Chemtrails, Haarp, metals in the body and environment

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Chemtrails, Haarp, metals in the body and environment


I watched this video yesterday, while searching for an explanation for Morgellon's disease.

I don't really think everything the German guy says is to be taken without questioning, but it's the first time I feel someone came with a theory explaining 'a' bigger picture.

I don't say 'the' bigger picture, but just one possible bigger picture, that helps explain what's going on in this crazy world.

It took me years to accept that spraying of chemtrails in the sky was actually happening.

 I could never believe anyone would be doing such things... as it made no sense.
For what purpose?!

Now I have little doubts about the spraying, and that what comes down from the sky is nothing like natural or nice...

Fibers rain down, colorful, that explains why people find heavy metals in pure springs on top of pristine mountains.

The black goo thing, I don't know. I'm still too conservative.

But the explanation of these fibers raining down on us, that are half-alive (like GMO corn that has PESTICIDES inside their genes), somehow starts to make sense. The mind control part, I had heard from physicists (with the Haarp program), it also starts to make sense...

Then all the choice they do for the exact frequencies that are HARMFUL to us, instead of choosing technologies that do not harm, nope.

They chose the ones that are harmful, THEN they choose the exact frequency that kills eggs in humans for cell phone use???

whatever, if you'd like to watch this video, it's at least, very interesting. You don't have to believe everything, but if you have Morgellons one day, things may start to make some sense...