DUE NOV 30th-Request FCC Comment Discontinue Landlines-CenturyLink

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DUE NOV 30th-Request FCC Comment Discontinue Landlines-CenturyLink

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From: Webmaster <[hidden email]>

Please take a moment to oppose the CenturyLink's application to discontinue landline service nationwide.  If you filed a comment previously opposing AT&T's attempt to discontinue landline service, you should be able to update that fairly quickly to submit to CenturyLink's docket.  Directions below.  Deadline: November 30, 2016

Additionally, please send a copy of your comment to your Congresspeople.  They need to understand both that companies are seeking to discontinue landline service and why that is a serious problem.  They can take action to stop this, but won't unless they understand.  If you are able, please give your Congressional office a follow-up call to draw attention to your comment.  

Finally, if discontinuance of landline service will be a barrier that causes you further social isolation, please make sure to send an email to [hidden email] briefly giving background about why discontinuance of landline service will cause an access barrier for you and ask that they step in and prevent this from happening.  Give them the docket links and pertinent information so they can take action.  Please do this even if you already filed a comment.  

Please also sign this petition which asks the Obama Administration to publicize U.S. National Toxicology Program results that wireless radiation causes DNA breakage and cancer, using this link:  https://wh.gov/iewmv

Signing requires very little personal information (name and email) and anyone can do so.  Please also pass it on to family and friends and publicize through social media.

Only with awareness about the awful costs of wireless technology, will the danger of landlines being abandoned end.

Thank you,

Protecting my health and that of others by using a hardwired computer in a low RF environment.  For more information, see www.electricalpollution.com

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From: rola masri <[hidden email]>
Date: November 23, 2016 1:16:53 PM CST
Subject: Fw: DUE NOV 30th-Request FCC Comment Discontinue Landlines-CenturyLink
Reply-To: rola masri <[hidden email]>

Message form Kevin:
Please Comment on FCC Docket below discontinuing Wireline Service provided by CenturyLink nationwide.  You can use comments you have submitted previously for other 5G or Landline FCC Dockets.  Follow instructions below to comment.  See attached official FCC Public Notice.  Email Rola if you have any questions but instructions should be self explanatory.  Clearly we do not want the FCC to allow carriers to discontinue landline service-the safe alternative to wireless and reverse mandates on carriers that have been in place to protect consumers for years.  

WC Docket No(s). 16-383
1. Click on this link   http://fjallfoss.fcc.gov/ecfs2/.
2. Click on "Submit a Filing" Tab at the top of the page.
3. Click on "Express a Comment" (on top of the page) to just make a comment or "Standard Filing" to attach documents (one of which can be your comment).
4. Type in or Copy and Paste the Docket number into the "Proceedings" Field and make sure it is accurately displayed in the window: 
WC Docket No. 16-383,
Type the following into the File Number Field: Comp. Pol. File No. 1362
5. Fill out all required fields and click "Enter" or "Return" before you go to the next field. In your comment refer to WC Docket No. 16-383,  Comp. Pol. File No. 1362
6. Once all fields are filled our - click continue screen.
7. Review and submit.
8. Make sure you write down your confirmation # so that you can check on your submission.

Thank you for your help and support.  If you have any questions email [hidden email].

Kevin Mottus
California Brain Tumor Association


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Re: DUE NOV 30th-Request FCC Comment Discontinue Landlines-CenturyLink

I wish I'd seen this sooner. I did sign the obama petition.

CL has already pretty much stopped landlines. If you have service w/ them they will not fix it if it breaks. They service a large area of the country. They tell lies to get you to take a home in their service area, even setting up a date for the service to be turned on and the tech to come. On that date after you have put more than 1K into it, the tech will not show-they reschedule and at that time they try to sell you a verizon phone and plan. Then when the second tech does not show they will call and tell you that they do not service that address. There is no recourse, though the PUCs of the different states are getting sick of the piles of complaints and are planning to go after this w/ charges. No atty will take the case for all the thousands or maybe millions you lose as suddenly all their records including the call to place the order, the call where you ask them to do a loop test and the confirmations suddenly will disappear in a fire. After repeated nightmares I decided to stay where I was that had working service and set about the long months of building a wireless to wired set up.

I am convinced and was not able to find the proper proof that CL has more interest and holdings in verizon than they do their own company, so they will do any underhanded thing they can to force you onto a verizon plan. I just know it! If you do not have another option like I do w/ my box set up DO NOT move to any residence that has CL as the only option. Make sure there is a cable company that will let you use your own box first. If not and you are buying make sure CL service is on and working in the house before it closes and make it a contingency of the sale. If renting do not sign the lease or give any money till the CL service is on and running. I can't stress this enough. They did this to me 3 times. Someone else I know purchased a house from an owner that had CL on and they when they moved in and tried to turn it on they could not get it. They were lucky-after the good part of a year CL finally gave them service. Of course this is after they sold them a verizon phone and direct TV in the meantime. I think that if some of the states get their way CL CEOs will be facing another round of indictments for trading as they did in the 90s when they did the same stuff then.

Frontier phone company has horrid lines and internet, but they are a decent company and have taken on may areas once service by NYNEX. They service mostly colder snow climates: ie Greenbank, WV, upstate NY, north AZ etc.. If you do not mind cold it may be worth relocating to one of their areas that also tend to be less densely populated.