Chakra balancing for electrosensitivity

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Chakra balancing for electrosensitivity

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I'm just trying it on my own, and it seems to give me excellent results.

I have decades of experience with energy medicine, treatment, acupressure, reflexology, meridian treatments, remedies, energy testing, quantum products etc... Taichi, chigong, yoga, kriya,...

It does not mean I'm better than others, I'm just saying that because I got experience in looking inside my body's energy channels, and observing what it does.

I just tried to feel what are chakras, and how they flow out of my body. It's like Chinese meridians, but out of the body, not inside.

I can feel with my hands how the chakras flow out of people, if I let my hand close to their bodies. But for my own, it's hard because usually, the chakra field goes very far from the body (meters away, really).

The energy is pretty real, the more you are tuned into these channels, the more you feel they are concrete channels. Invisible, but very concrete / present.

I never thought about doing any treatment for myself, because I thought it was impossible, as I do 'treat' people very far from their bodies, with blowing the chakras, sounds, colors, frequencies, stones, whatever comes in my mind that can help the energies flow.

But how to do on myself?

A friend of mine (who is an engineer) suggested me some techniques, through meditation. First how to clean the chakras, how to unblock its energy flow, how to charge them etc.

One by one. I started with base chakra, and realized mine was completely blocked. Like dead, or inactive, and a waste, not useful for anything.

The more I climbed up, the more open they were, functioning. But for my health, I need the lower chakras.

So I have spent weeks only concentrating on my base chakra, and I think now it's finally flowing.

The amazing result is warmth. I always have been suffering from low body temperature. Like, for decades.

My feet are still not cured, but my hands feel very warm these days, compared to before.

It's not cured either, but the fact that I can feel them warm, many times a day, is a big positive point for me.

I have been practicing with all chakras, and realized that I could turn off the Coufal Body Guard (a device to cancel the ill-effects of EMRs) even in the train or in the awful car (that affects me after minutes), if I keep my concentration on meditating on chakras, keeping the flow.

It gave me a sense of freedom, somehow. Of getting the power a bit back on my hands.  

I need to continue practicing, for longer, to see if this will really help me long term or if it was just a coincidence.

I'm just posting it here, in case other people get some inspiration to try this chakra meditation.

the engineer friend of mine suffers also from ES for a long time and worked in a company that produced EMR readings in houses long ago (more than 15 years ago, I think). He got a motorbike accident, and had to stop working due to severe physical damage...

The main chakras are the head (crown) and base chakra: the energy flows from up to down, and down to up, vertically, through the spine or middle of the body.

The other chakras go parallel to the ground: horizontal.

The lower the chakras, the more connected to bodily functions.
 I find these are important for fighting electrosensitivity or more accurately, to strengthen the body so that we react less.

With the exception of the 3rd eye chakra: this one is severely affected by electrosmog, in my experience, and needs to get support.

I imagine the chakras 2, 3, 4 and 5 going horizontally forward and also backward. My exercise is just to open the ways so that they flow forwards and backwards.

All movements of energy are usually like a snake, in snake-like movements.
Either ups and downs (like a dolphin swimming), or sideways (like a snake).
Think of number 8 movement and you'll get the energy flow.

Sometimes, you can think of a spiral movement too, both clockwise or counter-clockwise.

I realized we have many more chakras than these 7 and that all our organs have energies that look like a sea-urchin. The energies flow in all sides, like a sun.

It was pretty cool to feel all that, and to know that I can do something to balance such energies, just with some concentration, with the help of my hands a bit (like touching the chakras to help concentration).

It helped me to ground, to feel stronger, less anxious, and I could avoid practically the fog / fatigue / stomach problems / headaches that come with train / car electrosmog exposure for hours.
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Re: Chakra balancing for electrosensitivity

I think who are better at sensing the environment are the ones who are most affected by EMF.. They would also be the ones who would more easily meditate and be able to do what you're describing.

It makes sense that if you can "feel" nature then your senses are more sensitive, since trees and plant emit EMFs as well that would induce a feeling of well being.

It's like having the sense of smell of a dog vs. human.. it's likely ES people were born with that sense more developed.
I know meditation helps for sure, and what you are trying can work as a cure because it has worked for me, but it requires that you become a master at this, and that was not easy to do for me, at least not yet.  

Part of this program would also involve:
Ability to shrug off anything stressful
Don't get angry at anything
Be happy when things go wrong.
.. and then people will really think you're super crazy!=)
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Re: Chakra balancing for electrosensitivity

Hey, nice you think this helps.
My engineer friend also does meditation / chakra meditation , cleansing in order to cope with strong EMRs, as he lives in Zurich.

He can't work due to motorbike accident (his spine entered his skull, poor man), and he can't afford a lot of moving (as his income is limited, and he needs to be able to shop around without a car)

He's got a car, but he's got to save money, that's why.

He has basically 2 techniques for coping with Esmog: one is this chakra meditation (that I start to find VERY effective, the more I practice), and the other are some strange pyramids he swears by.

I can send you the pyramids (as they are only photos, they are flat, anyone can print them).
Funnily, the pyramids were drawn in a computer by another engineer from South America.

I find it funny that many of these feet on the ground engineers now turn into meditation, concentration techniques, sacred geometry etc! And many are Esensitive too.

I'm not sure only we (ES guys) have more developed senses. What I'm sure is that ES people have the senses more CONNECTED to their brains.

Most people -specially children - react to Esmog. I see that so easily, the way children get those 'lost eyes', lack of initiative, difficulty to relax, difficulty with food digestion, to fall asleep, some get headaches, dizziness, etc

But their brains are not connecting the invisible problem causing it: E-smog.

Like most adults. My husband is also an engineer, and he does not believe the connection, even though when we travel to places without E-smog he sleeps like a baby, and here home, he says he sleeps well - but usually wakes up with a tired expression.

When I give him the E-smog homeopathic drops, things change rather fast. It could be my imagination, but it's happening so often, that either I have some magic powers on him, or the drops are indeed helping!

They are made with the exact E-smog frequency from the bed / bedroom where he sleeps!
You mention no stress + no anger + be happy = helps shrug Esmog effect.

Yep, it's exactly like inflammation. When those flares come, and you feel your body being invaded by cytokine storms, you know your brain is being cooked.

Using some strategies to calm the flare can help reduce the damage.

I use help from homeopathics, and frequency devices or Cannabis oil, or whatever is in reach.

If nothing is in reach, I still have to try to do that chakra meditation and see if it will help.

I suspect that this meditation is helping my health in more ways I can imagine.

My joints feel like detoxing, and I have no pain, my bowels are moving nicely even though I ate bad stuff this weekend (I mean, I ate some gluten, and non organic stuff as I was in Lyon, France and could not cook).

If you'd like the pyramids of my friend, send me an email. You don't need to pay, of course, and you just print and try. They do some funny effect in the 'field' around them, that I can't explain.

It's like the field gets cleaner, lighter, the air density changes.

The same way I can't explain the feeling of trees, plants, soil contact /earth, or the 'meaning' of some homeopathic remedies, or these chakras...

I don't find the pyramids help as much as the chakra meditation, but my engineer friend swears by both!