Blood type diet and copper

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Blood type diet and copper
Hello everyone earlier today i

went to an herbal store and was

Told that for my o negative blood

Type i should eat mostly meat and

Veggies.Was told sweet potatoes

And rice are ok.I think it has

something to do with how higher

Level of acidity in the blood type

not sure though.I was told o

Negative is the oldest of the

Blood types and thick

Blood naturally and i should not

Try to thin the blood.I do

generally feel better when i eat

High lean protein.But not high

protein high fat.Though i have

never tried a juicing fast.Was told

this isnt necesary because of my

Blood type

And that 0

negative roots from hunter

gatherer so eat only foods tnat

are found in nature.No wheat,


Emf can affect blood brain barrier

I then payed 30

dollars for a gallon of water with

72 minerals fulvic acid humic acid

12 amino acids and digestive

enzymes to take for 30 days 8

ounces 2x a day and paid 20

dollars for a copper bracelet

To wear on the wrist.I have heard

Copper is a good conductor amd

also heard that metals should not

Be worn on the body.So i am not

Sure.I have never had any dental

work done such as fillings or


Also waiting for blood results for n

Biotoxin testing Transfer beta

growth factor 1 and some other

Viruses.Would appreciate any

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Re: Blood type diet and copper

Sorry to inform you, but I and many others think bloodtype diet is a scam and fraud.
It was popular in the ninties and 2000 for some reason. And the the author is a good seller and has earned a hell of lot cash as the book has sold millons. But his moral is soso..
He make a lot of claims that this and this is science and evidence but all in all everything is a joke  and bullshit.

I have to admit I was excited of these theories in my youth and for some time ate as it said. Now I know better. Dont trust everyone.
For diet look into Mediterranean diet, The new nordic diet, etc.. you can find a lot of info on internet today about what is considered the best diets based on summarized research science.