Detox vs supplementing

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Detox vs supplementing
I have heard from Martin pall

about the idea of calcium channel

ion blocking by taking things like

magnesium,omega 3,Garlic,

onion,cruciferic vegetables vs

taking detoxifing agents like chollera which is more of a

straight detox.emf refugee Paul

Doyon who has studied dr palls

work mentioned to me that it’s

Going to be tough to detox unless

you are in a quiet zone.He

Recommended  supplements like

acetyl lmcarnitine,lysine and

magnesium to help with calcium

Channel blocking.Curious what

your experiences are on this issue

of calcium channel blocking.Right

now I take 2 capsules of ubiqinoul

q10,moringa and b12.The

antenna like feeling where I can

feel something in the brain while

in grocery stores at night I don’t

know if this is due to heavy metal

or the calcium channel ion

mechanism.I was at Walgreens

yesterday and noticed a couple

Routers on the roof and felt kinda

weak.I spoke to Lessemf and the

guy told me that emf enters the

skin and releases chemicals in

the blood stream.I told him that

the hat from forehsnyehs didn’t

seem to help and he said that’s

because you only have about 3

percent protection.He said that

because you protect the brain

with a hat doesn’t necessitily

mean the brain is protected since

emf enters the skin and releases

chemicals and that a full body suit

would provide more surface area

coverage.I wonder what your

thoughts are on this?
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Re: Detox vs supplementing

Moringa helps detoxing (as it's rich in sulfur).

It may mobilize toxins, as far as I understand (a bit like chlorella).
Moringa has quite an impressive CV!

But as with all rich and good nutrition, it may cause detox symptoms...

CoQ10 helps cells with energy (and so does moringa / chlorella, they are food for the mitochondria), so probably cells will start doing some of the job they should have been doing but couldn't due to lack of energy.

One thing could be: helping taking up good nutrients and detoxing (eating and pooping).

And B12, I posted before:

B12 can chelate mercury. So if you are loaded with it, you may have some symptoms.

Heavy metals, when they move and are not properly bound off the body, will create LOADS of strange symptoms.

One of it is ES gets higher. But if you chelate them off the body, ES gets smaller again.

Whatever good nutrition we give to the body, minerals, good vitamins, well, the body will start doing what it is SUPPOSED to do, but couldn't (because of lack of those good nutrients). So you feel the effect of these moving toxins around the body.

Many people think good nutrition, good supplementation mean = illness, because of that.

ES won't be different. There may very probably be increase in ES symtpmos , because toxic load and our inability to detox are 2 reasons (if not the MAIN reasons) why we feel so ill (compared to other non-ES people).

At least, that is how I see the problem.

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Re: Detox vs supplementing

Is this the study you mention about (Martin Poll)?
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Re: Detox vs supplementing
Yes he believes that with 5g

things will get worse.I spoke to

him on the phone earlier and he

mentioned that he takes

magnesium citrate although he

doesn’t have high sensitivity to

emf.He believes that i have

oxidative stress.About 6 months

ago I was hiking with a weighted

backpack at the park and ever

since this whole thing has started

it seems that doing anything

besides walking or some push-ups

makes me fatigued.I am

hoping that morninga and q10 will

help with this.It has been a couple weeks
Since starting moringa and q10

Earlier today i

jumped on the mini tramapline for

5 minutes and in the past I would

get an endorphin response from

jumping or jumping

roping.Individuals have claimed

that the mini trampoline helped

with conditions like cancer and

has hashimotos strengtening the

immune system but I felt a bit

fatigued instead of endorphined

He also talks about activating the

Nrf2 factor through things like

garlic,onions cruciforius

vegetables and some people don’t

respond to garlic.In the high emf

Place at Delta that I used to work

At individuals would eat fast food

Several times a week be

sedentary and still not suffer from

Microwave sickness it just

surprises me
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Re: Detox vs supplementing

Nice you talked to him.
I do respond well to magnesium citrate (but I heard glycinate may be even better).

I'll copy paste the info from the website you recommend:

    1. Countering Calcium Influx: Martin Pall recommends Magnesium, of which many people's diets are deficient. Martin Pall also recommends Omega-3 fatty acids. Note that omega-3 fatty acids may function as a natural calcium channel blocker, which can modulate calcium influx . With regards to modulating calcium levels, I would also suggest considering the following nutrients as well : Vitamin D3, Resveratrol, and Curcumin. For example, resveratrol may help to counter elevated calcium concentrations.

    2. Countering downstream effects like superoxide and Peroxynitrate: To activate or raise Nrf2 (nuclear factor erythroid-2-related factor 2) which may help counter the downstream effects of calcium influx, Martin Pall recommends sulforaphane from cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli, long chain omega-3s and fish oil, isothiocyanates from the cabbage group, sulfur compounds in garlic and onion, terpenoids, carotenoids, and so on.

He also recommends the Mediterranean diet and the traditional Okinawan diet.  Pall also notes that resveratrol may be helpful to protect against peroxynitrite and superoxide (PMID 24232452). In one of the footnotes of Pall's articles, a study on Beetroots finds that beetroots may be beneficial to counter increases in peroxynitrate.

In short words, he recommends then:

magnesium (enzyme co factor)

Omega 3 in fish oil (binder, antioxidant)

Vit D3 (he forgot the K2 for good calcium distribution)

Resveratrol (anti oxidant)
Curcumin (anti oxidant)

sulphur rich foods (broccoli, cabbage, garlic, onion...) (toxin binders)

Okinawan diet: little rice / grains, sweet potatoes or other potatoes, low sugar, small amounts of fish, soy an, veggies, pig daily eaten (inclusive internal organs), barely any meat or poultry, less eggs, almost no dairy, no pickles (wikipedia)

Yes, ES symptoms and almost all disease symptoms are linked to oxidative stress.

That is why I'm trying the experiment with liposomal Vit C.
So far, the best, fastest antioxidant I ever took (and you bet I took many things).

Not a single therapy, but amazing fast results (pretty inexpensive too).

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Re: Detox vs supplementing

You seem to suffer from CFS, like thousands or millions of people in the civilized world.

And also post-exertional fatigue (fatigue after exercise), coming probably from adrenal fatigue.

All possibly caused partially by EMRs.

I learned by experience that making exercise to become tired after brought my health backwards and in no way, forwards.

I need the energy to digest, function, and if I spent it in sports my immune system got much worse (and digestion, and everything else)... I usually crashed badly if I exercised, and that was life threatening in my case (as I suffered from severe infections).

Most doctors do not have a clue about that and most people don't either.
They innocently think that exercise is good for all.

It isn't, specially when you have adrenal fatigue.

My rule of thumb is: only exercise when AFTER it, I feel get MORE energy (more energized, more healthy), and not the opposite.

I need energy to fight oxidation, EMRs, to digest, to fight pathogens, to excrete toxins, to produce hormones, to exist even (and enjoy some life)...

Trampolin helps the lymph, but you need the energy to do that.
Always stop before you crash.

Example: if 5 minutes of morning trampolin, you crash the whole afternoon, you got either to stop or start with only 30 seconds, then build up slowly while taking all supplements, grounding yourself, eating correctly, sleeping well.

In my experience, one can't build up from adrenal fatigue without a COMPLETE program of wellness.

Now I can swim, bike, hike, walk long hours and even do the extreme exercises to build white muscles done by sportspeople.

But during CFS / adrenal fatigue / post exertional fatigue times, I did not dare even to jog for 3 minutes.

When I spent 3 days in electrosmog, during a course, I felt tired and had to take more supplements and eat exclusively raw food to counter act damage.

I also slept about 2 hours more than usual, then I felt next to normal the next day.

Dr Klinghardt says that chronic infections play a sure role in all chronic diseases, specially in CFS, MS, brain diseases, even cancer.

Knowing that chronic infections only happen if the body is toxic, and can't detox well on its own, detoxification and organ support are a must too...

He thinks that the toxic load is what determines the severity of symptoms in a person: the more toxic, the more severe are symptoms, the fastest the person go downhill, the hardest it is to get better.

Maybe that's what make the difference between a guy eating fast food and still surfing daily in his smart phone, and a guy that can't even own a smart phone.

But even if I get much better, I don't dare to be in electrosmog and eat sh... like most people, because I don't want to fall in hell again...
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Re: Detox vs supplementing
I am curious if any of you have successfully detoxed to where you feel functional now and didn’t need to leave to a quiet zone?
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Re: Detox vs supplementing

Marc Martin
> I am curious if any of you have successfully detoxed to where you feel
> functional now and didn’t need to leave to a quiet zone?

I have detoxed to the point where I can hold down a fulltime office job, live in a major city, and own a smart phone...

... still more work to be done, but considerably more normal than before the detox started (almost 20 years ago!)
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Re: Detox vs supplementing

Me too, I feel much better, I can stand some degree of Esmog, but I can't sleep in charged places...

But I do think detoxing is not an end aim, but an on going process.

No continuous detoxing = toxins will still come inside and lodge in your organs, cells, nerves.

Our world is toxic, food is toxic, water, air.