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Cell Danger Response


This seems to be a very important paper that is changing the paradigm of treatment of chronic diseases.

I don't really understand all of the biochemical parts of it, but for what I understand, there is no way to correct just one part of the problem and think all will be fine.

Example: just correct the gut microbiome and disease heals.

Or just add Vit D3 or magnesium and you'll be fine.

No... It does not work like that.

He speaks about all things that affect the cells: toxins, stress, virus, heavy metals, physical injury...

All that causes a response in the level of the cell, and even deeper: the mitochondria.

The mitochondria gets into STAND BY mode, starts to produce ROS (free radicals) to kill viruses (because the mitochondria thinks there are viruses invading the cells), even though sometimes it's JUST a heavy metal or a toxin.

Probably Electrosmog is seen by the mitochondria exactly like a virus, and that is why it stops to produce energy (only works at minimal level), and a whole set of reactions start to occur.

Even if I'm not a biochemist, I'm trying to read and understand this paper (I'm still on page 4....).

It sorts of explain how the body starts to lose Vit D3, how it loses magnesium, for example.

And why chronic fatigue installs.

 It's a mechanism of protection of cells against threats (such as viruses) that create that.

I did not know that viruses steal electrons when they invade the cell. I wonder if EMRs don't do the same?

If you just take a fast look at the paper, you'll see he's into something new.

How can the gut microbiome be affected by a virus invading one cell (or a group of cells)? Or just by having heavy metals in some cells??

Well, I think the author is trying to explain the origin of MANY chronic diseases, and I do think that we people with EHS are there too (he does not mention us, I think, because EHS is not a 'recognized' disease).

I'll do my best to read this paper and try to understand it. But I'm seriously thinking to try to contact this researcher and ask him about microwave radiation.

Ben Lynch mentions it as affecting our gene expression. I wonder what Naviaux would say about it.
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Re: Cell Danger Response

I wrote to Naviaux.

Let's see if he answers!!!