Collecting inexpensive ideas for helping ES sufferers

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Collecting inexpensive ideas for helping ES sufferers

Someone contacted me privately asking for advice concerning the BEST treatment for lowering ES...

I guess, there is no one-solution- fit all, but I decided to post this because such stories are heartbreaking.

The person is incapable to work due to ES, to live in society, to sleep, no one believes him / her, even the closest family members start despising you for being ill.

So, please, write here your best 3 to 5 measures that helped you lower your ES (inexpensive measures, please).

I'll start:

1- keeping my body on low inflammation (allergen-free diet + treating low grade infections, mold)

I eat organic as much as I can, avoid gluten / casein etc, try eating more alkaline than acid foods (to keep my body detoxing well). I think Anthony William has great tips for starters.

I only treat infections with mild treatments (homeopathy, herbs).

Increase Omega 3, Vitamin C, or any supplement / herb that helps lower inflammation or that is super antioxidant.

ES symptoms are symptoms linked to OXIDATIVE stress!

Liposomal Vit C or liposomal OPC or any other favorite supplements help me A LOT, healthwise.

Phospholipids from liposomes feel great on their own. At least, for me. Very inexpensive.

Dr. Klinghardt said few things help his patients symptoms of ES: avoidance as much as possible, treating mold (sinuses, gut), taking rosemary tea and propolis.

He's starting to sell the torsion field stuff now here in Europe.
Don't buy his Geocube and his EMR devices (they do not test good, energetically, at least for what I've seen).

2- look at detox (to be done daily, forever):

you can simply start at supporting kidneys + lymph and liver.

Supporting detox organs : cistus incanus, solidago, (wild) blueberry, cranberry, dandelion, milk thistle, bitter herbs, parsley, licorice, celery juice, green or dark purple leaves (salads), cleavers tea...

Even drinking coconut water instead of water, or drinking cucumber juice (home made) can help.

For the gut, take easy stuff like activated charcoal (binds toxins, heavy metals, but also good minerals, so just take it for about 10 days then give a pause of 3 weeks to re-start).

Another easy products for the gut is clay, then diatomaceous earth.
If you are fitter, you may take zeolite, then chlorella.
Anthony william suggests spirulina (Hawaian).

gut binders above need to be taken apart from drugs and healing herbs (like before bed time).

When you feel comfortable with these herbs, you may start try to aim at heavy metal detox.

Some people swear by Andy Cutter protocol (DMPS, ALA etc). Not too expensive if done at home, with pills...

He recommends to avoid sulfur foods at least until most of the heavy metals are chelated (as some people react badly to MSM, brocoli, garlic, chlorella, in sum, all stuff with sulfur).

On my side, I LOVE sulfur.

3- tapping main acupuncture meridians. Look into EFT (from Mercola or similar).

I use MFT (from Klinghardt), it's almost the same. The whole sequence takes less than 3 minutes.

You may repeat the tapping. It causes profound changes in the meridians and it works even better than acupuncture (in my opinion). The reason is because you do that 3 x a day, forever, while acupuncture you may only do sporadically (unless you do it yourself or a family member does that daily).

If about 10 people contact me, I will be possibly motivated to do a video and upload to youtube...
If not, I can show you guys individually through a chat or so...

Or just try googling videos...

4- earthing, grounding: ground the bed, the sheet, but to the OUTSIDE earth (dig a hole with a metal post).

Either go out, ground your skin for at least 20-30 min 2x day, or do the REAL grounding of your sheet (the problem is still the metals that your body need to be in contact with).

Don't forget to turn off the circuit breaker at the bedroom.

At the Klinghardt institute, many people are swearing by Viscum album in homeopathic dilutions.
I'll try it tonight and check.

You buy this product

or this one:

And just stick at least 4 vials on the 4 corners of the bed.
I think the first product would be better, but I can't be sure....

If you can't buy it, I can buy produce them at home, hand made (just give me a PM and I send them to you, but it's from Europe).
It's a lot of work, so try buy it instead, please.

Another option is the barite (to buy 10 kg and just place many around your bed, under it, etc).
I'm still experimenting with it, but so far, I feel good.

5- I think my number 5 tip for ES symptoms is this device:

for some reason, it took me time to appreciate it, as it only sends very mild PEMF signals.

I bought it in Canada for less than that (I think it was around 120 US dollars, but I don't remember....).

It grounds me, calms me, feels almost like earthing (but not as perfect as earthing).
Since I bought it, I never changed the battery (9V) and I use it for about 4 hours, sometimes all 8 hours in a row.

It does make a difference when I'm sleeping in a polluted EMR place.
Not perfection, not a solo solution, but I haven't regretted buying it.

I never used it to transmit the signatures of medicines to my body, but I may try it one day...

So, what about your first 3 (or 5) best INEXPENSIVE EMR tips??

Please share your secrets to help the ones who have been excluded from society, from active life, due to EHS.
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Re: Collecting inexpensive ideas for helping ES sufferers

Organic Black seed oil - Kills anti-bacteria resistant leg infections (staphylococcus aureus), helps the body get rid of most infections and helps immune system

Zinc, antioxidant, males need it more, also antibacterial/antiviral,antifungal. For some reason this brand works best!.. Other brands do nothing.

Iron+B12+Vitamin C, again, this brand works, others don't. Helps with cold hands, low energy, especially for women but works for me as well very good. Pale face skin can also be in indicator of low iron.

Chlorella - more energy, some detox:
And yet again, I tried a whole bunch of brand and this is the only one that worked.

Magnesium oil - haven't experimented with many brands, just Zechstein and it seems good.

Eat: Gluten free, organic, no corn, no soy, no beans (maybe they're ok but didn't seem so for me). Organic Kamut may be ok, it's low in gluten. Meat once a week or less.
Low in salad/greens due to toxic chemicals even in organic! Romaine lettuce seems to be the worst, spinach may be ok depending on where it's coming from, but I tend to avoid altogether. Broccoli, brussel sprouts, carrots, apples, potatoes, beets, almost everything else seems good.. sprouted sunflower seeds, sprouted brown rice flour to make treats or pancakes. GoGo Quinoa pancake/waffle mix. Maple syrup good, Honey no good even organic or raw. Avoid honey together and sugar, ANY candy bars etc. with any sugar. Muscovado sugar is so-so ok, but maple syrup seems best.  No fish of any kind.  Organic eggs for baking, but hard to find truly good eggs, I tried around 10 Organic brands to find one brand that feels right and doesn't cause problems, only one.
Frozen blueberries with roasted peanuts (probably not good, but seems to help due to the fat content), blackberries, raspberries. Raw Carrot/apple juice in the morning. Sauerkraut(raw organic, best made at home).
Raw milk cheese only in small quantities, no pasteurized. Kamut bread with cheese and you can make a grilled cheese sandwich. The only time something comes close to "frying" in our kitchen.. but with organic grass fed butter.
Grass fed butter from a small farm if you can find, seems to help a lot.
No yogurt(Plain, nothing added) of any brand even organic has worked well for me, but maybe others will do better or find a better brand, I could not, all organic ones are too processed it seems. Kefir seems better, but even that is so-so.
Organic Goat Milk is good.
Avoid coconut oil, unrefined, organic, seems not to matter. My ES seemed to increase a lot when using it, I bought into the 'healthy' movement and apparently those saying it's bad seemed to be correct. I used it for everything.  Use Organic olive oil or organic sunflower oil. Lots of issues were resolved when switching from coconut oil.
French celtic salt, Maison Orphee brand here. Himalayan salt did not do well for me, not sure why, perhaps the source matters.. I like the idea of sea salt vs. rock salt also, since we probably evolved out of the sea, and the sea contains many good minerals.. some pollution yes, but works very well to make Sauerkraut, so nothing too terrible in there.
Black strap molasses is also good, lots of minerals.
Still looking into Iodine, but surely Iodine is very important and I'd recommend an Iodine 24-h loading test to anybody with EHS as a very important thing they should do.

Probably other thing's I'm forgetting, but that's years of trying stuff to find those things that somewhat nourish the body and don't cause issues.. given how soil is so nutrient deficient, it is hard to find true foods any more. We have to eat double to get what people got 40-50 years ago. Juicing is the most amazing with carrots/apples and gives a lot of energy quite fast for those with low energy.

Perchlorate info:
I did not have severe ES until I switched to most raw foods and ate a LOT of lettuce!.. The more lettuce I ate, the worse my health became, until eventually the link was so strong that I had to give up lettuce. I tried again weeks later and again began to have problems. Most USA lettuce is contaminated(Organic or not). I bought Canadian lettuce and did not feel any problems, but I only ate a small amount. I think Spinach has the same issue, although it's not in the news.