravings come from pathogens, who are craving and are able to control your wishes.

Like candida asks for more junk sugar and white flour (bad bread, pasta etc).

Or viruses make you crave for oily food, eggs, milk, cheese etc.

And so on.

Anytime you have an unavoidable craving, that can't be substituted, means, in my opinion, a bad craving.

If your craving subsides with something else (like you crave eggs, but you eat lentils and your egg craving disappears), it means the craving was not coming from a bad source (addiction, or pathogens).

Any food you are absolutely addicted to (like coffee, sugar, milk, eggs, etc) are the bad foods for you.

This is just my personal opinion, that took decades to form.

Today, I have no doubt about it, but I don't want to convince anyone.

I simply know that when my brain gets an unavoidable craving that I, Jinna, cannot control with my mind, it can't mean something good. I think of that food like a drug or alcohol addiction and try to heal from it.

There will be withdrawal symptoms if you avoid that food (like milk or egg, in case your brain is addicted to it, even added sugar).

You'll pass through a healing crisis, the same way a cocaine addict will pass through (in smaller intensity).

If you leave the food for a month, and you don't pass through any healing crisis, it means you were never addicted to it.

Milk cannot be good. It's a dead food, not meant for adults, and not meant to be taken by other species (like cows feeding humans). Unless you are starving, yes, why not.

It's loaded with antibodies from thousands of cows (or any other animal in case you drink goat or sheep milk) that were meant to protect their babies.

If you leave milk products 100% (including butter) and you never hear 'milk' in your brain, you never get that 'milk' thought, that craving, well, that's fine.

Probably milk was not doing you harm.

But if you get those obsessive thoughts, try to resist.

The addiction has a reason to be there, and it is NEVER good.

Good foods never cause that sort of addiction - the one that causes withdrawal symptoms.
No one has withdrawal problems with apples, carrots, lettuce, mango, strawberries, squash  etc.

You can always substitute these with other berries, sweet fruits without anxiety, excessive thoughts.

that's just really my own rule of thumb, to determine whether a food is productive or non-productive....
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Re: Dr Klingh on retroviruses causing most chronic illnesses

This post was updated on .
Dtes, your story is sadly the story of many people with CFS and EHS and all sorts of sensitivity diseases (fibromyalgia, chemical sensitivities, allergies, mast cell activation disorder, unknown inflammatory diseases...).

By what your wrote, I feel that possibly the vaccines could be one of the triggers (excess of toxins, all vaccines are EXTREMELY inflammatory ON PURPOSE, plus they all seem to be infected with retroviruses).

Second big trigger looks the airport.
One of the worst places to be, if you have EHS (or even if you don't, but people don't know).

The milk craving for me indicates either gut parasites or pathogens' craving (it's just my opinion).

Forest walk is great idea, not only because of less EMR, but because you get in the field of trees and nature, and these beings are like powerplants of energy healing.

You get in the field of trees, water, etc is like getting partially treated.
Plus it's good emotionally. And if you go barefoot, even better.

Don't doubt your suffer from active infections, specially viruses.

Chronic infections are behind all chronic diseases, including cancer.

I have little doubt about that. Inflammation comes basically from pathogens.

Avoid anything that increases inflammation - such as microwave radiation, Xrays, etc.

Avoid main food allergens because they cause directly inflammation - nuts, milk products, eggs, gluten, most grains (if you can't just add quinoa, amaranth or millet), too acid fruits (until you heal).

Except for lemon, most people do not react badly to lemon.

Increase anti oxidants.

ALL these problems you suffer (fibro, inflammation, EHS etc) come from oxidative stress.


Plus infections cause oxidation - the pathogens create toxins by die-off, by poop and pee, and some are EXTREMELY smart chemical machines that learned how to manufacture neurotoxins to poison your nerves.

Why? To doom your immune system so that they can survive.

They are oxidative machines, literally. That's how they doom your immune system and you get inflammation!!

Which are the first organs to be affected?
The liver and the kidneys: they get the overload with toxic dump.

So think in BIG LETTERS: ANTI OXIDANTs. Your body needs help to feel less crap from free radicals.

Free radicals damage your cells, make them die early or even kill your cells.

They cause the symptoms, so you need anti oxidants in GREAT AMOUNTS to be symptom free.

What has a great amount of antioxidants?

Not milk, not meat, not eggs, not flour products, etc

Yes: fruits and vegetables. Eat these in GREAT amounts.

The more raw, the best, if your digestive system can take this.

What will make your body flush these nasty oxidative free radicals?

Your liver and kidneys: they need WATER!!

But our water is dead or polluted, so think fresh juices, eat water melons in great amounts, take lemon juice ...

These plants (fruits) have a sort of vibed up water - they take the bad dead rain water and transform it into better waters, more living waters (that's what Anthony says).

I told an aunt with liver cancer (she's got metastasis for about 5 years, still alive) to take cucumber water and lemon water.

Her oncologist was so amazed to see her blood values improved so fast (she's still on chemiotherapy) that my aunt had to TEACH her oncologist how to produce her lemon water and cucumber water.

If you increase fruits in your diet, you have to decrease fats (meats, oils) DRASTICALLY, or the fruit sugars won't go inside your cells, due to insulin resistance.

If you doubt you got chronic infections, in my opinion, you are losing a great chance to heal, because you won't target your treatment to silence these infections.

that's the biggest flaw in my opinion, in any treatment of ANY disease that involve the immune system and inflammation.

People don't believe on chronic pathogens at the CENTER of their health problems.

I have no single doubt today about chronic infections behind most (if not all) chronic problems. Anything that has the immune system as a central problem, will have chronic pathogens behind.

Cancer included. Autism. CFS. EHS. MS. Alzheimer /Parkinson. Fibromyalgia. Autoimmune. RA. Etc Etc

If you avoid toxins and allergens, you do already a great step for the immune system.

You add antioxidants in great amount, nutrient rich food easy to absorb, little digestion necessary (fruits and veggies), you help building your immune system back.

Add oxidative food +  heavy to digest (any meat, high protein, high fat), allergenic (nuts, eggs, milk products etc), dead food (flour, processed foods, added sugar foods) you go backwards.

200 years ago, we could eat anything and still be in reasonable good health because there were not industrial toxins, no bad radiation, no processed foods.

Today, we can't take that path if symptoms develop.

that's my sincere opinion. It's like swimming against the current, unfortunately, but it pays back in health.
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Re: Dr Klingh on retroviruses causing most chronic illnesses

Jinna i appreciate your feedback

regarding the role of pathogens

and chronic disease,ehs.

Typically when i eat sugary fruits

Like banana or watermelon i feel

Inmlammed like i do with gluten

And milk

Perhaps this is candida?

Here is where im confused about.

Our ancestors for thousands of

years hunted animals and eat alot

Of meat.Of course there was no

emf back then.Our grandparents

before the 1-5g generation ate

lots of red meat,butter,milk

lived till there 80s and 90s before

the wifi generation.Perhaps it was

the emergence of wifi that is

causing the problems of viruses

and liver detox issues as you say

although our ancestors were

nomadic and would eat what was

available in the season.Less plants

potatoes grown in winter and

more hunting animals.There were

no trucks to transport fruit and

vegatables from non-local areas

so they ate what was in their

environment.Perhaps this is living

in accordance to nature according

to jack.Perhaps there is more to

this as i hear people on here

doing well on fruit/veggies

also hear people getting up from

Wheelchairs on Keto

Terry wahls cured her MS on Keto

Still trying to learn

Some tribes in warm climates ate

High carbs like okinwans but

nordics in northern europe ate

meat.Same with Alaskans

The manipulation of eating

what is growing in warm brazil

like fruits shipped north.Isn’t

eating what isn’t locally grown in

Season unnatural?

Perhaps its the emf that is

altering the process.Not sure

seems like you being in

switzerland eating food that is not

grown in season and typically in

the warm seasons is still working

for you.

You mentioned you were in the

country.Would you say

fruit/veggies high carb helps you

in bigger switzerland cities?

Thats one thing i heard jack say

Is too eat what is grown in your

area code and season.Perhaps

there is more to this.I still haven’t

found what works for me.I know minimizing

emf is important.

Thank You Mrs Jinna
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Re: Dr Klingh on retroviruses causing most chronic illnesses

In reply to this post by Jinna
Thanks Jinna. Really interesting and excellent information. Klinghardt is a medical wizard.

Since Klinghardt is German, do you (or anyone?) know if he also has a clinic in Europe somewhere?

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Re: Dr Klingh on retroviruses causing most chronic illnesses

Casper, you're welcome. Yes, I agree that he's quite good.

Always at least 5 years in advance to other practitioners.

He was the guy who started talking about heavy metals in the end of 80s already. That time, he was already in a lab analyzing stools of european patients and seeing very strange parasites.

No one back then was worried about heavy metals or parasites.

In the 90s, he entered lyme and EBV and herpes viruses.

In the passage of the century, he was full on lyme, austism, brain diseases and starting to warn about electrosmog and extreme parasitism on people.

He began screaming about electrosmog, people laughed back then.

Now he's into retroviruses. Let's see what will come?

Yes, he says he has a clinic in Switzerland, but I think it's mostly a clinic that uses his name.

As far as I know, it is a dentist clinic...

He doesn't live in Europe, he only comes 2 x a year for giving his courses.

He has many followers, as the courses never stop all year long.

I went to 2 practitioners, one in Switzerland and one in Germany. Now I do pretty much by myself, but sometimes I get help from one of them (a medical doctor in Zug).

In the UK, there is also a place where you can ask, Kiscience or something like that. Where are you , Casper?
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Re: Dr Klingh on retroviruses causing most chronic illnesses

In reply to this post by dteshome85@gmail.com
Dtes, I've been into the eating dilemma for about 30 years.

I always had problems with my digestive system, and had been plagued by chronic diseases.

not that bad, as a young person, but it became clearly bad after lyme disease.

There, I developed EHS and a series of other problems.

I studied under a specialist of indigenous societies in South America, during my undergrad.

It's very untrue that these forest people's live on meat. Meat is a rarity, hard to find, hard to hunt.

They share even a small bird among big extended families.

Fish, yes, but it's not their main staple. They eat a lot of tubers, small fruits, almost no grains.

The reason they keep moving is to find food.

I recently read a book of a woman who grew in the jungles of West Papua.
Sabine Kuegler, you can google her.

Meat is only a rarity, hunters are super proud to show what they hunt, they gather for sharing their food, but normally, they eat insects, worms, tubers, palms, fruits...

Have you read about the China Study done during 20 years in China, millions of people involved?

There is no doubt that diabetes, most heart diseases, neuro diseases, cancers are linked to meat and fat consumption and not to fruit and vegetables.

Google China Study, or buy the book. It was done with Oxford and Cambridge University, 20 years looking into more than 6,000 villages.

If you LIKE meat, is another topic.

Guys on keto never remain keto more than a couple of years.

Have you seen a keto guy eating strictly keto for 10 years?

I haven't.

They all move forward OUT of keto after a couple of years.

That's my opinion.

I tried paleo and keto and almost died. I felt my whole body collapsing.

I do most of my treatment by intuition.

Meats are extremely oxidant, they lower the pH of the blood and cells, so that you become a perfect place for pathogens to grow.

Here in Europe, there are a lot of practitioners who employ pH diet.

Here is a study talking about that:

You won't find a lot of studies in English, most are in German.

I don't think there are a lot of nay sayers concerning diet influencing pH, not in the Germanic world.
It's pretty much an accepted view to treat most diseases like gout, cardio vascular, cancer prevention, lower infections etc.

If you eat acid promoting foods, you become acid. There can't be magic.

If you eat alkaline promoting foods, you become alkaline.

Pathogens and disease cannot thrive in alkaline environments.

Oxygen poor waters are acidic, and they rotten in nature with candida, bacteria, parasites, algae.

Oxygen rich waters are alkaline, and allow growth of higher species such as fish, small animals, higher plants etc...

If you are on a high meat, high fat consumption, you'll not be able to move to high carb (quality carb, like potatoes, squash, lettuce etc) and high fruit due to insulin resistance.


Keto and paleo proponents ignore that.
They say they don't have diabetes because they do not consume sugar or are on low sugar consumption.

The only way to know if you have insulin resistance is to consume sugars (such as from fruits) and see if the sugar level lower rather fast in your blood, meaning, that insulin is working properly and sending sugar INSIDE your muscles, cells, liver, where they are needed.

If they remain high, it's not the fruit sugar the problem, but fats that create insulin resistance.

That's my opinion, and after taking a look at the China Study, I think there is a logic on it.

The China study do not put high limits on fruit consumption.
The more the better, seems to be the statistic conclusion.

The reason you feel bad eating fruits is very probably insulin resistance.

Candida is pleomorphic, another concept 'science' forgot.

Most pathogens are pleomorphic, meaning, they change function and shape depending on the environment.

Your bad candida is the same as the good candida: it just shift modes.

I also blamed candida in the past, cut sugars etc.

But candida thrive on meats: they thrive on anything because this is how organic matter decomposes.

It's a myth that candida does not thrive on garlic, onions, all meats, eggs, veggies theoretically without much carbs etc. A total myth, because how does organic matter then decompose in nature?

Insects do a bit, but mostly, bacteria and candida / fungi decomposes the rest.

You'll be totally mislead thinking that high meat diet won't promote candida or bacteria, because they thrive in ACIDIC environement.

Processed sugar makes the body acidic, like processed foods, high fats and high meat diets.

What is good in keto / paleo, is that they cut in processed foods and lower grains, flour consumption.

That's just my opinion.

If you feel great on keto, just go on.

Your skin should look great, your liver should feel good, your blood should be light color and flowing freely, and your energy levels should improve.

The immune system should kick in, your humor should improve, your brain fog go away, inflammation shall go down, your body become an undesirable place for pathogen growth.

Well, we are toxic, and that toxicity alone makes us already acid.

"We have all heard about free radicals and antioxidants but here are the definitions from the book.

“A free radical is a molecule that is missing electrons.  It is like a mugger looking for someone’s purse to steal.  When a free radical steals electrons from a cell, it damages the cell.

An antioxidant is a molecule capable of giving electrons away……….”

An antioxidant is an electron donor, has a pH of 7.1 -14, is alkaline and constructive.

“Electron stealers cause damage, are pH from 0 to 6.9, are acidic, are free radicals, are the positive pole, are destructive, and at the atomic level spin left.”1"



Another view on high fat (if you eat high meat you eat high fat):


It's not only roses....

If you understand that, you understand the problem with high acidic diet and how they are extremely related to electricity.

Our problem is basically extreme oxidation, extreme acidity (the SAME THING!), lack of antioxidants, lack of alkalinity.

I know many people who can't even digest a leaf of lettuce: their gut, stomachs, liver have been destroyed.

They have no more probiotics, their bile was spent trying to digest high fats and mostly meats, their stomach acids lowered too due to hard to digest diets, processed foods, etc.

they can't eat fruits without bloating, feeling awful.

the blood of these guys are thick, dark, their energy levels are not high, their brains are not clear...

it takes years for them to rebuild the flora, their stomach acids, their bile, clean their livers, their blood, vessels, etc...

But there are fashions and fashions.

The only thing that practically cancelled all my food allergies and EHS is lowering drastically meat and fat consumption, taking off ALL gluten, milk products, eating zero processed foods, increasing raw as much as I can, increasing good carbs (in great amounts).

I'm eating a ton of fruits and all fruit allergies seem to be gone.

I still got some problems with nuts, but looking back a few months ago, I did huge steps forward.

Food sensitivity is the same type of disease as EHS sensitivity, chemical sensitivity, mold sensitivity....

If one goes down, the others should diminish. That's my experience.

If yours are diminishing on keto, go on. Mine only changed with high quality carbs + high veggie / fruit consumption

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Re: Dr Klingh on retroviruses causing most chronic illnesses

Hello Jinna

I am curious what about the lack

Of B12 in non animal food.Isn’t

B12 required for the methleyation


Thanks Jinna
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Re: Dr Klingh on retroviruses causing most chronic illnesses

Dtes, B12 is produced by the gut bacteria, that is basically built when you're feeding your probiotic bacteria with fibers (and eating fresh probiotics from fruits and veggies).

As for animal meat, if you don't eat organic, you'll be eating GMO fed chicken, pork and beef.

Corn or soya are not even food for cows, but that's one of their main food.
On top, they are mainly GMO, meaning, they eat those modified proteins with IN BUILT pesticides in their genes.

Plus all GMO come fully charged in glyphosate, that is today, more than known to destroy the gut flora of both cows and humans, letting bacteria such as clostridium to proliferate.

I find it funny that meat eaters think that meat is a seasonal food, if every animal is fed with vegetables coming from all sources in the planet, kept in dirty stalls to protect them against weather and nature the whole year.

Most pigs, cows and chicken never see the sunlight, if not through small holes in the walls.

Some never touch the EARTH, as they walk on concrete floors their whole lives.
I know a farmer that only has 300 cows, and that's how they do.

The cows receive the visit of the vet ONCE A WEEK because their feet get often hurt (they are not built to walk in concrete floors, so the nail hurts their 'feet' and hurt their legs, they get ill, with infections, because the floor is too hard for them).

They were made to walk on grass / mud, but as they never leave these concrete floors, they get hurt almost daily.

So the vets come to fix the problem with antibiotics once a week in this small-middle size farm.

the food they eat is mostly GMO cheap corn imported from all over the planet. The cheapest, the best.

You guys think you eat seasonal meat?!

do you think their food is locally grown, natural for them?

You all know that cows are given chicken bones, right? That's how the mad cow disease started.

If corn and grains are not their food, what about powdered dead chicken?

And just guess what the chicken ate, before they got powdered to become pork and cow food?

GMOs too!! And G knows what else!

Even many organic farm animals never see the sunlight except from small window openings.

The difference is that they do not eat GMO.

They also do not eat locally grown food, because in winter anyway, there is no food.

Every single bite of a piece of animal meat is the result of a global transport of foods, mostly GMOs, that happen during weeks (in case of chicken) or during years, until they kill the adult cow or pig before they are too sick.

Every single bite of a piece of animal come then with a concentrate of pesticides, fungicides, insecticides, herbicides, plastics - because all of these toxins bio-accumulate in the food chain - the higher the food chain, the more concentrate toxins you have, PLUS the whole amount of antibiotics these animals took to survive their lives in crowded closed farms.

Your argument about eating locally / seasonal makes zero sense, because 100 grams of any meat you eat is not even comparable to 100 grams of a papaya that traveled from the tropics ONCE to arrive in your house.

Your 100 grams of beef is a total ecological catastrophe in comparison with the poor papaya.

my daughter lacked iron badly. Doctor told her to eat almost uncooked beef. I fed her daily with steaks for 3 months, until she could not eat it anymore. Her iron levels dropped even further, to a level that put her life in danger (less than 3 ferritin).

So I changed strategy: I gave her only veggie origin iron, through whole foods. 3 months later, her levels were higher than average.

She battled low iron for a year: supplements did not help, steak did not help, the only thing that helped were eating vegetables with iron.

But she's still got problems to make this iron into red blood cells. We're now trying to solve that problem.

The lesson I learned is: even though those steaks were full of iron, her body could not use it. Eating those steaks helped zero, literally. I was baffled.

Even if you eat your B12 and your proteins from meat, it does not mean immediately that your body will use these nutrients.

You need a functioning liver for that, as methylation happens in the liver, mostly.

Meats, fats, processed foods, alcohol, toxins etc, charge the liver and it can't then work properly.

So now, we're working on our livers, to support all it does (about 2,000 functions, of which methylation is one).

The liver needs super nutrient rich foods, loads of antioxidants (because it's extremely toxic from our toxic world), a lot of water, a liquid and flowing blood (not dark, thick blood).

I'm not sure all her problems (and my problems) will be solved by eating LIGHTER, easy to digest foods, very low in fat, zero alcohol, low in animal protein etc.

In my opinion, the reason everyone profits from adding protein as supplements (such as lysin, glutamine, etc) is because we can't even make use of the proteins we eat in our food.

And I can bet that it's not only proteins, but basically most minerals and vitamins cannot be processed in the body, even if you eat them, due to an overburdened liver.

I don't know if this is the final answer, but that's where we are betting on now.

I've been to France this weekend, 4 hours in the car that usually knocks me down.

I still have to nap when I'm in it, but my EHS is clearly better than before.

I don't have that panic that I used to have: feeling like jumping off the window of that car.

 I slept about 1.5 hour and after did not feel knocked down as usual. When I wake up in the car, I truly feel fine, like renewed energy.

It's almost as though I don't suffer from EHS anymore.

so I'm sticking with what's working - loads of fruits and veggies, no gluten, no milk, low animal protein, etc.
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Re: Dr Klingh on retroviruses causing most chronic illnesses

Appreciate your insight Jinna

Curious what you think of this
Jinna as well as the need of cholesterol for male testosterone


Thank you Jinna

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Re: Dr Klingh on retroviruses causing most chronic illnesses

This post was updated on .
"The acidity of your blood is measured by determining its pH.
A lower pH means that your blood is more acidic, while a higher pH means that your blood is more basic.

The pH of your blood should be around 7.4.
According to the American Association for Clinical Chemistry (AACC), acidosis is characterized by a pH of 7.35 or lower.

Alkalosis is characterized by a pH level of 7.45 or higher.

While seemingly slight, these numerical differences can be serious.

Acidosis can lead to numerous health issues, and it can even be life-threatening. "

"Metabolic acidosis starts in the kidneys instead of the lungs.

It occurs when they can’t eliminate enough acid or when they get rid of too much base.

There are three major forms of metabolic acidosis:

 1.   Diabetic acidosis occurs in people with diabetes that’s poorly controlled.
 If your body lacks enough insulin, ketones build up in your body and acidify your blood.

  2.  Hyperchloremic acidosis results from a loss of sodium bicarbonate.
This base helps to keep the blood neutral.
Both diarrhea and vomiting can cause this type of acidosis.

  3.  LACTIC ACIDOSIS occurs when there’s too much lactic acid in your body.
Causes can include chronic alcohol use, heart failure, cancer, seizures, liver failure, prolonged lack of oxygen, and low blood sugar.

Even prolonged exercise can lead to lactic acid buildup.

  4.  Renal tubular acidosis occurs when the kidneys are unable to excrete acids into the urine. This causes the blood to become acidic.

Factors that can contribute to your risk of acidosis include:

    a high-fat diet that’s low in carbohydrates
    kidney failure
    aspirin or methanol poisoning

In my opinion, if you eat too many acid promoting foods and lower proportion of basic promoting foods, you'll get mostly acid where you don't want to be acid (such as blood).

Of course, toxins and pathogens can also cause acidity to increase where they are not wanted (you want your stomach and mouth to be acid, but not the blood).

Many drugs can cause lactic acidosis too (look wikipedia)...

LACTIC ACIDOSIS can be even caused by low blood sugar as seen above.

I don't know how lactic acidosis relate to fibromyalgia, but if there is any relation, think to alkalinize your blood and to increase blood sugar then?!

If lactic acidosis is caused by lack of oxygen in the blood, well, why is that the blood is oxygen poor?

In my opinion: lack of hydration, too many fats that create thick dark blood (red blood cells stick together), radiation makes that too, anything that makes red blood cells stick together is bad because they won't be good means to transport oxygen any longer.

Certainly water, fruits and veggies won't do that, but excess fats, butter, pork, heavy proteins will.

On top, these animal proteins and fats lower pH causing acidosis on their own (if you don't eat balanced).
While fruits and veggies increase pH..
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Re: Dr Klingh on retroviruses causing most chronic illnesses

As for testosterone, all mammals produce that.
Even females do.

Most animals in the planet eat plant base diet (or the planet collapses, due to the energy food pyramid).

The ecological pyramid /energy food pyramid is bigger at its base:

It means, the lower you are, you are closer to being a producer of energy (instead of consumer, such as plants), then the higher you move, you become a consumer of consumer (tertiary consumers).

The base has to be bigger than the top, meaning you got more biomass on the base, more creatures that need to fill the base to support the upper 'ranks'.

So the majority of animals in the planet are producing their hormones, building muscles, brain cells, organs, bones, etc  out of a plant base diet.

I sometimes think how could our civilization arrive where we arrived today?

- thinking it's normal to believe we need calcium from milk taken from another animal to make our bones strong (inter-species interchange of a food that is destined to babies of one species), while osteoporosis just keep increasing

- thinking it's logic we need to eat meat and muscles from other animals to produce our own muscles and meat (while the animals we consume are vegetarians themselves)

- thinking it's logic to eat thousands of grains in one meal (like rice, wheat etc), while this does not exist easily in nature..., and that 'bread' became the main source of our food today...

- then force animals to eat corn, soy, grains so that they produce our milk, our meat proteins, while the amount of grains these animals ingest in ONE MEAL would never happen in their whole lifetime if left free in nature...

... plus we give them powdered animals as food (chicken powder to cows)...

... and we wonder why they are getting so sick, these animals, and need so many antibiotics and drugs.

Do you know that most cows cannot give birth without the help of man?

My husband used to help a farmer long ago. He told me that.
Without man, cows die, they can't even give birth alone any longer...

And that was 40 years ago. With more genetic modifications, today it should be even worse.

And we still drink their milk and eat their flesh?

I still eat them too, specially when in social meetings, but it sort of makes me wonder how have we accepted that as being 'standard' and 'normal', when it's absurd!?

How can a guy like you (you do look nice and informed) don't know that testosterone is produced by all animals be them plant based or not?

How can we arrive to this state? Not only you, me too, as I'm an animal consumer too.... and only recently I stopped eating milk products.