Close to tower = 1000 phones (From the guy who ran into them with a tank)

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Close to tower = 1000 phones (From the guy who ran into them with a tank)

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Interesting this video says its like having 1000 phones when being close to a tower. He used to work for the company.
Yet, why are they testing safety with 1 phone then?...

"The level of EMF that is being emitted from these towers is calculated like this:
Each rectangle panel you see on the sides = 300 microwave ovens which can project for 5-10+ miles. Most towers have 12+ panels so you do the maths.
12x300=3600 microwaves blasting you non stop day and night with proven harmful EMF. Plants don't grow well near these panels , humans get hyper Accelerated diseases, depression, tiredness and hundreds of other health defects putting the immune system into fight or flight mode 24/7. This kills the nervous system, making dna telomeres brake off much quicker, rather than the body using the energy to heal and regenerate its being used to protect and fight the harmful emf."
BUT I think that's wrong.

I would estimate it at 300 microwave ovens at most if even... Truth is we don't know exactly. It could be 30 it could be 300... somewhere in between. It's also quite wrong to think of them as microwave ovens,.. because they emit data which is very different. From what's listed online, a tower would be around 50,000watts.. but who knows if that counts antenna gain in or not.

I think it's up to scientists to start learning these things... and testing.. with real world signals. There's a big discrepancy between testing and real world. In the real world they say it's safe to be next to a tower. Why don't the build a tower array in a big shielded warehouse and put some rats around it to see what happens... they never do such test. All experiments are scaled down to one antenna as far as I know.

Towers have many antennas and communicate with thousands of phones at a time. I'm not an expert on testing, but reading the experiments, I don't see any effort in the methods to replicate real life scenarios at all.